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Olympic Ticker: Nine Gold! Bolt makes history

Update from November 28, 2016: Surprise for the right: ARD and ZDF will miss out on the next few years and will not broadcast the Olympic Games live until 2024. Eurosport broadcasts exclusively from the competitions.

Live ticker from Olympia 2016

11.45 a.m. (6.45 a.m. local time in Rio):

Click here for our ticker from the 15th and penultimate day of competition in Rio de Janeiro.

11.20 a.m. (6.20 a.m. local time in Rio):

There were also emotional moments last night with the Olympic victory of the women's hockey from Great Britain. Kate and Helen Richardson-Walsh had twice entered the history books with their 2-0 win in the penalty shootout against the Netherlands: As part of the first women's team to win gold in hockey for Great Britain. And as the first homosexual couple to triumph at the Olympic Games.

It was a long, rocky road for the 34 and 36 year old women who also fought in Rio for more acceptance until the most emotional moment of their long career. "You dye your hair brown, you're with a man or with a woman. Who cares? You're just in love with someone and that's all," said Kate, the British captain.

10:50 a.m. (5:50 a.m. local time in Rio):

The German women’s soccer team secured their first Olympic gold with a 2-1 victory over Sweden and thus ensured a successful farewell to the 12-year term of office of national coach Silvia Neid. In the Deutsches Haus there was an extensive celebration that night together with the hockey ladies.

9:20 a.m. (4:20 a.m. local time in Rio):

"I came here to make history," said sprint superstar Usain Bolt on Brazilian television after the Jamaicans triumphed in the season, "and I did." With an inimitable final sprint, he led the 4x100m relay to gold and made his historic triple-triple perfect. After 2008 and 2012, the superstar also managed the 100 m, 200 m and 4x100 m gold hat trick on the Sugar Loaf - something that had never happened before.

Bolt's impressive Olympic record at a glance.

Beijing 2008:

  • Gold over 100 m in 9.69 seconds (WR)
  • Gold over 200 m in 19.30 (WR)
  • Gold in the 4x100 m relay in 37.10 (WR) *

London 2012:

  • Gold over 100 m in 9.63
  • Gold over 200m in 19.32
  • Gold in the 4x100 m relay in 36.84 (WR)

Rio de Janeiro:

  • Gold over 100 m in 9.81
  • Gold over 200m in 19.78
  • Gold in the 4 x 100 m relay in 37.27
    * because of a possibly positive sample from Nesta Carter, Jamaica could have this medal withdrawn.

8.50 a.m. (3.50 a.m. local time in Rio):

Pentathlete Lena Schöneborn experienced a pitch-black competition on Friday. Having started with good chances for a medal, the 30-year-old and 2008 Olympic champion had to give up all hopes of a podium place after riding. The horse assigned to her refused four times, instead of precious metal it was only enough for 32nd place in the end. Schöneborn had imagined participating in what was probably her last Olympic Games a little differently.

8.25 a.m. (3.25 a.m. local time in Rio):

Usain Bolt's team-mate Asafa Powell was relaxed after the third season gold over 4x100 meters of the Jamaicans in a row. When asked how well they had prepared for the season, Powell replied, "Not much."

7.45 a.m. (2.45 a.m. local time in Rio):

Go on Sunday evening XXXI. The Summer Olympics have come to an end and there is currently a lot of discussion about whether or not Rio de Janeiro benefited from the Games. Dawid Bartelt from the Heinrich Böll Foundation in Rio thinks that many negative consequences will only be seen in the next one to one and a half years.

Olympia 2016: "The worst games we've ever had"

6.30 a.m. (1.30 a.m. local time in Rio):

Shortly before the end of the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, the German athletics spokeswoman Martina Strutz draws a sobering conclusion: "The mood in the German team is good, but many say these are the worst games we have ever had." Whether it is the transport to the sports facilities, the general security situation or the lack of atmosphere in the arenas - "it's not like four years ago" in London, "emphasized the pole vaulter. "What you have seen here in the last few days was not so pleasant."

5.31 a.m. (0.31 a.m. local time in Rio):

At least the day of the competition in Rio is over. In the German house, however, it will be a long night if the soccer players celebrate their victory properly, possibly together with their hockey colleagues. What else happened that day, you can read not only here in the ticker, but also in this compact summary of day 14 of the Olympic Games.

5.07 a.m. (0.07 a.m. local time in Rio):

After their final defeats in Beijing in 2008 and London in 2012, the Brazilian volleyball players have the next chance to win their third Olympic gold at their home game in Rio. The hosts beat Russia 3-0 (25:21, 25:20, 25:17) in the semifinals, it was the remake of the final from four years ago. Brazil, two-time Olympic champion, will face Italy on Sunday (6.15 p.m. CEST / 1:15 p.m. OZ), who defeated the USA after 2:16 hours with 3: 2 (30:28, 26:28, 9:25, 25:22, 15: 9) defeated. The Olympic champions from Beijing (USA) and London (Russia) are playing for bronze.

5.06 a.m. (0.06 a.m. local time in Rio):

Pole vault star Jelena Isinbayeva has annoyed her former colleagues at the Olympic Games in Rio. "As a sportswoman with such world records and many titles, I think that she shouldn't say something like that," said Lisa Ryzih after the final on Friday.

Like all athletes in her country, Issinbayeva was banned from the Rio Games because of the doping scandal in Russia. Shortly before the medal fight of the high altitude hunters, she said that the winner had to know that she would not win a “whole gold medal” without her participation in the final fight.

4.59 a.m. (11.59 p.m. local time in Rio):

The German Equestrian Association (FN) drew an absolutely positive balance after the last Olympic test. "We are completely satisfied," said FN sports director Dennis Peiler. The association achieved more than agreed with the German Olympic Sports Confederation (DOSB). The riders should deliver three to six medals, six despite the ninth places for Christian Ahlmann and Daniel Deußer in the show jumping singles final on Friday.

"We not only achieved the target agreement, we even exceeded it," said Peiler. For the association it is great “that all three disciplines were successful. And we also won a medal in every team decision - that's great. "

4.16 a.m. (11.16 p.m. local time in Rio):

The USA were disqualified after the 4 x 100 meter relay and lost their bronze medal as a result. The reason given on Friday night (local time) was an offense when changing. Apparently it was the season handover between Mike Rodgers and Justin Gatlin. This moved the Canadians to third place behind Usain Bolts Jamaicans and silver winners Japan and won bronze.

4.04 a.m. (11.04 p.m. local time in Rio):

Today's athletics session ends with the next bolt show. At the end of the day, Russia and Brazil are now playing the semi-finals in the men's volleyball tournament.

3.48 a.m. (10:48 p.m. local time in Rio):

Usain Bolt also ran the 4 x 100 meter Olympic medal with the Jamaican relay in Rio. The athletics star won his ninth gold medal at the summer games on Friday evening (local time).

