Why was Langar started

News platform “Amal, Hamburg!” Launched for refugees

Sister project to “Amal, Berlin!” Offers online news from refugees for refugees from the Hanseatic city

Hamburg (epd). In Hamburg, refugees will in future be able to read local news in Arabic and Persian. The news portal “Amal, Hamburg!” Was launched in Hafencity on April 10, when the amalhamburg.de website was activated. Many refugees came to Hamburg because they could not express their opinion openly and freely, said Senator for Culture Carsten Brosda (SDP). With “Amal, Hamburg!” They would have a voice in the Hamburg media landscape.

Millions of people around the world are on the run. Many risk their lives to avoid persecution and in search of better living conditions for themselves and their families. These people need our help: in distress at sea, in refugee camps, with integration in our neighborhood.

Around 50,000 people with Afghan, Syrian, Iranian or Iraqi citizenship currently live in Hamburg. With “Amal, Hamburg!” You will in future be informed daily about events and discussions in Hamburg in your mother tongue, so that you can better participate in city life.

Participate in the social debates in Germany

The editorial team consists of Nilab Langar from Afghanistan, Ahmad Alrifaee from Syria and Omid Rezaee from Iran. All three worked as journalists in their home country and fled to Germany a few years ago. The editorial office is located in the offices of the “Hamburger Abendblatt”.

“Amal, Hamburg!” Is a cooperation between the Protestant School of Journalism and the Körber Foundation. The sister project “Amal, Berlin!” Has been online since 2017 and now reaches around 35,000 refugees every day via its website and Facebook. Professional German journalists accompany the project. The Protestant School of Journalism takes on the administration, further training and operation of the Amal! Website.

The project provides refugees with important information about their new surroundings, said Bishop Kirsten Fehrs. "You get very practical advice on everyday life, but you can also take part in the social debates in Germany." At the same time, Amal gives persecuted journalists a chance to work in their profession. In this way, Germans could also learn something first-hand about the experiences and hopes of refugees.