What many personal trainers have in common

5 reasons why you should work out with a personal trainer

At the beginning of each new year, we are all always motivated and resolve to lose weight and get fit. But how many really stick to their resolutions, go to the gym regularly, and work hard to achieve their goals?

A study shows that as many as 80% of those who join the gym in January quit in less than 6 months. The same study shows that only half of all members visit their club 100 times or more per year - and the number using personal training is less than 13%.

So what do those who achieve their goals have in common? Incredible discipline? Do you walk to work every day? Or maybe ... a personal trainer? Let's let a few facts speak for themselves:

Why personal training?

The "Journal of Sports Science and Medicine“Examined the effects of personal training on attitudes towards physical activity. An impressive 73% of the participants stated after 10 weeks of training with a personal trainer that they had increased at least one “level” in their motivation.

1. Personal trainers help you stay motivated

Whether you want to get fitter, lose weight, or strive for more balance, it is always difficult to stay motivated over a long period of time. A qualified personal trainer ensures that you do not forget your goals and motivates you continuously.

2. Personal trainers have the knowledge

Personal trainers are trained to teach you about exercise - not just how you do it, but also how so. And since fitness is 80% nutrition and 20% exercise, it's important to have a good eating plan - best done by someone who really knows it. Proper nutrition is fundamental to achieving your goals. Many are not aware of certain eating and drinking patterns and they overlook many calories, for example the one or two glasses of wine in the evening, which do not allow you to lose weight despite a salad. Your personal trainer will find these weak points immediately.

3. Personal trainers prevent injuries

Training with an expert who is perfectly versed in performing the exercises and the machines and equipment greatly reduces the risk of injuring yourself in the gym. Injury can set you back months and take you far from your goal - countless people are injured from improper training and put their health and fitness at risk for long periods of time.

4. Personal trainers create individual training plans

Universal solutions don't work in fitness. A personal trainer tailors an individual training plan to your personal needs, wishes and goals. In addition, he accompanies you on your journey, ensures that your technique is correct (and prevents injuries in the process) and drives out any training mistakes you may be accustomed to.

5. Personal trainers are, in a sense, unofficial therapists

Sure, a personal trainer will help you get your dream body. But that's not all: a PT can have a positive effect on your overall mental well-being. He is interested in how your week was and how you are doing - because your mood and lifestyle have a huge impact on your motivation and energy in the gym. It's not uncommon to share your emotional baggage with your personal trainer - a bit like an unofficial therapist.

Would you like to benefit from all these advantages and finally achieve your fitness goals? It is important that you find the right personal trainer. Ask for advice at your club or read our useful guide on how to find the right personal trainer. Make the most of your time, stay motivated, and get in shape - numbers don't lie.