Will dog poop hurt my grass

Legal question of the day:

In the city in particular, it is not always easy for dogs to find a suitable place for big business. Dog poopes are annoying as they act as anti-personnel mines and disguise footpaths and front gardens. What can you do as a property owner and when do you face a fine?


Most dog owners have got used to walking armed with only small plastic bags. When the dog does its business, proper owners collect it and dispose of the bags in the bin. But if they just leave the pile behind, there is a risk of a fine. And even a community garden must not mutate into a dog toilet.

In the community garden

Many residential buildings in the city have a garden that can be shared by all tenants. But if a fellow tenant misuses the lawns as a dog toilet, the joy is quickly over. The droppings attract insects and other dogs as well. In addition, it may even be harmful to health due to viruses or worms. If you know the person responsible, you should speak to them first. But if he's stubborn, you should get yours landlord to inform. This can warn the dog owner and in the case of repetition even without notice Termination of the tenancy pronounce.

Feces in the neighboring garden

If your neighbor simply lets his dog into the garden instead of going for a walk, you cannot do anything at first. A claim to omission you only have it if the use of your property is unreasonably impaired by the dog excrement behind the fence. But you can place an ad at Public order office reimburse. Especially with intensive Odor nuisance or strong Insect infestation the authority will intervene.

Anti-personnel mines on the footpath

There is no federal law on dog poop. However, the federal states and usually each municipality have their own regulation. Overall, pollution from dog feces is practically prohibited nationwide, both in the public and in the private sector. If you just leave the legacy of your dog behind, you have to go with one fine calculate. Depending on the federal state, these fines vary considerably. They start, for example, with 10 to 20 euros in Brandenburg, but can also go up to 150 euros as in Bavaria. If careless owners are caught multiple times, it becomes more expensive.

Leaving it as a criminal offense

If a dog owner does not remove his dog's excrement, he is acting improperly. In extreme cases, he can even make himself liable to prosecution. Sometimes the courts see it as a negligent endangerment when dog owners on their animals Children's playgrounds defecate and do not remove the piles. Then there is a threat of a fine, which can be significantly more expensive than a fine.

Keep dogs away

On the Internet you will find many practical tips on how to keep four-legged friends away from your property. Once a dog has chosen your front yard as a toilet, it will attract conspecifics with it. They then want to get rid of their marking and at least urinate on your green. With all tips on defense, however, keep in mind: It is not the dog's fault, but the owner who does not dispose of the pile. Do not take any action that could injure a dog or cat. Pepper and citric acid may effectively ward off four-legged friends. However, these agents cause painful irritation in the animals. Other chemical substances can cause poisoning. If you consciously accept the poisoning of an animal, you are even making yourself liable to prosecution.