Are aliens really imp demons

The origin of the imp is one of the sad chapters in fantasy history. Originally the Imp were completely normal goblins who either helped people or made themselves useful in the natural kingdom. But as for humans, it is also possible for goblins to sacrifice their souls to the devil. When a goblin promises his support to the devil, he receives great power and magical powers in return.

But as is customary in doing business with Teufel, everything has its price, of course, and even a goblin shouldn't rely on a fair deal. By agreeing to the devil's demands, the goblin is instantly transformed into a lower demon - the imp. The devil pays special attention to the fact that an imp no longer has a particularly large or well-functioning brain.

With an alert mind, the Imp would remember that it was supposed to be given power and magical powers. But the devil is only willing to give it if an imp has made many years of service and can convince with his loyalty. Then, however, the imp is converted back into another fantasy creature or a special demon and is granted a little more intelligence again.

Since the devil doesn't like to deal with these blabbering and annoying creatures himself, he likes to give them to wicked witches and wizards in the first years of training. There they regularly get something to eat and become submissive. The Imp can be sent to war against other mythical creatures or the good. Individually they are not invincible, but in large armies they can be very uncomfortable.

As servants and henchmen of the wicked, controlled by their will, they perform the tasks that are assigned to them without asking or defending themselves. They no longer have a will of their own and are unable to think about something or even have a conscience.

But there is one thing the devil cannot take away from them. The receptivity to music. If an imp hears sweet, melodious sounds, he falls into a trance-like state and bits of memory creep through his mind. He immediately stops all fighting and is no longer able to do anything bad. To what extent the healing methods and the possibility of transforming back into a goblin are currently not known.