3.38 a.m. (10:38 p.m. local time in Rio):

Ekaterini Stefanidi has won gold in the pole vault. The European champion from Greece prevailed with a jump of 4.85 m against the American Sandi Morris, who was at the same height. The New Zealander Eliza McCartney won bronze with 4.80 m. The pig Martina Strutz finished ninth as the best German with 4.60 m, directly ahead of Lisa Ryzih from Ludwigshafen with 4.50 m. Jelena Issinbajewa, Olympic champion in 2004 and 2008, was due the exclusion of the Russian athletes due to a massive doping scandal not at the start.

Olympia 2016: Strong German relay runs in fourth place

3.36 a.m. (10:36 p.m. local time in Rio):

African champion Cheick Sallah Cisse (Ivory Coast) won gold. In the final of the class up to 80 kg, the 22-year-old scored in the very last second and beat the Brit Lutalo Muhammad 8: 6. Muhammad finished third in his Olympic home game in London four years ago. Before that, Oussama Oueslati (Tunisia) and Milad Beigi Hartschegani (Azerbaijan) had secured the bronze medals. Tahir Gülec (Nuremberg) failed in the hope round and thus missed the chance to fight for bronze.

3.26 a.m. (10:26 p.m. local time in Rio):

The German women's 4x100m relay missed a medal. When the USA won in 41.01 seconds, Tatjana Pinto (Paderborn), Lisa Mayer (Langgöns / Oberkleen), Gina Lückenkemper (Dortmund) and Rebekka Haase (LV Erzgebirge) finished fourth in 42.10. Bronze was 0.33 seconds short. Silver went to Jamaica with double Olympic champion Elaine Thompson (41.36), bronze went to Great Britain (41.77).

3.25 a.m. (10:25 p.m. local time in Rio):

After World Champion Pawel Fajdek from Poland surprisingly lost the qualification, Dilschod Nazarow won the hammer throw and thus the first ever Olympic gold for Tajikistan. The 34-year-old prevailed with 78.68 m against Belarusian Iwan Tichon (77.79), who had already been convicted of doping several times, and Wojciech Nowicki (77.73) from Poland. The Belarusian could soon be rid of his medal, he is a well-known doping offender.

3.24 a.m. (10:24 p.m. local time in Rio):

Denmark's handball players fight for Olympic gold in the final against France. The Scandinavians defeated the World Cup third Poland in the semifinals with 29:28 (25: 25/16: 15) after extra time and moved into an Olympic final for the first time. There the Danes will meet the Olympic champions of 2008 and 2012 on Sunday (2:00 p.m. OZ / 7:00 p.m. CEST), to whom they were defeated in the preliminary round by 30:33. France prevailed against the German team in the first semi-final (29:28). The best Danish thrower was world handball player Mikkel Hansen with ten hits late on Friday evening. Among the Poles, who are now playing for bronze against Germany on Sunday (10.30 a.m. OZ / 3.30 p.m. CEST), Karol Bielecki (7 goals) scored the most frequently. In the end, 19 saves by the strong Piotr Wyszomirski in the Polish goal did not help either.

3.22 a.m. (10:33 p.m. local time in Rio):

The South Korean Oh Hyeri won Olympic gold in Taekwondo for the first time in Rio. In the final of the class up to 67 kg, the world champion (up to 73 kg) prevailed against Haby Niare from France. The former world and European champion lost 12:13. Bronze went to Ruth Marie Christelle Gbagbi (Ivory Coast) and Nur Tatar (Turkey). Rabia Gülec (Nuremberg) was eliminated prematurely after a 1: 5 defeat in the quarter-finals against Tatar.

Olympia 2016: Favorite beaten over 5000 meters

3.11 a.m. (10:11 p.m. local time in Rio):

We're getting ready for the grand finale. The big bolt show. 4x100, with the fastest man in the world as the final runner for Jamaica.

3.01 a.m. (10.01 p.m. local time in Rio):

The Kenyan women celebrated a surprising double victory over 5000 m. Vivien Cheruiyot won ahead of Hellen Obiri (14: 29.77) in 14: 26.17 minutes. Only third was the huge favorite Almaz Ayana from Ethiopia (14: 33.59), who had triumphed over 10,000 m with a world record. Ayana had led the race for a long time, but then broke down and had to let the Kenyans go. German participants did not start in Rio.

2.07 a.m. (9.07 p.m. local time in Rio):

Taekwondo fighter Tahir Gülec also gave away his second chance for a medal in his Olympic debut. In the round of hope for bronze, the 23-year-old lost his first fight against Poland's Piotr Pazinski 5-6 after a golden point in extra time. Previously, he was left behind in the quarterfinals against the later finalist Cheick Sallah Junior Cissé from the Ivory Coast.

1.58 a.m. (8:58 p.m. local time in Rio):

The German women's 4x400 meter relay just missed the final. In the end, the German quartet was missing a good three tenths despite the season's best performance.

1.49 a.m. (8.49 p.m. local time in Rio):

Incidentally, Germany has now climbed back to fourth place in the medal table. In a slightly different ranking, the Germans are in sixth place. We are talking about the so-called "medal table of shame".

1:37 a.m. (8:37 p.m. local time in Rio):

The modern pentathlete Lena Schöneborn does not want to start again in Tokyo in 2020 despite her disappointing 32nd place. "As of today, I would rather rule it out than let it happen," said the 30-year-old after the competition. "90 percent" will not take part in the games again in four years. “If I want to gain a foothold elsewhere, then I have to do it sometime,” she said.

1:28 a.m. (8:28 p.m. local time in Rio):

At the start of the athletics session, the master was honored - Usain Bolt picked up his second gold medal at these games. Today he can get another one in the season.

1:25 a.m. (8:25 p.m. local time in Rio):

The German Football Association (DFB) and the German Football League have congratulated the women's selection and national coach Silvia Neid on her Olympic victory. "The German women's national team played an outstanding tournament and deservedly won gold," declared league president Reinhard Rauball. "Now we have to keep our fingers crossed for the German men." The young footballers will contest the Olympic final against hosts Brazil on Saturday.

Olympia 2016: Nice gesture at the award ceremony for the German female soccer players

1.05 a.m. (8.05 p.m. local time in Rio):

What is very unfortunate at this somewhat bland award ceremony is that bronze winner Canada is not even there. The Canadians played their game for third place in far away Sao Paulo.

1 a.m. (8 p.m. local time in Rio):

Now the German players are being honored. Nice gesture: Anja Mittag has Simone Laudehr's jersey with her, after all, the injured Laudehr is already back in Germany.

0.56 a.m. (7.56 p.m. local time in Rio):

The Swedes are getting their medals in the Maracana. The "Golden Girls" will soon be on their way.

0.55 a.m. (7.55 p.m. local time in Rio):

By winning the gold medal at the Olympic Games, five German national soccer players have completed their trophy collection. Anja Mittag, Annike Krahn, Melanie Behringer, Saskia Bartusiak and Simone Laudehr became world champions, European champions and Olympic champions.

