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Club triumph - the old champions HRK clearly dominated table leaders 1880 on Saturday. Photo (c) back

What a matchday of the rugby Bundesliga. Frankfurt 1880 suffered their first defeat of the season against the HRK, Hannover 78 clearly wins the top game against the BRC and Pauli finally wins the first game of the season on the eleventh attempt.

North / East


1Hanover 78
2Berlin RC
3SC Germania List
4RK 03 Berlin1134
5RC Leipzig
6RC Berlin Grizzlies
7Hamburger RC
8FC St. Pauli

Hannover 78 23 - 3 Berlin Rugby Club

It was the absolute top game in the north - first against second, last year's northern champions against the challenger from the capital. Unlike in the first leg, the favored 78s prevailed this time. For coach Benjamin Krause, the key to the well-deserved victory from a 78's point of view was “the good defense” - because the hosts managed to neutralize the BRC offensive for almost the entire duration of the game. The many excursions by the guests in the 22 of the 78s resulted in only three points in the end.

Hannover also had clear advantages in terms of standards, which was an important factor when the conditions were not always easy. Already in the first few minutes, the hosts, who took on the veteran Rafael Pyrasch and seven ace Phil Szczesny, wanted to make it clear who was the boss in the house. But it was not the fast three-quarter players who were able to deliver the first blow, but the 78 storm. A powerful package and several pick-and-go phases resulted in Mathias Rojas' first attempt.

After a period of idling and mistakes on both sides, the Paraguayan Prop Rojas put his team in trouble - a tackle without arms decimated 78 for ten minutes. But the extensive Berlin excursion to 22 of the hosts did not result in the desired counters. Instead, two Berliners had to temporarily leave the pitch because of a jerk offense - in the majority, 78-connector Max Kopp was able to chase two penalties over the bars and increase it to 11: 0 at the break.

The guests came out of the break with a first pressure phase, which resulted in the first guest points to 3:11. But whoever expected the guests to catch up was disappointed. 78 was able to bring some fresh strength from the bench, but in the end it was Phil Szczesny who made the preliminary decision - with his specialty: The new father set an overkick, which he ran himself on the second 78 attempt - as he did three years ago in Hong Kong.

With the last action, 78 was able to put the icing on the cake for a successful afternoon - front row striker Pascal Grabig balanced himself over the BRC line to the final score. The Hanoverians are thus undisputed at the top of the table and on course for the home semi-finals. Coach Krause told TR: "It was a well-deserved victory - we should have used our chances better and scored more points, but Berlin's defense was also very good and hardly allowed anything."

From a Berlin point of view, it was a disappointing afternoon - BRC captain Juri Müller analyzed the events in an interview with TR as follows: "Unfortunately, unlike in the first leg, we played far too unaggressively, made an incredible number of technical errors and made many wrong decisions in the game. especially in the opposing 22. So we took the few chances to try ourselves - 78 played much more callous and they used their opportunities ice cold. ”The flanker of the BRC is also sure that his young team still has a“ cool head ”and the "ripped off" is missing, especially against the top teams - but of course you benefit immensely from such games.

With now seven points buffer in second place, 78 can calmly compete in two weeks in Berlin at the RK 03, while the BRC and Germania take each other's points. For the BRC, the second away game of the season in Hanover is about defending second place in the playoff.

RC Leipzig 57 - 3 SC Germania List

Big setback for Germania List and a big exclamation mark from Leipzig. Both sides expected a close game, but in the end it turned into a heavy damper for the Hanoverian guests, which ruined their chances of a playoff spot. Leipzig, on the other hand, can justifiably hope for third place, where Germania is currently still - because the supposedly difficult games of the second half of the season are behind the Saxons.

On Saturday, Leipzig was able to make valuable meters phase by phase with the storm and back team. After the Hanoverian guests were able to hold their own against it at first, the Leipzigers, who appeared in the unfamiliar blue, gradually became stronger. A dominant tackle from second-row striker Pawlak and flanker Leutenecker, who stole the ball at lightning speed, heralded the first Leipzig attempt by turnover: the end Leroux van Zyl marched in with the ball under the bars to make it 7-0.

