Is weird weird

What's weird?

Moderation: Dieter Hess (Bayerischer Rundfunk)

Agnes Heller, born in 1929, is one of the last great thinkers of her generation. In film, theater, novel or joke, she examines what is funny - and above all: why. Laughing and crying are the basic answers to existence. She agrees with Wittgenstein: The world of the happy is different from that of the unhappy. Agnes Heller presents her new book in conversation with Dieter Heß, head of the Kultur aktuell editorial team at Bavarian Broadcasting.

“Almost all jokes question or thwart authority, but authority is not only present through direct description (sexual norms, political systems, social oppression), all authority figures stand for some kind of rationality. Jokes challenge these rationalities by making fun of them in the name of common sense. But they also make fun of reason in whose name they make fun of rationality. Otherwise you couldn't jump over the abyss. There is only one all-encompassing logic in joke, namely the logic of the joke itself. And the logic of the joke is the logic of the unleashed mind. Perhaps the readers have suspected that with all this I was only explaining Schlegel's definition of the joke: ›Joke is an explosion of bound mind.‹ «

Agnes Heller