What is the value of cassettes

Those VHS tapes are worth a small fortune today!

At this point we would like to doubt that VHS will make a comeback similar to that of the good old vinyl record for some time. Sure, for us kids from the 80s and 90s, there are many memories of the, um, very special properties of the clunky cassettes. But it is precisely these, from our point of view, charming peculiarities that make VHS no longer attractive at all. For example, if you had played the tapes more than what felt like three times, they started to roll. At first you could only hear it in the sound, which rose in waves and then fell again. As the "noodle" increased, the image began to float. And if you were unlucky (and, dear children, believe us: you were always unlucky), the tape got caught in the video recorder. It was much harder to get that out than with an audio cassette, simply because you couldn't reach inside the recorder.

Yes, VHS was a pretty beastly medium that offers few advantages over DVD and Co. (apart from the fact that it acts as a memory for us). But there is one thing the good old tapes can do: make you rich! At least to a modest extent. This is especially true if you still own shrink-wrapped VHS. And it gets really exciting when it comes to Disney films from the rare editions “Black Diamond Classic”, “Platinum” or “Masterpiece”.

We have a few examples for you: Those five old VHS tapes from Disney films are now worth a lot of money!

# 1 Ariel, the mermaid

On Ebay, bidders rocketed up to $ 5,000.

Source: pinterest.com

# 2 Beauty and the Beast

It's hard to believe, but the "Black Diamond Classic" edition of the Disney romance is selling for a staggering $ 300,000 thrifty store counter!

Source: pinterest.com

# 3 Dumbo

You have to shell out $ 4,000 if you want to get hold of an old version of this classic on Ebay.

Source: pinterest.com

# 4 Alice in Wonderland

The "Black Diamond Classic" version from 1988 now costs $ 7,500.

Source: pinterest.com

# 5 The jungle book

Mowgli and the like are almost a bargain: The “Masterpiece” edition is now worth 1,500 dollars to collectors.

Source: pinterest.com

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