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Cricket in Germany : A team with a lot of potential

In England, the greatest event in cricket has just ended with an historic result. The host's World Cup triumph, the first ever in the history of the motherland of cricket, delighted millions of fans around the world. In Germany, however, only a few people noticed this. But that could change in the next tournaments, because the sport is also developing steadily in Germany.

There are now more than 7000 cricketers and more than 300 teams in Germany. A lot has happened since 2015, when there was an influx of refugees. The German national team moved up to 31st place in the world rankings of the shorter T-20 variant - out of 82 teams (the women's national team is 35th out of 55 teams). In addition, Germany recently narrowly missed qualifying for the T-20 World Cup, which will be held in Australia next year.

The German national team also consists of players who were born in India, Afghanistan, Pakistan or Australia. The captain of the national team is Venkatraman Ganesan. The 34-year-old IT expert came to Düsseldorf in 2012. In his homeland, where cricket is the national sport, he even played with Indian superstars such as Ravichandran Ashwin and Murali Vijay. And so Ganesan slowly led the German team from a manageable level to small successes. They recently beat Jersey in the European regional final. “We now have a competitive team with a lot of potential,” says Ganesan. "We are a very close community - with many different backgrounds and with a lot of talent."

From Ganesan's point of view, however, a lot is happening in Germany: "The sport is developing very well in this country." It also helps that the games of the German national team are broadcast on German cricket TV on the Internet live stream. "More and more people are now watching our games," says Ganesan. "Although the sport is particularly popular with people who have moved here from cricket countries, the Germans are slowly showing more and more interest in this sport."

An Afghan national player comes to Darmstadt

Ganesan believes that for its further development, cricket needs to be brought even more to the grassroots by introducing it into schools and building infrastructure. “We have a good cricket ground or two in each region, but there are no cricket stadiums. We also need better training facilities with special networks, ”he says. "The German association is working on it, but the government could step in and do more."

In any case, international cricket stars are also committed to further promoting the sport in this country. The German Cricket Association invited the Afghan national player Rashid Khan to Gelsenkirchen on August 10th to honor and support the winners of a tournament. Former Pakistani star player Wasim Akram will also travel to Germany in August. Enthusiasm for cricket should only increase until the next World Cup.

Neeraj Chauhan is editor of the Hindustan Times in New Delhi. As part of the “India-Germany Media Ambassador” grant from the Robert Bosch Foundation, he will continue to work at Tagesspiegel until mid-August.

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