Leipzig's second stroke also came from a counterattack: Leipzig's South African inner Sibiya completed the Saxons' second great move. But in the middle of the second half came the strongest phase of the Germanic peoples, who gradually settled deep in Leipzig's half. Only one more time the guests got the bad luck with injuries - the playmaker Daniel Koch, who played inside, had to leave the field injured after only 30 minutes. A very long urge phase of the Lister in Leipzigs 22, in which Leipzig Achter Förtsch lost for a professional foul, ended with only three points: Verbinder Dietz was able to shorten the break from tee to 3:12.

Little wages for a lot of hard work and that should take revenge. With the first action of the second round, Leipzig, which had hardly seen anything from the playground device towards the end of the first round, was able to pull away to 17: 3. Inside Franz Beck broke three tackles for the third RCL attempt. From Germania’s point of view everything was going too fast - Leutenecker was able to leave for Packet and take off for the offensive bonus before captain van Zyl put down a lot of good footwork to make it 33: 3. Three attempts to start the second half - Germania stumbled.

When inside Sibiya then made a great team attempt to make it 40: 3, Leipzig was sure to have beaten the Teutons for the first time in the club's history and allowed some key players to take a break. The last game quarter rippled a little, Germania's angry attacks mostly ended in nowhere, only when Leipzig's Syrian outside Alrebdawi took heart from 80 meters away and almost the entire length of the place to 40: 3 did Leipzig wake up again. Two late attempts outnumbered by Leipzig, because Dedecker had prevented a quick allusion to the Teutons, von Yafele and Sibiya made the runaway victory perfect.

Leipzig in the unfamiliar blue, but all the more successful

From Leipzig's point of view, it was a more than successful afternoon with the very first victory over Germania - coach Kunze was also satisfied: “The target for the second half of the season was to get at least one victory against one of the teams ahead of us. We succeeded impressively today. The strikers played many strong phases and created space for the back line. Germania was well in the game for a long time, but was also very unlucky with its injuries, so you have to classify the result accordingly in its clarity. "

Against the Grizzlies, the next Leipzig victory could already follow - after last-minute relegation last year, Leipzig not only got rid of any fears of relegation early on, but also made it to the top. Germania, on the other hand, urgently needs a win against the BRC in order to be able to dream of reaching the semi-finals again.

FC St. Pauli 26 - 24 Berlin Grizzlies

It is the long-awaited liberation for the newcomer - Sankt Pauli finally celebrates the very first win of the season on the eleventh match day. The Hanseatic people are back in business, also because of the bonus points they have been diligently collecting up to now. Two weeks before the Hamburg derby, hopes of relegation are growing again in the world-famous Hamburg neighborhood.

St. Pauli's coach Fritze Michau cheered afterwards: “After all the tight things, the boys finally rewarded themselves for their efforts - for us as coaches it was primarily nice to see that the setbacks and obstacles in the game, against the individually really good Berliners, had no great influence on our game. "

In fact, the start could hardly have been worse for the host. Two quick grizzlies attempts in the opening quarter of an hour - a package and a fast pass relay gave the guests the 12-0 lead. And the bell almost rang again in the Pauli Malfeld when the Grizzlies brought the ball into the Malfeld with a clever kick - but the hosts were able to just win the race to the playground equipment and kill the leather.

The last ten minutes before the break turned into a real roller coaster. First the Pauli-Sturm achieved the 7:12 connection with many tough phases. Two attempts in quick succession - one for St. Pauli and one for the Grizzlies - established the 12:17 pause from the hosts' point of view.

The second half then developed into an absolute thriller. Immediately after the tea break, Pauli's outstanding storm was able to play a lead for the first time, but the Berliners shot it again by parcel. At 19:22 it went into the final phase and for a long time it looked as if St. Pauli would not be able to reward itself again and suffer another narrow defeat.

But this time the crush was the key to victory. First a penalty kick after Scrum brought the brown-whites deep into the Grizzlies, where another penalty gave the hosts a scrum in front of the Grizzlies in-goal. And indeed - to the great cheering of the Pauli appendix, the Hamburg strikers pushed the crowd under the bars. There it was, the long-awaited victory of the newcomer, who moved up to one point on the HRC before the derby.

