Who I was in my previous life

Reincarnation who I was

Reincarnation - who was I? How can I find out who I was in a previous life? How can I go back in my previous reincarnations?

Reincarnation who was I? - a lecture by Sukadev Bretz 2018

You may be asking yourself, “Who was I in a previous incarnation?” There are several ways to find out, but the first question is whether you want to find out who you were in a previous incarnation at all. Is It Really That Important? More important than finding out who you were in a previous incarnation is the question, who are you now? What are your assignments and study lessons now?

Who are you now?

You can first consider the following: What is your current situation and what are your tasks now? How can you face these tasks in order to use your special abilities and possibilities? How can you contribute to the good in this world? How can you alleviate suffering? That is what you are now in this incarnation and you can think about what you can learn and experience from it. Regardless of the situation (professional, interpersonal, health, etc.) ask yourself what you learn, experience and can actively shape.

Karma, reincarnation and previous incarnations

Even so, it can be helpful to consider whether there is karma, whether there is reincarnation, and who you were in a previous incarnation. You could go to a reincarnation therapist and they can help you regress into a previous incarnation. But it can also be that you are led into a fantasy life. Just as you dream every night and maybe picture different lives in the dream, you can also fantasize about a previous life together in a deep relaxation, in a trance or hypnosis (also waking hypnosis). Only when you are led into a life under hypnosis that you can later verify, there was someone who lived in a certain region and, for example, had a certain name, or you can even speak in another language or see things from a time you do not know and can later verify what it looked like, you can assume that what you saw in a regression was from a previous life.

Past life regression

You can also try self-hypnosis to transport yourself back to a previous life. Patanjali, the great author of yogic scriptures, wrote 2,000 years ago how you can go into an earlier life. Patanjali said that through samyama (control, concentration, gathering of the mind) on samskara you get knowledge of previous incarnations and so you know who you were in a previous incarnation.

Samskara means impressions in the subconscious. If there is something that is built into you somewhere and for which there is no logical explanation in this life, it could have something to do with reincarnation. For example, if you have a phobia of crossing bridges even though you have never fallen into the water in this life and your parents did not tell you to be afraid, it could be a samskara from a previous life. Any phobia for which there is no explanation in this life could be an indication of a previous life. Even if you have an extraordinary ability that your parents do not have, or if you are fascinated by a country or time period, it can be samskaras.

You could now lie down relaxed, go into meditation, and then go fully into these samskaras. It can happen that a memory of a previous life emerges. Doing this alone is sometimes not easy and can be easier with a reincarnation therapist, but that's the technique.

Who was I in previous lives?

There are simple clues to the question "Who was I in a previous incarnation?" If you are particularly fascinated by something, it may be related to a previous life.

  • For example, if a musical instrument feels very familiar and which you can learn quickly, it is possible that you have played that instrument in a previous life.
  • If you are completely fascinated by an era, a culture or a city, it may be that you lived in a previous life in this city, culture or era.
  • Or if you are so familiar with [yoga] and mantras, or with a master, you know that you are familiar with this practice from a previous incarnation and have been with this master once.

So you have some evidence of who you were in a previous incarnation.

  • Perhaps you also feel very familiar with a person and therefore know that you have been with this person before in a previous incarnation. It doesn't have to mean falling in love again or having been a couple in a previous life. Perhaps the person who seems very familiar to you now was your mother, your brother or sister, your father or your child in a previous life. Perhaps you were both spiritual aspirants with the same Master. Being familiar doesn't have to mean that you have to be in love. From the standpoint of karma and reincarnation, it means that you have dealt with each other in a previous life.

Video: reincarnation who was I?

Video lecture on "Reincarnation Who was I?"

Short video lecture by the founder of Yoga Vidya, Sukadev Bretz, about earlier life, from the area of ​​interest reincarnation, transmigration of souls and rebirth.

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