What kind of music inspires creative thinking

Everyone is creative

I believe everyone is creative and we just don't realize that. I don't think creativity is a skill or a label that you either have or not. When people look at you and say, "Wow, you're so creative, I'm not," for me, that's bullshit. Creativity is right here, accessible in each of us, as part of what makes us humans. The problem is, most of us have become blind to the distractions of modern society (like the internet, technology, or social media). So we built a great wall between ourselves and our craziest and most honest creativity. Creativity is an expression of our soul, it allows us to act with the heart, it is action with passion that improvises and lets us flow. And how do you feel more creative? If you don't care what others think of you, never let your thoughts stop you from living out your dreams, listen to your heart and act - make shit happen in the most beautiful way you can express yourself. What helps me to feel more creative is being near the ocean, keeping myself in constant motion, doing sports, listening to loud music and doing things that make my thoughts positive and happy - just let the creativity flow as natural state of my best version.