0.37 a.m. (7.37 p.m. local time in Rio):

The high diver Sascha Klein and Martin Wolfram qualified for the semifinals at the Olympics without any problems. Ex-European champion Wolfram (24) ended up in sixth place (468.80 points) in the preliminary fight, while Klein (30), who was third in the World Cup, was seventh (463.40). The two Dresdeners will fight on Saturday (11.00 a.m. OZ / 4.00 p.m. CEST) to enter the final battle, which will take place only four hours later.

0.36 a.m. (19.36 p.m. local time in Rio):

Hassan Yazdanicharati has secured Iran's first wrestler gold. The freestyle wrestler and runner-up world champion in 2015 won his final in the 74 kg class against Russian Aniuar Gedujew 3-1. A German wrestler had not qualified for Rio in the weight class.

0.35 a.m. (19.35 p.m. local time in Rio):

The hockey women from Great Britain are Olympic champions for the first time. Coach Danny Kerry's team won 2-0 in the final. (3: 3, 2: 2) against the Netherlands and thus prevented Oranje's third triumph in a row. Germany had previously won the bronze medal. In the game for third place, the team of national coach Jamilon Mülders beat New Zealand 2-1 (0-0).

0.33 a.m. (19.33 p.m. local time in Rio):

So now it's time for more Olympic news.

Beijing Olympic champion Lena Schöneborn (Bonn) clearly missed a medal in the modern pentathlon. The 30-year-old had to be satisfied with the disappointing 32nd place on Friday. The second German starter, Annika Schleu (Berlin), on the other hand, convinced in fifth. Gold went to Australian Chloe Esposito ahead of French Elodie Clouvel and Polish Oktawia Nowacka.

0.24 a.m. (7.44 p.m. local time in Rio):

What a party at the Maracana Stadium! The German soccer players win Olympic gold for the first time and thus ennoble Silvia Neid's career.

Sweden - Germany (soccer, women, final) 1: 2 (0: 0)

Sweden: Lindahl - Rubensson (69 'Ericsson), Sembrant, Fischer, Samuelsson - Seger, Dahlkvist, Asllani (68' Hammarlund) - Schelin, Jakobsson (56 'Blakstenius), Schough

Germany: Schult - Kemme, Krahn, Bartusiak, Maier - Däbritz (83 'Huth), Behringer (69' Gössling) - Marozsan, Mittag, Leupolz - Popp

Gates: 0: 1 Marozsan (48 '), 0: 2 Sembrant (61', own goal), 1: 2 Blakstenius (66 ')

90 + 2 minutes: Off! Enough! Germany is Olympic champion!

90th + 1 minute: Turmoil in the German penalty area! But Maier takes heart and knocks the ball out of the danger zone.

90th minute: There are two minutes on top.

90th minute: But Schult is there and Schough's second attempt is too far.

89th minute: The indefatigable Lotta Schelin takes another corner kick.

86th minute: Warning! Schelin is sent over the left and crosses dangerously in front of the German goal, where Schough just missed. That was close!

84th minute: The corner created no danger, but on the other hand an imprecise back pass by the goalscorer. Such mistakes are of course annoying and unnecessary right now.

83rd minute: Marozsan brings him sharply on goal, but Lindahl clears the corner.

83rd minute: There is a free kick for Germany from a similar position as before. Before that, Huth replaced Däbritz.

77th minute: With their own possession, Germany is of course now trying to calm the game down and not let anything burn in the final phase. After all, the Swedes have already shown how dangerous they can be.

76th minute: Maier skilfully leaves two opponents in the penalty area, but her conclusion is no problem for Lindahl in the Swedes' goal.

71st minute: At noon it takes on three opponents in the sixteenth and goes to the ground, but this action was by no means worthy of a penalty.

69th minute: Silvia Neid is changing for the first time. Gössling comes for Behringer.

69th minute: Now the game is picking up speed. Leupolz puts Popp in the limelight, but her shot goes right past the goal.

68th minute: Leupolz has a lot of space in the penalty area, but forgives far too casually.

66th Minute: But Sweden creates the connection goal! Germany defends carelessly once and that is punished immediately.

63rd minute: Of course, that gives a boost, such a tour. Germany is now putting a lot of pressure on. Popp gets the next opportunity for the ladies in red.

61st minute:Tooooooor for Germany! Marozsan hits the left post and Sembrant scores an own goal while trying to clear.

60th minute: Free kick for Germany from a promising position - just behind the left corner of the penalty area.

56th minute: Sweden remain dangerous in fast advances, but this time they do not play the attack consistently to the end.

55th minute: Bartusiak reached a corner from Behringer, but the captain didn't put enough pressure behind the ball.

53rd minute: The Swedes still seem a bit shocked by the goal they conceded so soon after the break.

50th minute: Rubensson leverages Maier and rightly sees yellow for it. The Munich woman is treated briefly, but can move on quickly.

48th Minute: Tooooooooor for Germany! Marozsan has a lot, a lot of space on the edge of the penalty area, she gladly accepts this invitation and slams the ball into the far corner. Excellent!

46th minute: Go on. Both teams continue unchanged.

11:21 pm (6:21 pm local time in Rio):

The world-famous Chinese pianist Lang Lang made a special guest appearance at the Olympic Games in the German pavilion on the beach in Rio de Janeiro. There he played the Bossa Nova classic “The Girl from Ipanema” and the famous samba song “Aquarela do Brasil” on Friday afternoon (local time) with 15 children from favelas. The children and young people are members of a social project (Ação Social pela Música do Brasil) that has existed since 1994, with which thousands of young Brazilians between the ages of seven and 18 have received a musical education.

11:19 p.m. (6:19 p.m. local time in Rio):

The decision about the Olympic medals will take place in Rio de Janeiro even without the top German golfer Caroline Masson (Gladbeck). The 27-year-old completed the par 71 course on Friday with only one 75 round and slipped to 24th place with 213 strokes. Sandra Gal (Düsseldorf), the second German starter, had already fallen significantly behind.

11:18 p.m. (6:18 p.m. local time in Rio):

Wrestler Vladimir Chintschegashvili won gold in the class up to 57 kg. The Georgian prevailed 3-1 on points against Rei Higuchi (Japan) in the final. A German participant had not qualified for Rio in the weight class.

11:18 p.m. (6:18 p.m. local time in Rio):

Beijing Olympic champion Lena Schöneborn (Bonn) gambled away all chances of a medal at the summer games in Rio de Janeiro after a debacle while riding. The 30-year-old from Bonn was disqualified after several refusals of the horse "Legende", which she was given, and goes into the final combined of running and shooting with a gap of 5:28 minutes on the leading Polish woman Oktawia Nowacka. The second German starter Annika Schleu (Berlin) only made one drop on Catarina, but as 19th (+ 1:10) she also has little chance of winning precious metal. Schöneborn is 4:59 minutes behind bronze, Schleu is 41 seconds behind third place.

Olympia 2016: Goalless first half between Germany and Sweden

45th minute: The first half ends goalless. It's not a nice football game, at the beginning both teams looked nervous, later there was a lot of tactics and little risk. We use the break and tell you what happened in Rio in the last 45 minutes away from the football field.

42nd minute: Behringer prevails in the penalty area, then tries to go to the back area, but nobody is there. So far we have unfortunately only seen a few nice and above all fast combinations from the German team.

