Why do people spell as thickly as Thicc

Head start chapter 5 vocabulary

Click here to practice these vocabularyBack to topFriendship and loveFriendship and Loveageagethe clique, -ncircle of friends, cliquethe propertiescharacteristicthe experiencesexperiencethe free timefree timethe friendship, -enfriendshipThe noiseargument, quarrel, noiselove, -nlovethe love poem, -elove poemthe lovelornlovesicknessthe girl, -girlthe problem, -eproblemthe subject, pl. subjectstopic, themethe trusttrustthe worldsworld  to • begin (begins, has begun)to start, beginto • speak (speaks to, has addressed)to initiate a conversation with someonego out (has gone out)to go outmean (has meant)to meanneed (needed)to needthink (has thought) of + acc.to think ofdiscuss (has discussed) about + acc.to discussan • invite (invites, has invited)to invite; to take out [i.e. pay for someone's bill]a • pull (has moved in)to move inflirt (has flirted)to flirtliked (liked, liked) + dat.to please; to likemarry (got married)to get marriedhelp (helps, helped) + dat.to helpkissing (has kissed)to kissto be sorry (was sorry) + dat.to feel sorry forto talk (has talked) about + acc.to talk aboutcuddle (has cuddled)to cuddle, make outhug (has hugged)to embrace, to hugto go on (went on)to continuelive together (has lived together)to live togetherto fall in love (fell in love) in + acc.to fall in love with somebodyto be in love (has been in love) with, + acc.to be in love withget engaged (got engaged)to get engagedpart (has parted) from + dat.to break up, separatereconcile (has reconciled)to make up, reconcile  each othereach otherdisappointeddisappointedpassionatepassionatelytogetherwith each otherbravebrave, courageousspontaneousspontaneousengagedengagedreasonablereasonable, logicaltogethertogetherExpressions In love with + acc.head over heels in love withthrough thick and thinthrough thick and thinbehind my backbehind my backI have confidence in + dat.I trust (someone)