What does cat fishing mean


The Catfish is a subordination of the fish. Evolution has been very resourceful in creating these creatures as the head tries to chase its rump. Highly respected frogs also found that this intersection was created due to marine pollution.

Origin [to edit]

In 1911 huge amounts of radioactive substances (including silk and cotton) were dumped into the sea. As a result of this pollution, cats came into contact with the substances because they normally hunt fish. Then, in 1984, cats' molecular compounds became unstable and finally the catfish came into being. The catfish still has its original shape to this day.

Occurrence[to edit]

The common catfish is native to larger bodies of water because there it has more space to hunt. They usually live in groups of up to 60 fish, which is very problematic as they try to exterminate each other.

Problem [to edit]

Since the catfish exterminate each other, there are hardly any left. The picture above was only allowed to be taken under the strict supervision of a Greenpeacler. Attempts are made to raise the catfish separately from each other, but since they are trying to hunt themselves this is also a major problem.

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