What happens when the body temperature reaches 114?

Impulse Physics 2, textbook

Put one of your hands in warm water and the other in cold water. After about 1 minute, your hands will have got used to the temperature. Now put both hands in the bowl of lukewarm water. How do you feel about the water temperature in this bowl? V1 cold or warm? Examine + evaluate 66 worksheets n6q7jq Everyone feels the temperature differently! People experience temperature differently. What one person perceives as cold can be quite pleasant for another. If you want to describe the temperature, it is not enough to speak of warm or cold. Because everyone understands something different. Humans use certain measuring scales, e.g. degrees Celsius (° C), to describe the temperature precisely. M How does body temperature change? The normal body temperature of a person is between 36.5 ° C and 37 ° C. One speaks of a fever when the body temperature is higher than normal. The body protects itself from excessively high temperatures by sweating. In the case of an infectious disease, however, the body temperature can rise sharply. The body can be damaged by a high fever. A temperature above 42.6 ° C is even fatal. The body temperature of humans can also drop too much. Man can freeze to death. The primordial atmosphere contained many inanimate substances. From these substances, the first simple creatures developed in the upper layers of the primordial oceans. The primordial seas offered the ideal temperature for this. Temperature determines life warm or cold - Temperature 7 temperature examples Freezing point of water 0 ° C Freezing point of alcohol - 114 ° C Cool soft drink 8 ° C on the surface of the sun 6000 ° C in the core of the sun 150,000,000 ° C absolutely lowest temperature - 273.15 ° C Materials 1 bowl with ice water 1 bowl with lukewarm water, approx. 20 ° C 1 bowl with warm water, approx. 45 ° C For testing purposes only - property of the publisher öbv

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