37th minute: Turmoil in the German penalty area, Schelin gets a shot, but a German leg is in between.

36th minute: It's a permanent duel on the left (from a German point of view). Jakobsson Kemme keeps escaping.

34th minute: The next corner of the Germans lands in the back room at Marozsan, but it warps.

28th minute: Germany really has to be careful with the swift attacks by the Swedes. Schelin escapes again, but does not hit the ball properly and shoots past the target.

22nd minute: Jakobsson sees the first yellow card of the game after a foul on Kemme.

20th minute: In return, the German team's first really good chance! Leupolz comes from a short distance to the header and only just pulls over it.

19th minute: Schult is again attentive and comes out of her goal in time to clear a long ball in the direction of Schelin. Angerer's successor has arrived at the tournament since the semi-finals at the latest.

17th minute: The Germans come into play better now. Sweden tried a quick counterattack, but Bartusiak cleverly shifted and left Jakobsson sidelined. It is precisely in such situations that Germans have to be careful.

15th minute: Next good combination of the German team. Däbritz chips the ball into the penalty area, Popp conquers the game device there but is whistled back for offside - a wrong decision.

12th minute: Now the Germans are also coming forward. Leupholz crosses from the right into the five and Lindahl, who otherwise holds very securely, lets the ball ricochet to the side - but there is no one there who could take advantage of the situation.

10th minute: Warning! Schelin has a lot of space on the right and lays across the penalty area on Schough. The shoots from a good, central position over the goal. Lucky

9th minute: In addition to the understandable nervousness of both teams, corner kicks have dominated the game so far.

7th minute: Now there is the first corner for Germany. Noon doesn't quite get to Behringer's ball and Maier misses out on an attempt to make a subsequent shot.

6th minute: At first, no German player can clear the corner, but then the turmoil in the penalty area dissipates without any danger.

5th minute: A bit hectic, this initial phase. Next corner for Sweden.

2nd minute: Corner for Sweden in the second minute. Schult hesitates for a moment, but then leaves her goal and fists the ball away.

1st minute: Here we go! The ball rolls in the maracana. Germany today in red jerseys and with the best line-up, Marozsan is fit again after a muscle hardening.

10:19 p.m. (5:19 p.m. local time in Rio):

We don't have much time to breathe deeply after this handball drama, after all, the next big highlight begins in ten minutes: the women’s soccer team want to win gold in the final against Sweden! We are of course live here in the ticker.

10:18 p.m. (5:18 p.m. local time in Rio):

Three Russian athletes were subsequently disqualified from the 2008 Summer Games in Beijing for doping, as the International Olympic Committee announced in Rio de Janeiro on Friday. Among them is the 400-meter runner Anastasija Kapatschinskaja, who won silver in the relay.

Olympia 2016: bitter! Handball players lose in the last second

10:03 p.m. (5:03 p.m. Rio local time):

So bitter! Daniel Narcisse scores two seconds before the end and throws France into the final. Germany loses after a big fight and a mega catch-up with 29:28.

10:00 PM (5:00 PM local time in Rio):

What's going on here? Germany balances out! 28:28 and one more minute on the clock!

9:58 p.m. (4:58 p.m. Rio local time):

After two time outs, Steffen Weinhold awards again. Now it's getting tight.

9:53 p.m. (4:53 p.m. Rio local time):

Five minutes left and Germany missed two huge opportunities to equalize. First Weinhold with an offensive foul and then Uwe Gensheimer with a missed counter-attack in a one-on-one with Omeyer. 28:26 and three more minutes.

9:50 p.m. (4:50 p.m. Rio local time):

Only two more goals! Nine minutes before the end it is now 26:24. There is a sensation in the air.

9:46 p.m. (4:46 p.m. Rio local time):

Is the big comeback now coming? Thirteen minutes remain to play and the time is 25:21. "Only" four goals behind, let's go.

9:44 p.m. (4:44 p.m. Rio local time):

The water polo players of the record world champions USA have won Olympic gold for the second time. Four years after their triumph in London, the Americans defeated World Cup third Italy 12: 5 (4: 1, 1: 2, 4: 1, 3: 1) in the final in Rio de Janeiro. Russia had previously secured bronze with a 7: 6 in the five-meter throw against Hungary. After regular playing time it was 12:12.

9:41 pm (4:41 pm local time in Rio):

The favored French Estelle Mossely won Bolx gold in the lightweight at the Olympic Games in Rome. The world champion in the 60 kg class, however, only prevailed with great difficulty against the Chinese Yin Junhua in the final. The two bronze medals went to Mira Potkonen from Finland and Anastasia Beljakowa from Russia. German boxers are not at the start in Rio.

9:36 pm (4:36 pm local time in Rio):

23:17 it is after twelve minutes played in the second half. At the back, the Germans continue to have problems against the massive French, at the front they keep failing to goalkeeper Thierry Omeyer.

9:30 p.m. (4:30 p.m. local time in Rio):

The modern pentathlete Leydi Laura Moya fell badly in the riding discipline at the Olympic Games. The Cuban woman was thrown from her horse Concordina while attempting to jump an obstacle and fell on her back. She had to be treated and taken away by paramedics on a stretcher. There was initially no precise diagnosis of the injuries suffered by the 24-year-olds. In the modern pentathlon in Rio de Janeiro, the athletes have to complete a demanding course made up of several obstacles and jumps on a horse drawn by lots. Riding is the third of a total of five disciplines.

9:27 p.m. (4:27 p.m. Rio local time):

For the first time France are now leading by five goals. After five minutes the score is 19:14.

9:22 p.m. (4:22 p.m. Rio local time):

The second half in the Future Arena has started. Germany needs an improvement against France, especially on the defensive, the "Equipe Tricolore" often has it too easy in attack.

9:16 p.m. (4:16 p.m. Rio local time):

A ticket for the Olympic soccer final will probably help Brazilian Regis Oliveira get a new job. After the 25-year-old, who has been unemployed for three months, offered a ticket for the gold duel between Selecao and Germany in a Facebook ticket exchange group on Thursday, more than 50 reactions have already been received.

"Do you have a job for me? I have a ticket for you," advertised Oliveira, who previously worked as a driver and security guard for money transporters. But he definitely wants to keep one of the two tickets bought for the equivalent of 137 euros each for the sold out final on Saturday.

9:11 pm (4:11 pm local time in Rio):

Three months after a positive doping test, the Chinese Liu Hong won Olympic gold over 20 kilometers. The 29-year-old prevailed on Friday in Rio de Janeiro after 1: 28.35 hours. The world champion and world record holder had only tested positive in a doping control at the World Cup in Rome in May. "China's Sportswoman of the Year" was only banned for one month until July 13th for taking a banned dietary supplement.

The Mexican co-favorite Maria Gonzalez took silver in front of the Chinese Lu Xinzhi, who crossed the finish line just a few steps behind the winner. A German participant was not at the start.

Germany is having a hard time against France

9:07 p.m. (4:07 p.m. Rio local time):

Half time in handball. France leads at halftime with 16:13.

