What makes good video game music

The importance of music for video games

Music puts you in a good mood. Music comforts you when you are sad. Music touches the soul. Music makes you dance and sing. Music acts as background music and as a mood maker. It is played as background music in department stores, at birthdays or parties, at Trustly online games, during plays during the break, as accompanying music for films or even for video games. The sound or soundtrack of a game is just as important as the graphics of a video game. The music shapes the game and can make a video game unique. In this article you will find out exactly why music is so important in video games.

Mood in the game

The most important reason why music is essential in a video game is to better convey the mood and atmosphere of the situation to the players. For example, if you enter an old abandoned house, you will probably hear wood creak and you will hear the howl of the wind when you enter a dark forest. Music can be used to ensure that the players can better empathize with the situations of the video game. They get scared, excited, strained to find clues, happy or angry. So emotions are triggered: fear, joy, fear, sadness, anger. All of this can be achieved through music and in this way the basic gaming experience is also enhanced. If the player is more involved in the game, he will also find the experience better.

Alternating music

It gets really interesting when the music reacts to the movements of the player. The dramaturgy is given to the player and is determined by the course of the game. The music can also alternate depending on the selected character. If a female character was chosen, a lighter melody appears than with a bearded and muscular character. The player himself determines which music is played. Depending on how the player moves within the game, the music can change. For example, if he is talking to an important person, the music becomes more dramatic and if the player is talking to a little fairy, the music may be a little lighter. If a room is entered that is important for the course of the game, the type of music can also change.

The development

Video game music has evolved a lot over the past few decades. It was a long way from the first isolated notes to today's soundtracks. But this path shows that good video game music is worth the effort and that it is what gamers want. The first notes of Pacman or Tetris will probably never be forgotten. And today's video games have music that has been recorded by entire orchestras and of which there is an entire album of music. The expense of video game music has multiplied.

Identity of the video game

Another important point why music is important for video games is identity. If a video game has a soundtrack or a certain sound, it will be imprinted on the minds of the players and will hardly be forgotten. For example with Tetris - almost anyone can hum this melody and it is still used in many remixes and DJ sets. With the identity of the video game comes the recognition value. When you hear a song from the video game soundtrack on the tram, you think of the video game and at home you might even sit down and play it or tell your friends about it.