But the rest of the Hamburg program remains demanding - with the derby, the home game against RK 03 and the final game at Hannover 78. Somehow the brown-whites have to get one point more than the Hamburg RC. Coach Michau analyzes: “I think that above all it is important to win games. A lot has to come together to keep the class, but for us it is first and foremost important to win. That goes game after game. "

RK 03 Berlin 31 - 27 Hamburg RC

The fans of the RK 03 got to see a anything but average Bundesliga game in Berlin's Buschallee. The initially highly sovereign host had two quick attempts by the emperor and the knotter. each over the back team, a quick 12-0 lead after just ten turns of the pointer secured. When the RK storm was able to play its usual strength and Colic was able to take off after a package for the third attempt in Berlin, the favorite seemed to be able to play down his boot with ease.

Especially when Philip Niemier on the outside bagged the bonus point for the RK 03 with the fourth attempt. But the first warning shot followed immediately - Sturm-Tank Paul Schmitz had to sit on the bench for ten minutes and Hamburg came to the RK Malfeld for the first time, but was held up there. Only minutes later, however, the first points for the HRC: The Hanseatic storm made it 5:24.

But even after a yellow card for RK captain Falk Duwe, who brought down a hamburger in the air, no one believed in the home attachment that it could be tight again from the hosts' point of view at the break of 24: 5. Not even close! Because Hamburg came out of the cabin much stronger - first an HRC package failed shortly before the line, but then HRC co-captain Andreas Pfeffer managed to detach himself from the package at the right moment and put it down at 10:24. Again Pradelles missed the increase, which was to take revenge.

When captain Barry was able to take off attempt number three after a great offload from Berghofer and this time hit Pradelles from the hat, Berlin only led with one attempt. The final quarter of the game went with a lot of tension and Berghofer actually made the 22:24 connection after a few bad Berlin tackle attempts - only the increase missed in gusty winds saved Berlin.

But when the HRC was about to turn the game for good, Berlin's inside Martin Tormann set out to save his yellow-blacks and caught a long HRC passport. Two phases and a few seconds later, Franz Müller lost the RK to lead the RK 29:22 - Kaiser was able to make it 31:22 despite the gusty wind. The HRC almost managed a direct counter-attack, but Tom Barry let Berlin's Dobslaw tackle him out of the way at the corner flag.

The HRC now pushed with all their might - first two penalties went next to the bars, which would have each secured the second bonus for the Hanseatic League. But then Domaschke was able to take the celebrated fifth HRC attempt on the far right. However, a kicker change did not bring any luck either - the raise went wrong. With the last sequence at 27:31, Hamburg was finally able to fight their way back to Berlin's line from their own point of view, where they received a penalty kick. The HRC chose scrum, but this time the mishap - Andreas Pfeffer could not properly pick up the ball from the scrum and produced the fore ball and that at the five-meter line of the RK 03.

So only the two bonus points remained for the HRC, which give the Hanseatic League a better starting position before the derby and keep it from slipping to the last place. For the RK 03 a lucky victory in the end, Berlin team manager Lutz Joachim sees it this way: “It's hard to say what was going on with us, but Hamburg played it well and cleverly. We made too many mistakes and never got back into the game. Fortunately, we managed to try again. In the last few minutes, the HRC should almost have won the game. In the end we were definitely the lucky winner, but that doesn't matter, because 5 points are 5 points. "

Happy Berliners after the tremendous victory over the HRC



1SC Frankfurt 18801149+373
2TSV Handschuhsheim11
3RG Heidelberg1143+133
4Heidelberg RK1133+88
5RK Heusenstamm11
6RC Luxembourg
7SG TV / CfR Pforzheim1115-230
8Neckarsulm SU

Heidelberg RK 43 - 24 SC Frankfurt 1880

The dead live longer. The defending champion is back with an impressive victory over the championship leaders. Even if the gap to the playoffs is too big to dream of defending the title, the rowing club made a great exclamation mark on the weekend.

Felix Lammers had brought the club 5-0 early on - in windy and wet and cold conditions, the club earned a well-deserved lead and kept Frankfurt's early attacking efforts in check with the mostly solid defensive. A penalty kick by ex-club connector Parkinson was reported in 1880 - but a great team attempt from their own half, completed with a kick from Felix Lammers, and a storm attempt by returnees Timo Vollenkemper put the club 19: 3 in the front , with which it also went into the break.