9:02 p.m. (4:02 p.m. Rio local time):

Karabatic gets a two minute time penalty. The German team must now use that. Three minutes left in the first half, France lead by 15:12.

8:59 p.m. (3:59 p.m. Rio local time):

Charlie Webster, the British TV presenter who was in a coma due to malaria infection, woke up from that very moment. The Daily Mail has published her first words: "Look at all the machines that keep me alive," the 33-year-old is said to have said.

8:53 p.m. (3:53 p.m. Rio local time):

Especially the two superstars Nikola Karabatic and Daniel Narcisse are causing big problems for the German defense. Ten minutes left in the first half, it is 12: 9.

8:48 p.m. (3:48 p.m. Rio local time):

15 minutes are over and, as expected, the German team is having a hard time. The French lead 10: 6 and Germany is currently outnumbered.

8:44 p.m. (3:44 p.m. Rio local time):

Open water swimmer Aurelie Muller from France failed with her appeal against the disqualification in the Olympic ten-kilometer race. The international sports court CAS rejected the protest of the world champion on Friday. Muller finished second on Monday, but was then taken out of the ranking due to unsportsmanlike conduct. The CAS interpreted this as a factual decision that it did not have to review.

The race at Copacabana was won by Sharon van Rouwendahl from the Netherlands, who was runner-up in the World Championship. European champion Rachele Bruni from Italy took silver after Muller's demotion, ahead of Brazilian Poliana Okimoto. Isabelle Härle from Essen came in sixth.

8:41 pm (3:41 pm local time in Rio):

Now the "bad boys" have to be careful. After ten minutes, the star squad led by Nikola Karabatic 7: 4.

8:40 p.m. (3:40 p.m. Rio local time):

The American Connor Fields won the gold medal in the BMX race at the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. The 23-year-old prevailed in the final ahead of the Dutchman Jelle van Gorkom and the Colombian Carlos Alberto Ramirez.

8:34 p.m. (3:34 p.m. Rio local time):

Played four minutes and the score is 2: 2. The match is balanced at the beginning.

8:30 p.m. (3:30 p.m. local time in Rio):

It starts in the Future Arena. Germany has kick-off and plays in black against the reigning Olympic and world champion France.

8:19 p.m. (3:19 p.m. local time in Rio):

Mariana Pajon from Colombia won the gold medal in the BMX race at the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. The Olympic champion from London prevailed clearly ahead of Alise Post (USA) and Stefany Hernandez from Venezuela in the final run.

8:12 p.m. (3:12 p.m. Rio local time):

Gold in show jumping goes to Briton Nick Skelton, who was flawless in the jump-off with the fastest time. Silver and bronze went to the Swede Peder Fredricson and the Canadian Eric Lamaze.

Boxer Harutyunyan takes bronze

8:04 p.m. (3:04 p.m. Rio local time):

Boxer Artem Harutyunyan won the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro Bronze medal won. The light welterweight was defeated on Friday by Lorenzo Sotomayor Collazo from Azerbaijan, but the losers of the semi-finals automatically receive bronze.

8:02 p.m. (3:02 p.m. Rio local time):

The modern pentathlete Lena Schöneborn is in fourth place at the Olympic Games after two out of five disciplines. In fencing, the 2008 Olympic champion was second overall after the bonus round, while Schöneborn was 29th in swimming. With this she has collected 519 points in riding and combined (running / shooting) before the further decisions on Friday in Rio de Janeiro. The leader is Oktawia Nowacka from Poland with 554 points.

With her Olympic gold medal in Beijing in 2008, Schöneborn laid the foundation for future success with an outstanding result in fencing, in swimming she was tenth. The second German starter, Annika Schleu from Berlin, is in Rio after the first disciplines in 23rd place overall. She finished 19th in fencing and the 26-year-old finished swimming in 21st place. In total, she collected 484 points before the final competitions.

8:00 p.m. (3:00 p.m. Rio local time):

Now it's getting tight for Artem Harutyunyan. The second round also goes to the Azerbaijanis with Cuban roots.

7:59 p.m. (2:59 p.m. Rio local time):

Luis Brethauer and Nadja Pries were eliminated in the semifinals of the Olympic BMX tournament.The 23-year-old Brethauer clearly missed the finals on Friday in the Deodoro X-Park in Rio de Janeiro, finishing eighth overall in his semifinal, after finishing seventh, eighth and eighth in the three races with eight starters.

In his third run, Brethauer fell in the last corner. With pain in his left shoulder, he reached his destination on foot - but without a bike.

For Nadja Pries, the semi-finals were also the end of the line in the women's competition. The Erlanger came in seventh, fifth and seventh in her three races and was seventh overall in her semifinals. Only the best four in each semifinal qualified for the finals.

7:58 p.m. (2:58 p.m. Rio local time):

Brazil's soccer women surprisingly remain without a medal at the Olympic Games in Rio. The hosts lost the game for third place on Friday in São Paulo against Canada with 1: 2 (0: 1). Deanne Rose in the 25th minute and Christine Sinclair (52nd) scored for the Canadians who had failed in the semi-finals in the DFB selection. Brazil only managed the connection goal through Beatriz (79th).

7:56 p.m. (2:56 p.m. Rio local time):

Artem Harutyunyan is currently fighting for the final in the light welterweight division against the Azerbaijani Collazo Sotomayor. The first round is over and clearly goes to Sotomayor on points.

7:50 p.m. (2:50 p.m. Rio local time):

Artistic choreographies, acrobatic movements, dances with balls, hoops or ribbons ... On the weekend of the finals, the gold in rhythmic gymnastics in Rio will be on the agenda! A pretty elitist event, because: At the Olympics there are only two disciplines to which men have no access - besides synchronized swimming, rhythmic gymnastics. However, in recent years there have been the first tournaments for men, especially in Japan. How long has rhythmic gymnastics been around? The first competitions took place in 1948 in the Soviet Union. The sport has been Olympic since 1984. Since then, more than half of the gold medals distributed to date have gone to Russia (62 percent), and since the Games in Sydney in 2000 a total of eight individual and group victories. The sport is extremely popular in Russia. The Russians are also favorites in Rio. For Germany, Jana Berezko-Marggrander competes in the singles. Incidentally, the exercises are always performed with musical accompaniment.

Curious: You can also use your own voice as an instrument!

Riders jump past the medal

7:24 p.m. (2:24 p.m. Rio local time):

After bronze with the team, the German show jumpers came away empty-handed in the individual decision of the Olympic Games in Rio. Former double European champion Christian Ahlmann (Marl) with Taloubet and Daniel Deußer (Wiesbaden) with First Class were the only ones who qualified for the final round. With one throw each, however, they were no longer eligible for a medal, at least five competitors had fewer penalty points at this point.

The last German individual medal was given in Athens in 2004 by third-placed Marco Kutscher. Meredith Michaels-Beerbaum (Thedinghausen) had given up with Fibonacci in the first round, the four-time Olympic champion Ludger Beerbaum (Riesenbeck) had not qualified for the medal decision with Casello.

