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Studying architecture trains you to build buildings to plan, to design and to shape. What is special about the architecture course is the combination of artistic creativity and tangible Engineering knowledge. The architecture is considered classic Art form and has a great impact on human perception. The buildings in a region often represent its culture, economic situation or even the climate. If you have studied architecture, you can use your ideas to design entire cityscapes and determine the effect of your buildings on the environment.

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Do you have the dream of helping to determine the appearance of a city and using your creative ideas to design both practical and decorative buildings? Then Alanus University recommends its Bachelor's degree in Architecture (B.A.).

In 6 semesters you will acquire specific specialist knowledge by dealing with interior and urban spaces as well as the basics of building, among other things. As part of accompanying subjects, you will learn job-specific techniques such as model making or computer-aided drawing and learn more about building culture from a historical, legal and economic perspective.

A multi-month internship in an architecture office gives you the opportunity to work on real construction projects. You can also complete the advanced master's degree in architecture at Alanus University, which you usually need for approval as an architect.


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infoDistance learning as an alternative?

Constructing buildings and thus shaping a cityscape sustainably is your greatest wish? Then the Bachelor of Architecture (B.A.) from the IU International University in distance learning is ideal for you. You complete this completely online within 6 semesters thanks to the learning platform.

During your distance learning course, you will deal with the topics of building materials science, building construction and familiarize yourself with the history of construction. In addition, modules such as construction management and urban planning are on your plan. You will also train your artistic skills in the areas of representation and design. In the course of your studies, for example, you will learn to use CAD programs on the computer.

With the help of design projects, you can put your knowledge to practical use. In the last semester you have the opportunity to choose between two specializations such as Smart Building or Sustainable Building.

Are you practically inclined and would you like to apply your knowledge directly in the world of work? Then opt for the dual architecture degree as an alternative.

Which conditions do I have to fullfill?

Access to the architecture course is often regulated by a numerus clausus (NC). With a high school diploma average of 1.9 to 3.2, you can submit your application for a study place with good chances.

Do you want to study architecture and don't have a high school diploma? Some institutes also offer one as an alternative Qualifying Examination where you can show your creative talent. Another way to successfully apply for an architecture degree is to provide evidence of your professionalqualification and work experience. You can get information about this from the student advisory service at your chosen university.

Is the degree program right for me?

You will feel comfortable in the architecture course if you are creative, a good one spatialImagination owns and likes im team working. Although architecture is the art of building, you should not underestimate the technical and economic components of your studies.

As a graduate of architecture studies, you are a real all-rounder and the main contact person on the construction site of your building. Hence a physical and technicalinterest an important requirement for prospective students. A good basic understanding of mathematics is also helpful, as you not only draw up construction plans, but also cost calculations. With good school grades in art and science, you can study architecture very well.

Studying architecture: you should know that

The architecture course is constantly changing, as current social, geographical and economic events always have an impact on the building projects in a region. For example, the energy consumption of buildings and ecological building are currently top issues in the construction industry.

Classical architecture training as a stand-alone course cannot be compared with landscape and interior design. The goals and projects of these subjects are too different for that. If you are more interested in interior design or landscape architecture, you should consider taking this more specialized degree.

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