How much do Veyron tires cost

Bugatti Veyron owner explains insanely high maintenance costs

Businessman Manny Khoshbin owns 0.44 percent of all Veyrons ever produced. And no, you don't need to start the calculator now. The real estate mogul has exactly two of the 450 W16 monsters built. You may be familiar with some of his videos. Then you will know that Koshbin actually moves his precious objects relatively regularly. Apparently he is not afraid that every extra kilometer on the speedometer has a negative impact on the value of his vehicles. In particular, Koshbin seems to have a thing for the McLaren Mercedes SLR (his garage holds five!), But the most recent video revolves around one of his two Veyrons.

More Veyron madness

A car with a base price in the seven figures will always lead to hair-raising costs in terms of maintenance, but would you know how much the maintenance and care of a modern Bugatti really devours? Well Manny explains it to you in the video attached above. For example, the Alsatian car manufacturer recommends that all fluids should be changed every year. That alone devours 25,000 US dollars for the Veyron, i.e. around 22,700 euros.

How does such a price come about? Well, compared to conventional vehicles that have a drain plug for the oil, the Veyron has 16! Even another exotic from the VW group, the Lamborghini Huracán with its eight drain screws, looks like a cheap home. In addition, the screws are anything but easily accessible. So the mechanics have to remove the rear wheels and brakes. Just like a panel on the rear bumper and another under the rear of the car.

The costs become even more crisp when we move towards tires. Bugatti recommends that Veyron owners replace their heavy-duty tires every few years. A set costs a whopping 38,000 dollars (35,000 euros). But that's far from enough, because the wheels themselves should also be replaced every 10,000 miles, i.e. every 16,000 kilometers. 50,000 dollars (just under 45,000 euros) must be calculated for this. In a few years, the essentials for maintenance will cost almost 100,000 euros.

Manny maintains two Veyrons and a one-of-a-kind Chiron Hermes, which is why his bills are slightly higher. However, the tires of the newer hypercar almost pass as a bargain at $ 8,000. He's also considering giving up the Veyron pimped up by Mansory, presumably to make room for something similarly extravagant. Upcoming additions to his illustrious collection include a Mercedes-AMG One, a McLaren Speedtail, a Ford GT, a Porsche 935 and a Koenigsegg Jesko.

A paper that lists the completely insane maintenance costs of the Veyron came online last year. There you learn, among other things, that a new turbocharger costs $ 6,400. The labor cost to swap two of the four loaders is $ 9,000. A charge air cooler, of which there are two in the Veyron, costs $ 9,000. The exchange costs $ 2,000 each. The phasers may cost "only" $ 800 each, but the labor cost to install them is $ 21,000 because the engine has to be disassembled.

But it can get worse: By far the most expensive item is a new fuel tank for $ 20,000 plus $ 22,000 to install it.