7:13 pm (2:13 pm local time in Rio):

After three unsuccessful attempts, the badminton power China was redeemed at the Olympic Games in Rio. The men's duo Fu Haifeng / Zhang Nan won the first gold medal for the successful nation that had triumphed in all five disciplines in London in 2012. The Chinese had previously disappointed in the women’s singles, women’s doubles and mixed.

In the final, Fu / Zhang prevailed against V Shem Goh / Wee Kiong Tan (Malaysia) 16:21, 21:11, 23:11. Bronze went to the Britons Marcus Ellis / Chris Langridge. The German pair Michael Fuchs / Johannes Schöttler (Bischmisheim) was eliminated in the group stage.

7:07 pm (2:07 pm local time in Rio):

The senior IOC official Patrick Hickey (71) was interrogated for the first time by the Brazilian police in Rio de Janeiro after his arrest and was then transferred to a prison. A request from Hickey's lawyers for bail was denied by a court in Rio.

After the interrogation, the Irishman was taken to Bangu Maximum Security Prison. Some of the most dangerous criminals in Brazil are held in the notorious prison in Rio, albeit separately from "normal" prisoners.

Hickey was arrested on Wednesday morning on the sidelines of the Summer Games on suspicion of illicit traffic in tickets and the formation of a criminal organization. Due to health problems, he was first admitted to a hospital, which he then left in a wheelchair on Thursday.

7:05 p.m. (2:05 p.m. Rio local time):

The German footballers were impressed by the atmosphere after the longed-for move into the Olympic Village. "We are absolutely thrilled. You don't see handball players like Nikola Karabatic or basketball players like Pau Gasol at breakfast every day. We've also talked to our handball boys," said attacker Nils Petersen from SC Freiburg on Friday.

The DFB team lives in Rio in the so-called "football house", which is also where the women's national team is housed. "I take my hat off to all the athletes who live here for two weeks with six people in a confined space. We footballers are sometimes a bit spoiled. Still, it's great," said Petersen.

The German footballers landed in Rio on Thursday after a nearly three-week trip across Brazil. There, the team of DFB coach Horst Hrubesch will contest the final against hosts Brazil on Saturday (17.30 OZ / 22.30 CEST / ARD).

6:55 p.m. (1:55 p.m. Rio local time):

The Russian pole vaulter Jelena Isinbayeva has announced her retirement from competitive sports. The 34-year-old Russian announced the move at a press conference on Friday on the sidelines of the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. The two-time Olympic champion and former world champion was not allowed to compete in Rio due to the exclusion of the Russian athletes by the IAAF world association and could not get her start through the legal process. After her election in Rio, world record holder Isinbayeva will be a new member of the athletes' commission of the International Olympic Committee.

6:47 p.m. (1:47 p.m. Rio local time):

The scandal surrounding US swimming star Ryan Lochte continues. Together with three colleagues, the 32-year-old was out and about in Rio's night and rioted at a gas station there. However, Lochte claimed that he and his friends had been ambushed. A surveillance video had proven otherwise. Now the swimmer has apologized, but sticks to his story.

Hockey women take bronze

6:37 p.m. (1:37 p.m. Rio local time):

Like the men the day before, the German hockey women won bronze in the small final. You can find our detailed match report here.

6:22 p.m. (1:22 p.m. Rio local time):

The game is over! Germany gets BRONZE!

6:19 p.m. (1:19 p.m. Rio local time):

Three minutes left!

6:13 p.m. (1:13 p.m. Rio local time):

Nine minutes are left to walk in the heat of Rio. The German team has been able to fend off the attacks by the New Zealanders so far.

6:06 p.m. (1:06 p.m. Rio local time):

The Russian synchronized swimmers Swetlana Romaschina and Natalia Ishtschenko also won gold in the team competition in Rio de Janeiro, each celebrating their fifth Olympic victory. The Russian team achieved 99.1333 points in the free freestyle and secured victory with a total of 196.1439 points. Silver went to China ahead of Japan.

6:03 p.m. (1:03 p.m. Rio local time):

Gate for New Zealand. After a penalty corner, Germany conceded the first goal here. But the German women make use of the video evidence, but it does not help. 2: 1. The third quarter is over. There are still 15 minutes to survive.

5:53 p.m. (12:53 p.m. Rio local time):

Tooooor for Germany! Just had the chance and now Lisa Marie Schütze makes her goal.

5:51 p.m. (12:51 p.m. Rio local time):

And almost the second goal for Germany. Suddenly Lisa Marie Schütze appears in front of the box of the New Zealanders, but she fails because of the keeper.

5:48 p.m. (12:48 p.m. Rio local time):

Tooooor for Germany! Charlotte Stapenhorst puts the German team in the lead. With a clear increase in chances for the New Zealanders, they don't necessarily deserve it, but goals count in hockey.

5:46 p.m. (12:46 p.m. Rio local time):

The hockey continues in Deodoro.

5:43 pm (12:43 pm local time in Rio):

Lena Schöneborn's hopes for a medal in the modern pentathlon have been dampened. The 2008 Olympic champion finished the swimming competition on Friday in Rio de Janeiro as 29th in the 36-man field. In fencing on Thursday she finished second. An overall result after the first two of a total of five disciplines was not yet available, as the fencing bonus round that was to take place later on Friday is still missing.

There are also three other disciplines, riding, shooting and running. The 30-year-old Schöneborn had achieved a record of 24 wins and 11 defeats in fencing and thus established a good starting position. The second German starter, Annika Schleu from Berlin, finished swimming in 21st place. In fencing, the 26-year-old was 16th.

Olympia 2016: Half time in the hockey game for bronze: Germany 0-0 New Zealand

5:34 p.m. (12:34 p.m. Rio local time):

Half time in hockey! Goalkeeper Kristina Reynolds has kept the German team in the game so far. It's still 0-0.

5:30 pm (12:30 pm local time in Rio):

The two-time badminton world champion Carolina Marin (23) from Spain won gold at the Olympic Games for the first time. The world number one prevailed in the final against V. Sindhu Pusarla (India) 19:21, 21:12, 21:15, Pusarla won only the second medal for the giant empire in Rio. Bronze went to Nozomi Okuhara from Japan.

The German Olympic debutante Karin Schnaase (Lüdinghausen) was eliminated after a victory and a defeat in the group stage.

5:27 p.m. (12:27 p.m. Rio local time):

Big chance for New Zealand! Not for the first time, the women from the Oceania island counter the German team. It is thanks to Kristina Reynolds in goal that New Zealand is not yet in the lead.

5:26 p.m. (12:26 p.m. Rio local time):

The German gymnast Jana Berezko-Marggrander got off to a good start in the individual competition at the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. The 20-year-old Schmidenerin got through the exercise with the ball without any mistakes and received 16.983 points. Only the top ten after the preliminary fight reach the final.

The three-time all-round world champion Jana Kudrjawzewa from Russia caused a surprise in the first of four rounds with a mistake. The top favorite dropped the tire in front of 12,000 spectators in the fully occupied Olympic Arena and was therefore only fifth in the interim ranking with 18.166 points. Her Russian teammate Magarita Mamun is in the lead with 18,833 points.

