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Entry into the USA

On January 25, 2021, the previously applicable entry ban for people who were in Germany or another country in the Schengen area within a period of 14 days before entering the USA was renewed until further notice by means of a Presidential Proclamation. Entry restrictions apply to prior stays in the United Kingdom of Great Britain, Ireland, Brazil and South Africa.

Excluded from the ban: US citizens, persons with permanent legal residence (“green card” holders), close relatives of US citizens and persons with permanent legal residence, diplomats or employees of international organizations

Please note that since March 2nd, 2021, when you (re) traveling to the USA within a period of 14 days from departure from the Schengen area, Great Britain and Ireland, there are also extensive restrictions on issuing a NIE (National Interest Exceptions) / waiver exist, which mainly concern business travelers (new criterion: activity in the area of ​​critical infrastructures). The entry of professional athletes and their relatives to participate in sports competitions and the like is no longer permitted. Before you leave the country, clarify Areas with the US consulate responsible for you in Germany, whether your work in the USA falls under the exceptions of the Presidential Proclamation of January 25, 2021, for which a NIE for re-entry can be applied for.

The Presidential Proclamation of June 22nd, 2020 regarding the issuing of non-immigrant visas (F, M, certain J visas and some work visas) was repealed with the Presidential Proclamation of February 24th, 2021. Please check regularly information from the US consulates in Germany on the current visa issuance.

Further entry requirements to the USA

Before entering the USA, travelers must submit a negative corona test (PCR test or antigen test) electronically or in paper form to airlines, which must not be older than three days. People who were infected with COVID within three months of departure must provide the airline with appropriate evidence. Masks are required during the flight and at the airports.

Another corona test within three to five days of entry is recommended. Please note the quarantine recommendations of the "Centers for Disease Control and Prevention" (CDC) and the respective quarantine regulations at the state and local level.

Other COVID-related restrictions

The land borders with Mexico and Canada will remain largely closed to passenger traffic for the time being.

Entry into Germany

Entry restrictions apply to Germany when entering from the USA. Entry is therefore only possible in exceptional cases. The prerequisite is that there is an absolute necessity.

Important: Holders of a valid German passport can enter the Federal Republic of Germany at any time - even if there are entry restrictions.

Exceptions to the entry restrictions

The current exceptions to the entry restrictions can be found on the website of the Federal Ministry of the Interior, for Building and Home Affairs.


For US citizens entry is still possible possible without a visa, provided you have one of the listed there Exceptionscan prove to the airline and border authorities.
Please note that the currently valid exceptions to the entry restrictions are known to the airlines.

Digital entry registration

Before arriving in Germany, travelers must register at and have the confirmation of registration with them upon entry. Transit travelers who enter Germany and then immediately travel on to another country do not have to register their entry digitally.

Compulsory test

All travelers aged 6 and over who are arriving by plane in the Federal Republic of Germany must have themselves tested before departure. Exceptions apply to completely vaccinated or recovered People who need this no negative test present more before departure.

  • As vaccinated applies to who has received all the required vaccination doses of a Covid-19 vaccine listed on the Paul Ehrlich Institute website. At least 14 days must have passed since the last vaccination dose. Proof of vaccination is required upon entry into written form (e.g. CDC card) or digitally (a mobile phone photo is not sufficient). In addition, vaccinated persons must not show any relevant symptoms.
  • As recovered applies to anyone who can prove a previous Covid infection by means of a positive PCR test that was at least 28 days and a maximum of 6 months ago and has no relevant symptoms.

who is not fully vaccinated or has recovered, must present a negative Covid test before departure. There will be both PCR tests as well as Rapid antigen tests accepted. A list of approved rapid antigen tests that meet the requirements of the RKI for entry can be found here. The smear for the PCR test may have been taken no more than 72 hours before entering Germany, and for the rapid antigen test a maximum of 48 hours.

Transit travelers, which is the international transit zone in Frankfurt or Munich do not leave, will also not have to prove a negative test before departure in the future.


Basically, you have to go home immediately after arrival - or to some other accommodation at the destination - and isolate yourself for ten days (quarantine at home). The domestic quarantine ends prematurely, when a Vaccination certificate, a Proof of recovery or a negative test evidence is transmitted via the entry portal of the Federal Republic of Germany at

You can find detailed information on mandatory testing and quarantine here


Please also inform yourself about possible covid-related requirements of the respective airline before departure.