Popular songwriters are overrated

Is Elton John overrated as a singer?

I've been noodling the same shit up and down for at least five years and I really can't stand the least of it, but somehow I'm just not the type of guy who can just listen to a song and then judge how he thinks it, somehow a song just has to So to speak, fly towards me and catch me at the right moment. There are songs that I hear once that I think are okay but they don't get stuck and a week later I happen to hear the same thing again and then all of a sudden it's my favorite song.

Yes, I am so disturbed, now you know why I have been listening to the same things up and down for five years 😒 of course there was always something to do with it, but now I would just like a few recommendations to listen to it at least once and then to discover it for myself two weeks later .

Please no rap, neither German nor English or anything else, no hits of course, nor stuff like Taylor Swift and something "newfangled". I'm not good at Billie Eilish either (unfortunately 😣) so rather old things please. I also like country.

I especially like the old classics like Queen (I know very little about them), Elton John, Tom Waits, Rod Stewart, Creedence Clearwater, Bob Dylan etc.

Then I still love musicals like Cats, the Rocky Horror Show, Avenue Q and The Book of Mormon so also like that (not Phantom of the Opera 😰)

May also be something classic, but then please don't hit a little night music, Turkish march, for Elise, the Magic Flute or something else out of it that everyone knows anyway

Please no joke answers like all my ducklings, last Christmas or breathless or that kind of garbage.

May also recommend totally unknown things