What is RSVP written on an invitation

What does RSVP / u.A.w.g written out? Meaning of the abbreviation, translation in German

"RSVP" is a French abbreviation that is used internationally. "RSVP" means: "répondez s’il vous plaît". In German, “répondez s’il vous plaît” literally means “Please answer”, and in a general sense it means “An answer is asked”.

The German variant of RSVP is: u.A.w.g. - U.A.w.g. means written out: "An answer is asked for".

When is RSVP / etc. used?

The abbreviations RSVP and u.A.w.g. are used in written invitations. Both abbreviations represent a request to the recipients of the invitation, and thus the invitees, to inform the host whether they accept or decline the invitation. RSVP and a.o.g. are therefore a request to invitees to respond to the invitation.

In the upper classes of society, on formal, academic and governmental occasions, RSVP or etc. used. Such occasions can be the reception of a Federal Chancellor, a President, a King, a Queen or a royal couple. But also for invitations to a wedding or an anniversary, RSVP or etc. used. At academic events, RSVP or etc. also used.

If no response is required to an invitation, "N.R.P.S.V.P." is written on the invitation. "N.R.P.S.V.P." stands for "ne répondez pas s’il vous plaît" and means in German: "Please do not answer" or "Please do not answer".

Partly RSVP or u.A.w.g. provided with a date so that a recipient knows by what time they should reply at the latest.


  • "U.A.w.g. until October 14th 20XY "
  • "RSVP until April 20, 20XY"

RSVP or etc. are written at the end of a formal invitation.

The reason a host wants to know if a guest is coming is because of the host's planning. They need to know how many chairs are needed and what the seating arrangement will be. The host also determines place cards, menus and drinks. In order to plan all of this as well as possible, a host should know as precisely as possible whether guests accept their invitation and of course how many guests are coming.

Spread of RSVP and a.o.g.

RSVP is used in the English-speaking and German-speaking countries. In the French-speaking world, RSVP is hardly used any more, as it is considered old-fashioned and gives the impression that a host is begging for an answer. Instead, the French write a message like "Your reply is expected by May 14th 20XY".

For the German-speaking area, the following applies, among other things. is widespread.

Hosts should always ask if their guests are RSVP or etc. understand. Invitees who do not know the abbreviations may get confused.

A humorous variant of u.A.w.g. is "And there is dancing in the evening".

Further abbreviations: Imo / Imho, OMG, Asap, THX

Further meaning of RSVP

RSVP also stands as an abbreviation in science for: "Rapid Serial Visual Presentation".

RSVP is also an internet protocol. It stands for "Resource Reservation Protocol".

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