Two times too fast for the 1880 defensive: HRK outside Felix Lammers

Anyone who had hoped for an answer from Frankfurt at the beginning of round two was bitterly disappointed. First Liebig increased by penalty kick to 22: 3, before Hakler Barber secured the offensive bonus for the club. Two more attempts by Jörn Schröder and Niklas Hohl virtually decided the game at the score of 43: 3 - although there were still twenty minutes left on the clock. In the final phase, after club coach Jordaan took one of the top performers off the field prematurely and Thore Schmidt and Felix Lammers took an involuntary ten-minute break due to unsportsmanlike conduct, Frankfurt came up again. Three late attempts gave the 1880s some cosmetic results - but it wasn't enough for the offensive bonus and the first defeat of the season was already sealed.

For Frankfurt's team manager Todd Kearns, the cause of this gossip was clear: “Our bad performance can actually be described as a“ bad attitude ”- we kept up physically, but we were mentally ill-prepared or insufficiently inspired. We can be happy that this happened to us at this point in the season and we can work on getting focus back and fixing our mistakes. "

With the first defeat in 1880, they are still at the top, but the lead over TSV has now shrunk to one point. The guest appearance at the RGH in two weeks and the direct duel with the Lions in May should decide who can host the Bundesliga semi-finals at home. The HRK, on ​​the other hand, will no longer be able to equalize the deficit of 15 points on the playoff places in the last three games - but at least you will be able to annoy the neighbor RGH one more time in the Harbigweg derby.

SG TV CfR Pforzheim 11 - 31 TSV Handschuhsheim

In the end, it was a clear victory for the Lions at the 2016 champions, which TSV coach Gordon Hanlon attributed to the guests' “discipline, defense and standards”.In a balanced first half, the Lions tried early on, but after many individual mistakes and with a deep run, they were unable to top it up, on the contrary: Pforzheim's ace of seven Tafadzwa Chitokwindo brought the Rhinos up close at the break when the score was 3: 5 from the hosts' perspective .

With the last action before the break, Pforzheim's Alex Liddell collapsed a package of lions and was thus missing at the beginning of the second round. With the majority in the back, the lion storm finally pushed into the in-goal at the beginning of the second round. The TSV followed exactly the same pattern a few minutes later in good old fashion and scored the third attempt. Pforzheim's best player, Chitokwindo, briefly gave hope to the home attachment when he picked up a ball from the Rhinos, which was actually intended as a liberation kick, and sprinted with it into the malfeld.

But the 8:17 should only remain a flash in the pan. Two more attempts at Löwen sealed the Rhinos fate, even if the hosts had shortened in the meantime with a dropkick from Chitokwindo. The relegation worries of the Pforzheimer remain. There will probably be no points for Pforzheim against the HRK, but after that the decisive games against Luxemburg and Neckarsulm are on the agenda. It will be decided whether Pforzheim may have to take the bitter step in league two.

Neckarsulmer SU 7 - 26 RG Heidelberg

“We entered the game with the right attitude”, was the verdict of RGH coach Jeff Tigere after the superior away win of his Orange Hearts at the bottom neckarsulm. "A few things didn't go as expected, but our defense was great and we can build on that," the RGH veteran continued.

Previously, the reigning runner-up had been able to convince with speed in a balanced first half. Sturm-Tank Hug quickly scratched a ball and heaved himself over the line and Wadlinger sprinted a long kick into the in-goal for a quick 12-0 lead. But the hosts were in the game at least in the first round and after a scrum they put the leather in the in-goal to make it 7:12, which also meant the break.

The NSU was only able to work its way into the Orange Hearts inlay once

Shortly after the restart, the NSU was on the verge of going into the front itself after Patrick Murphy got to the line with a great run. Even if the RGH only knew how to help itself against the rules, Neckarsulm could not capitalize on the resulting penalty. But several five-meter lanes did not bring the hoped-for success, instead RGH-Achter Schiffer managed the third strike for Orange at the end of a long play.

This broke the Neckarsulmer's resistance and the RGH managed to get the offensive bonus in the final phase through Alex Hug's second attempt. The RGH keeps the connection to the top duo, but has to play against 1880 and the HRK in the next two games. Then it will be decided whether the Heidelberg team will go into the playoffs again. The NSU, on the other hand, will have to fight for survival in the duels with Heusenstamm and Pforzheim. The relegation place is currently not out of reach with five counters.

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