5:17 p.m. (12:17 p.m. Rio local time):

The first quarter is over. The score between Germany and New Zealand is 0-0.

5:12 p.m. (12:12 p.m. Rio local time):

First penalty corner for Germany! But the German girls can't take their chance either.

5:08 p.m. (12:08 p.m. Rio local time):

In the early stages of this game, the German women had to fend off two penalty corners from the New Zealanders. Eight minutes in the first quarter.

5:06 p.m. (12:06 p.m. Rio local time):

We look to Deodoro. The Olympic Hockey Center is located there. Here Germany is now playing against New Zealand. The small final is about bronze.

4:58 p.m. (11:58 a.m. Rio local time):

Moritz Fürste spoke out critically about the DOSB after the German hockey men were kicked out of the German house.

4:49 pm (11:49 am local time in Rio):

World champion Matej Toth from Slovakia won gold over 50 km walking at the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. Toth prevailed in a heated battle after 3:40:58 hours before the Australian Jared Tallent (3:41:16), who had been declared Olympic champion in London after the Russian Sergej Kirdjapkin was disqualified from doping.

Hirooki Arai (Japan / 3: 41: 24) won bronze in Rio. The two German starters Hagen Pohle (Potsdam) and Carl Dohmann (Baden-Baden) gave up.

4:42 pm (11:42 am local time in Rio):

Christian Ahlmann and Daniel Deußer are on course for medals. The two show jumpers were clear on Friday in the first of two rounds of the Olympic singles final in Rio de Janeiro. Ahlmann rode with Taloubet, German with First Class. Meredith Michaels-Beerbaum had previously given up. The 46-year-old from Thedinghausen already had a throw on her first jump with Fibonacci and almost fell from her horse.

4:38 pm (11:38 am local time in Rio):

Contrary to medical advice, Beijing Olympic champion Sabine Spitz will start in the Olympic mountain bike race on Saturday. “The doctors consider their start to be questionable, despite the lower inflammation values, because they fear that the inflammation will get out of control under stress. The athlete bears the risk herself, ”announced the Association of German Cyclists (BDR) on Friday.

Shortly before the Rio Games, Spitz had an open wound on his knee that became infected. Medical intervention was necessary. Since then she has received intensive medical treatment. “The inflammation levels have continued to drop, Sabine feels good. The conditions are certainly not ideal, but she is a fighter, ”said her husband and manager Ralf Schäuble.

Olympia 2016: gymnastics hero Toba successfully operated

4:33 pm (11:33 am local time in Rio):

The injured Olympic gymnast Andreas Toba has had a successful cruciate ligament operation. "I am very satisfied with how I am doing now," said the Olympic hero from Hanover on Facebook.

“The pain is limited. I hope that I can start walking again quickly, ”he added after the surgery in Bremen. The knee specialist Michael Bohnsack performs the procedure.

The doctors are counting on a break of one year until Toba can regain his previous capabilities. But he himself hopes to be able to resume the fight for a place in the European Championship next year in Cluj Napoca, Romania, from April 19th to 23rd.

Despite the torn cruciate ligament in his right knee, Toba still completed the exercise on the pommel horse and thus helped the German squad to make it into the Olympic team final.

4:25 pm (11:15 am local time in Rio):

A blow for the history books: The Chinese golfer Xi Yu Lin has hit the first ace in a women's Olympic tournament. With the tee shot, the 20-year-old carried the ball directly into the hole 141 meters away on Friday.

The 58th in the world rankings clapped with her caddy with satisfaction. Three strokes were planned for the track.

The so-called hole-in-one was the first ace in Olympic history in women's golf, according to the tournament's official Twitter account. There were two aces in the men's competition in Rio: The first was beaten by the later Olympic champion Justin Rose from Great Britain.

In the only ever Olympic golf tournament for women, only one round with nine holes was played in Paris in 1900.

4:22 p.m. (11:22 a.m. Rio local time):

Meredith Michaels-Beerbaum gave up the show jumping rider in the Olympic individual final after the second obstacle. Her gray Fibonacci had galloped on the first jump, the oxer, and fell through the obstacle. The couple completed the second jump, then Michaels-Beerbaum gave up. Christian Ahlmann with Taloubet and Daniel Deußer with First Class are still riding for Germany.

3:56 p.m. (10:56 a.m. local time in Rio):

President Hassan Ruhani congratulated Iranian taekwondo fighter Kimia Alisadeh on her historic bronze medal at the Rio Olympics. The 18-year-old Alisadeh became the first woman in Iranian sports history to win an Olympic medal on Thursday (local time). “My daughter Kimia. You made all of Iran, especially women, happy, ”tweeted Ruhani on Friday. After the country had already won two gold and two bronze medals in Rio, the Alisdaeh bronze medal was a historic event for Iran.

Olympia 2016: Canoeists closed for the final

3:50 p.m. (10:50 a.m. local time in Rio):

The German Canoe Association (DKV) will be represented in the finals with four boats at the end of the Olympic regatta in Rio de Janeiro on Saturday. The women's four-man kayak was the last boat to buy his final ticket on Friday. Sabrina Hering (Hanover), Franziska Weber (Potsdam), Steffi Kriegerstein (Dresden) and Tina Dietze (Leipzig) won their semifinals over 500 m on the Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas. The London Olympic champions Weber / Dietze have already won silver in a two-man kayak over 500 m in Rio.

3:43 pm (10:43 am local time in Rio):

The CAS International Sports Court postpones its decision on Russia's Paralympics exclusion by one day. The CAS will only negotiate the Russian objection this Monday and announce the verdict on Tuesday, as the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) announced on Friday.

The IPC had issued a ban on all Russian disabled athletes because of their involvement in systematic state doping.The IPC had received information from the Canadian lawyer Richard McLaren, who led the independent investigation by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) into state-covered doping during the 2014 Winter Games in Sochi.

The IPC used his investigations as the basis for the collective punishment. Formally, it was a question of whether the membership of the Russian association will continue or will be canceled. The Paralympics in Rio will take place from September 7th to 18th.

3:34 p.m. (10:34 a.m. Rio local time):

The kayak four of the German canoeists around the Olympic champions Max Rendschmidt and Marcus Groß is in the final of Rio de Janeiro. The German quartet with Rendschmidt, Groß, Max Hoff and Tom Liebscher won over 1000 meters on Friday in a sovereign run in front of the boats from Slovakia and Australia and thus made it into the finals on Saturday. So far, the German racing canoeists have won three medals. For the final decisions, the paddlers need another three badges in order to achieve their target of six podium places.

3:29 p.m. (10:29 a.m. Rio local time):

Canoeist Ronald Raue reached the finals in a kayak single over 200 meters. In his semifinals he finished second, which qualifies him for the finals.

