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Applying for a driver card: what are the costs?

In a nutshell: apply for the driver card correctly

When do I have to apply for a driver card?

Professional drivers have to apply for a driver card if they drive commercially with trucks of 3.5 t or more. The trucks are usually equipped with a digital tachograph that does not work without a card.

Where do I have to submit the application for a driver card?

An application can be made to the responsible driving license authority, the Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA), be submitted to TÜV or DEKRA.

Which documents are required for the application?

For the application, the identity card or passport, the driver's license and a current photo must be submitted. The costs are usually borne by the driver.

The driver card is required to document the driving and rest times

A document denotes which at commercial freight and passenger transport for using a digital tachograph necessary is. It is a Credit card with integrated memory, with which, among other things, the driving and rest times can be recorded.

As owner the driver card is always valid Truck driverwhose dates are recorded on it. Therefore, this must also be for the presence or the Function of the card Take care. Otherwise a fine threaten.

But where can you Acquire a driver card? Which documents must be available for this? And it is necessary the driver card to be re-applied for regularly? The following guide provides answers to these and other questions.

Where can I get a driver card?

The Driver card is required by law for all truck drivers whose vehicles have a digital tachograph. The application for a driver card is at Issuing office for the same Recording equipment cards to deliver. Usually this is the one responsible Driving license authority. You can also use the Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA) as well as the Dekra and at TÜV apply for a truck driver card.

For the Request is basically a personal interview necessary. However, there is a possibility that formto apply for the driver card online to download and to be completed before the appointment at the authority.

since May 2005 is the validity the driver cards five years limited. Hence it is necessary this to renew regularly. However, it is usually not necessary to re-apply for the driver card. Important! Pay attention to the validity date and extend the card in good time. Otherwise, sanctions may be due Driving without a valid driver card threaten.

Applying for a driver card: which documents are required?

There are several on the driver card Information about the driver noted. For this information are appropriate proof necessary. If you would like to order a driver card, the following are therefore Documents to be submitted:

  • ID card or passport
  • Current photo in the format 3.5 x 4.5 cm
  • Card driving license
  • possibly already existing driver card

Is the residence of the truck driver outside the European Union further evidence must be provided. These are primarily the Work permit and the employment contract.

The costs for a driver card are in most cases between 35 and 45 euros. In addition to this, the competent authority also charges Shipping fees. As a rule, the drivers have to bear these costs themselves.

For the issue of a driver card is on average with one Processing time of five working days to be expected. However, the times may vary depending on the federal state and authority and depending on the current workload vary. So find out more in timeif you want to apply for a driver card.
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Apply for a driver card: What are the costs?
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