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Get started with Google Ads

As a company, you pursue the goal of increasing the awareness of your brand or website, attracting more visitors to your website and increasing your sales. Google Ads can help you achieve these goals. With search term-based advertising, Google Ads manages to find your target group with simple means and to offer your company added value that you cannot achieve with any other tool. In this article you will find out how Google Ads works and whether it is also worthwhile for your company.

Why you should use Google Ads

With Google AdWords you can reach your desired target group directly at the right time and place - because if they are already looking for information on a relevant topic or product on Google, you can place optimized ads. You can also differentiate between local and global advertising. With Google Adwords it is possible for you to freely determine a geographical area in which your advertisements are visible. This means that you can only display advertising where it is most relevant. The created advertisements can be flexibly recreated, checked, edited and paused. Google Ads is also very easy to measure compared to conventional print advertising, so you can plan your marketing budget precisely and analyze your results and adjust them if necessary.

How does Google Ads work?

When a user searches on Google, your ad will appear on the search results page when you advertise with Google Ads. If the user is interested in your ad, they click on it and land accordingly on your website and then, ideally, make the desired conversion. Google will then help you to ensure that all values ​​are automatically displayed in your AdWords account. You can see, among other things, how often an ad was placed, how often it was clicked, which keyword triggered this placement and the average position at which it was triggered. You can then discover the weaknesses and strengths of your campaigns and make improvements.

Getting Started With Google Ads: How To Use Google Adwords?

The steps outlined below are for those new to Google Ads. If you are looking for more basics for beginners, then here are the first steps for campaign optimization in Adwords.

Step 1: Set up a Google account

To be able to use Google Ads, you first need a corresponding Google Ads account. However, to create an Ads account, you first need a Google account. To create a Google account, you can simply click on “Sign in” and “Create account” on the Google search start page. Please note: In order to use the account, it makes sense to create a new login in the professional environment and not to use your private access. Only when you have created your Google login can you devote yourself to creating your Google Ads account. When creating the Ads account, it is important to note that the main settings of your account can no longer be changed afterwards - however, these can affect your click prices, bids and costs!

Step 2: Select the campaign type

As soon as you have created your Adwords account and can get started, click on the "Create your first campaign" button. At the beginning it is recommended to select the option “Search network only”. However, you can adjust this selection at any time if you want to expand your campaign. First you need to give your campaign a name so that you can track the results. It is important to think about how you would like to name your campaigns at the beginning. It is useful to define a naming system in advance so that you can keep track of things.

3rd step: Determine the location

Even if your business isn't tied to a specific location, it can be helpful to know where most of your target audience is. If you don't already know, digging into your buyer personas can help.

4th step: Set the budget

Choose a reasonable budget for your campaigns to avoid nasty surprises and high bills. To better control the budget for your campaigns, you can also set your bids for clicks manually - later you can also change your settings to "Automatic".

Step 5: Create advertisements

Writing the ads is one of the most important steps, because the text of your campaign should get potential customers to click on your ad and, in the best case, convert it. Since you only have a limited number of characters available for creating the text, every word counts here. Words and characters should therefore be chosen carefully.

6th step: URL definition

Choose a suitable URL for your ads so that your visitors can find what they're looking for. If necessary, set up a landing page that features the products or services mentioned in the AdWords ad.

7th step: add keywords

Take the time to find the right keywords to reach the people who are ready to buy or convert. Use keyword tools such as the Google Keyword Planner for this. You can also use negative keywords to avoid wasting money on unnecessary clicks. Negative keywords tell Google Ads what ads are forNot should be played out.

Step 8: Bid for clicks

Finally, you need to tell Google how much you want to spend on your clicks. However, it should not be forgotten that the one who spends more on clicks also appears more often in search results.

Step 9: Check regularly

Before you place your ads, it makes sense to proofread them again and check that everything is correct. Check spelling mistakes, URL, keywords and budget - so that your campaigns are played out. After you've published your ads, it's a good idea to check your campaigns regularly. For example, run A / B tests, change headings, click prices and monitor your conversion rate to get the most out of Google Ads.

What does Google Ads cost?

It's free to create a Google Ads account and campaign. You don't have to pay until your ads are clicked. How high this amount, the so-called CPC (cost per click), is then depends on the ad position and quality of the ads as well as the respective keyword on which the ad is placed.

When is Google Adwords worthwhile?

Google Adwords has a number of advantages over other marketing measures. Since you only pay for real prospects with Adwords, you hardly have any wastage. The results that you achieve can also be measured much better than with other marketing measures. There are many factors that influence when and if Google Adwords is worthwhile for you. However, in most cases these are your own, which is why it is all the more important to set up campaigns professionally.

Google Adwords for Business: Who Has Experience With It?

It often happens that companies that have no experience with Adwords lose a lot of money with their own campaigns. With us as an experienced partner, however, you can avoid rookie mistakes and get as much out of your campaigns as possible. We carry out extensive keyword research and support you with your campaigns individually and as required.