What is the best free budgeting website

Keep an eye on your finances with free budget book programs

Thomas Joos, Benjamin Schischka

Household books for PC, tablet and smartphone - we take a close look at free tools that you can use to keep track of your income and expenses.

A budget book helps save money. It is therefore worthwhile to document and plan your own finances well with the help of suitable software. We are therefore introducing you to the best digital household books for the PC.

If you want to record expenses and income on the go, you will find a variety of apps in the Play Store. We briefly introduce three that we like. Read more about this and find more apps in our post The Best Free Household Books for Android.

Household books on the smartphone

Bluecoins Finances & Household is one of the strongest and most extensive virtual household books in the store and is particularly suitable for everyone who wants to finally implement even ambitious savings goals. The app offers detailed statistics, clear graphs and comparative charts. However, the free version of the Budget Manager dispenses with a backup function via cloud storage and saves on the extended functions, for example. More on this in the app test.

The full range of functions is also available for free, for example at Andromoney Accounting. Free users only have to accept an advertising bar here. Thanks to cross-device synchronization, individual categories and a particularly fast input mode, this is not difficult. More on this in the app test.

If you are looking for a simple and clear budget book without a lot of frills and easy to use, you can take a look at the money manager, expense tracker. The particularly simple tool shines with rapid operation, offers with percentage comparisons as well as with pie charts but also important planning information and has at least a local export function for entered data on board. More on this in the app test.

Programs that run on the desktop

Household book freeware

The Aquamarin budget book is available free of charge. Use the "New Entry" button to enter expenses, income or transfer postings. You can also set the relevant account using the drop-down menu. "Common", "Girokonto" and "Tagesgeldkonto" are already pre-defined. You can change them and add new ones by clicking on the green plus button. Practical: You can even check the preselection with a tick.

EnlargeAquamarin's budget book is available free of charge

After the posting date and the interval from "Once" to "Annually", you define a category such as "Cash deposit" or "eBay" in the budget book. Here, too, you can create your own categories using the plus button. Finally, enter the amount and optionally a comment. Using the drop-down menus in the main window, you can quickly sort all entries according to booking type, interval and period. At the bottom, Aquamarine automatically calculates the difference between income and expenses.

A click on the "Statistical Analysis" tab brings up the income and expenditure statistics for any period in the form of a bar chart. The budget book shows the income or expenditure alone as a pie chart in its individual parts. If you are concerned about privacy, you can assign a password to the budget book under "Extras \ Password protection". Under "File" you can also create a backup via "Create data backup" and print your output on paper. If you like, you can import account statements in CSV / MT940 / MT942 format.

Budget book and financial management

The freeware MyMicroBalance supports you in managing your private finances. The software is available as an installable version, but also as a tool for the USB stick. The developers also make the application available as an app.

You can synchronize data from the PC application to the smartphone app, so you can always keep an eye on your finances when you are on the move. You enter your income and expenses in MyMicroBalance and automate the entry of recurring items. You protect your data from prying eyes with a password. The free program always automatically calculates the account balance and can also display the data graphically.

MyMicroBalance is available in English and German. Files can be transferred to the new accounting year using the import function. In addition, small improvements have been made to the balance sheet printouts.

EnlargeMyMicroBalance is also an interesting household book

After the installation, the free MyMicroBalance welcomes you with a setup wizard that you can use to create a new balance file. There you set the euro as the currency and optionally a password. Then enter the starting value of your account and edit the predefined groups such as "Salary / Wages" and "Clothing".

With "New intake" you enter earnings, one-off or recurring. Proceed in the same way with outputs via "New output" below. MyMicroBalance has a search function on the "Search" tab. The "Diagram" tab shows the monthly income and expenditure in bars or lines or according to groups (categories) as a pie or bar diagram. Under "Statistics" you can see a group overview including the number of entries and the average value. The "Top Ten" sub-category shows the highest and lowest entries for the month. The year variants of "Diagram" and "Statistics" can be found separately as small buttons in the toolbar.

You can print out the balance sheet and diagram. The button "Calculator" opens the calculator in Windows 10.

MyMicroBalance displays advertisements in the top right that you can deactivate with a purchased license key. The following applies to the app: It is generally available free of charge, but there are in-app purchases for additional functions.

Budget book as a spreadsheet

The free savings tip budget book is a solution based on Excel. You only download an xls file that has all the functions of a budget book integrated.

You can also use the budget book with the free Libre Office. If you are familiar with the spreadsheet, you can program extensions here and adapt the budget book to your requirements. But users who are less familiar with Excel will also find the savings tip budget book an easy-to-use solution with which they can record all income and expenses.

You can record the output in diagrams and also print out individual worksheets. The possibility to record the energy costs is interesting. As a tenant, you have an overview of your ancillary costs or, as the owner, you can better plan advance payments.

EnlargeThe savings tip budget book is an Excel table.

Online budget book of the Sparkasse

The web budget planner is a budget book that is kept completely online in the browser. The online tool comes from "Money and Household", the advisory service of the Sparkassen-Finanzgruppe. The service is an institution of the German Savings Banks and Giro Association (DSGV) and supports consumers with free offers on the subject of private financial planning.