How do I improve my 600m time

How can quickly improve in the 600m?

Hello my love,

I am 18 years old, female and recently started jogging because I wanted to improve my stamina and clear my mind from all the study. My problem is that my legs and hips itch really badly as soon as I've jogged a few meters. I've read quite a bit, from detergent allergies to circulatory disorders.

But since I started with shorts in the summer and my legs itched there, I can rule out a washing powder allergy or an intolerance to my textiles. I go jogging with the things I wear for school sports and when we run laps in school, I don't have such problems. When I scratch, it rests for a moment and then burns a bit .. similar to a mosquito bite and the red welts where I scratched for a long time come to light. Could it be a circulatory disorder? If so, does the body compensate for this at some point, e.g. because you run more often and thereby the vessels widen a little and allow more blood to pass through? It can't be my sweat either, because I don't sweat like a waterfall after 60 meters: D and the itch occurs even before that.

I look forward to your answer! MelonPie

P.S .: I thought about warming up something on the spot before loosing up. Do you have any ideas what you could do there? Here, too, I would be happy to receive a few tips :)