Olympia 2016: Taekwondo fighter Gülec in the quarterfinals

3:26 p.m. (10:26 a.m. Rio local time):

Taekwondo fighter Rabia Gülec has won her first Olympic fight. The 22-year-old from Nuremberg prevailed on Friday in Rio de Janeiro thanks to an increase in the last third with 9: 8 against the Russian Anastassija Baryschnikowa. In the quarter-finals, she meets the Turkish Nur Tatar in the 67 kilogram category.

"It was a back and forth. I'm very proud of myself," said Gülec after the duel. Shortly before, Baryshnikova, who had won a bronze medal in London in 2012, crept into the cabin crying. They are not interested in the fact that the Brazilians are cheering on their opponents, said Gülec: "I heard my family, that gave me the strength."

As the second German representative in Taekwondo, Rabia Gülec's brother Tahir Gülec will also be at the start on Friday. The 23-year-old starts as the favorite against Moises Daniel Hernandez Encarnacion from the Dominican Republic. Her sister Sümeyye Manz has already participated in the Olympic Games twice, in 2004 and 2008.

The third planned German Taekwondo fighter Levent Tuncat had to cancel his start at short notice due to injury.

3:24 p.m. (10:24 a.m. local time in Rio):

China's badminton superstar Lin Dan failed in the semifinals of the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro against his Malaysian rival Lee Chong Wei. Lee prevailed in a thrilling duel with 2: 1 (15:21, 21:11, 22:20) and thus successfully returned the favor for the bankruptcies in the Olympic finals in Beijing in 2008 and in London in 2012 as well as for the defeats in the 2011 and 2013 World Cup finals.

For the successful Chinese, it was the next disappointment in the badminton competitions in Rio. Four years ago they had won all five gold medals awarded in London, but now world champion Chen Long, who will meet European champion Viktor Axelsen (Denmark) in the second semi-final on Friday, is the last hope of an Olympic victory.

2:53 p.m. (9:53 a.m. local time in Rio):

Three days after his Olympic victory in the Canadian single, Sebastian Brendel also reached the final in the C2. Brendel won his preliminary run over 1000 m with Jan Vandrey (both Potsdam) and saved himself the detour via the semi-finals. The finals will take place on Saturday.

Actually, the German Canoe Association (DKV) could not have occupied the C2 at all, as only Brendel had secured a quota place. Vandrey was only nominated after the exclusion of the Belarusian men's team for doping.

2.49 p.m. (9.49 a.m. local time in Rio): 

The javelin thrower Katharina Molitor attacked the German Athletics Association and the national coach sharply. When asked who she was angry with after the poor performance of the German javelin throwers, Molitor answered opposite Sport1: "The national coach and the DLV. The DLV, because it brings out nomination guidelines that leave too much leeway. And I am disappointed with the national coach that she never made clear announcements about the nomination."

Molitor had not been nominated by the association for the Olympic Games, instead Christina Obergföll was allowed to fly to Rio - despite her poorer performance at the German championships and the non-nomination for the European championship.

Molitor himself did not follow the competition: "I did not watch the competition at all, but when I woke up briefly, I just looked at the result. On the one hand, I was disappointed that you could win a medal with 65 meters, and on the other hand surprised at the performance of the Germans. "

2:14 p.m. (9:14 a.m. local time in Rio): The senior IOC official Patrick Hickey (71) from Ireland was interrogated for the first time by the Brazilian police in Rio de Janeiro after his arrest. The Irish Olympic Committee (OCI) confirmed in a statement that "Patrick Hickey left the hospital and was escorted to a police station to testify."

Hickey was arrested on Wednesday morning on the sidelines of the Summer Games on suspicion of illicit traffic in tickets and the formation of a criminal organization. Due to health problems, he was first admitted to a hospital, which he then left in a wheelchair on Thursday.

Until the case was resolved, Hickey had resigned from office temporarily. This concerns among other things the office of the President of the OCI, the office of the President of the European Olympic Committee (EOC) as well as his membership in the International Olympic Committee (IOC). The IOC then announced that it had been informed of Hickey's steps by the OCI and that it respected them. Until the matter has been clarified, the presumption of innocence applies.

Olympia 2016: Olympic champion Brendel attacks doped canoeists

1:52 p.m. (8:52 a.m. local time in Rio):

The two-time canoe Olympic champion Sebastian Brendel reacted with a lot of criticism to the positive doping test by Sergei Tarnowtschi from Moldova. Brendel had taken a selfie on the podium after his victory in the Canadier-One in front of the Brazilian Isaquias Queiroz dos Santos and Tarnowtschi and posted it on his homepage.

Now Brendel blackened Tarnowtschi's head and wrote: "I have to update my photo from Tuesday. I am angry and hope that there is no longer any place in sport for such people."

12:36 p.m. (7:36 a.m. local time in Rio):

The American swimmer Jimmy Feigen has to pay a fine of 10,800 dollars after the alleged robbery at the Olympics and is then allowed to leave Brazil. The lawyer Feigens announced on Friday. According to Breno Melaragno, Feigen will pay the money to an unspecified "facility".

11.59 a.m. (6.59 a.m. local time in Rio):

For Dirk Schimmelpfennig, the sporting director of the German Olympic team, the promotion of game sports will continue to be particularly important in the future - although they have a relatively minor impact on the medal table. "In the end there is a maximum of one medal to be won," Schimmelpfennig told the Süddeutsche Zeitung: "But a team consists of 14 to 18 people. If everything goes well, they are all Olympic champions in the end."

When they return home after the games, "everyone in their home country will be honored for their club team at the first appearance. That can have a huge impact in the region," said Schimmelpfennig.

11.35 a.m. (6.35 a.m. local time in Rio):

Seldom has there been such an unfortunate Olympic champion as the North Korean Ri Se-gwang. The reasons are political. Instead of cheering, he salutes. According to media reports, the North Korean team is completely isolated.

Olympia 2016 in Rio de Janeiro: It's up today

+++ We already have a medal at the Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro today. If all goes well, Germany can even clear gold again. These decisions are to be made at Copacabana today:

+++ It would be the first German Olympic victory in women's football. No: in football at all. In the Maracana Stadium (where the men became world champions in 2014) the DFB women can win the gold medal today. Tonight they face Sweden in the final. Learn how to watch the game in the TV and Live Stream Guide.

+++ The handball men can reach the final today. The opponent, however, is a really tough one: In the semifinals, world and Olympic champions France are waiting for the DHB selection. It starts for the Bad Boys of coach Dagur Sigurdsson today from 8.30 p.m. German time (live on TV and live stream).

+++ Lena Schöneborn is fighting today in the modern pentathlon for her second Olympic medal. The decision ends at 11 p.m. German time with the combined competition.

+++ After winning the bronze medal with the team, show jumpers Christian Ahlmann, Daniel Deußer and Meredith Michaels-Beerbaum want to convince as lone fighters from 3 p.m. German time today.

+++ In hockey, the German women have ticked off the bitter defeat against the Netherlands. Now the DHB women want to get bronze in the small final (from 5 p.m.) against New Zealand.

+++ Among the athletes, the 4x100 meter relay around Tatjana Pinto is toying with a medal. In the race from 10:15 p.m. today everything has to go perfectly.