How did you get revenge in subtle ways


Nele dries the last plate and puts it in the holder. "So, that was the last one for today," she says quietly to herself as she ties off her apron. "Oh, are you already leaving?" Asks Imke when she comes back behind the counter. "I thought you would give me a little more help." "Another time, mom," replies Nele. She says goodbye to her mother and makes her way to the HQ. When she is on the bridge at St. Annen, she dials Manuel's number. "It's nice that you call," says Manu after a few seconds on the other end of the line. “I wanted to ask if you would like to come to HQ. I'm alone and we could have a cozy evening, ”says Nele. Manuel would like to say yes directly. He loves the hours alone with Nele. Either in the HQ, with him or somewhere in a park. He loves it when Nele cuddles up to him and he can stroke her head. Unfortunately, he has no time today, although he would love to go to her now. “Hey, sorry, but unfortunately I can't today. I still have to go, ”he replies, a little dejected. "What's so important at 5 o'clock in the evening that you move your girlfriend?" Asks Nele ironically. She knows that Manu is not looking for excuses, but that he really wants to be with her. “Dentist,” replies Manuel. "Okay, maybe it will work out the days," says Nele. "Yes, sure. I have to go. I will call you later. Bye, sweetie, ”says Manu and hangs up.

Nele has just passed the Fleetschlösschen when she stops next to a row of parked cars to put her cell phone away again. Suddenly she feels a strong push from behind. She cannot keep her balance and falls down. Next to her, a boy, no older than 16, throws himself to the ground. “WHAT'S THAT ?!” asks Nele indignantly. The boy puts his index finger to his mouth and crawls closer to the cars. Suddenly Nele is quiet and listens. She hears engine noises that get louder and louder. The boy peers carefully over the hood. "Don't move," he whispers, but Nele risks a look anyway. Three men on motorcycles approach. When they get closer, the boy immediately ducks his head. Nele is sure: he's scared! “What do they want from you?” She asks when the guys are over. “Long story,” the boy simply replies. He lifts his head and looks over the hood again. “Shit, they turn!” He curses softly. "Come on! Come on! ”Says Nele. She grabs the boy by the arm and runs with him the remaining meters to the entrance of the HQ.

"Come on! In there! ”Shouts Nele as they climb the stairs to the floor where the HQ is located. Without thinking about it any longer, the strange boy runs through the door. Nele follows him and locks up. The door to the balcony and the fire escape are also locked as a precaution. "We are safe here for the time being," she says. "But who are the guys and what do they want from you?" The boy sits down on one of the armchairs. "It's a long story," he simply replies again. "We have time or do you want to run out of there now?" Nele counters. The boy looks at her mysteriously. "Let's put it this way: I was in the wrong place at the wrong time." Nele sits down on the other armchair. “What's your name anyway?” “Nils and you?” “Nele.” “Do you have something to drink for me?” Asks Nils. "Only if you tell me what's going on afterwards," replies Nele. “I don't want to put you in danger. The less you know, the better it is for you, ”explains Nils. "Now I really want to know!" Says Nele. Nils' secrecy only makes her more curious. Something can't be right there. Nils rolls his eyes. "Well then, I'll just tell you. But at your own risk! ”“ It works, ”says Nele, satisfied, gets up and goes to the small refrigerator in the HQ. However, this is completely empty. Your drinks all went dead at the party two weeks ago and so far nobody has been able to replenish them. "Wait a moment," she says. "I'll get something for us." Then she goes to the door, unlocks it and closes it again behind her.

Nele gets in the elevator and drives down to the apartment. It is unusually quiet. “Hello, someone at home?” She calls into the apartment, but no one answers. Levin must have flown out with Kira and Krissi must be in the orchestra. She's been rehearsing a lot lately. So Nele goes into the kitchen and gets a bottle of water and two glasses. Her gaze falls on the kitchen table. There's a note there. "I'm with Kira," it says. Clearly Levin's handwriting. Great, she could need him now, of all times. This Nils seems to have seen something really awesome or why else should he be followed? Well, he should tell her first what happened. After that, she can always get the others on board. So Nele grabs the two glasses and takes the elevator back up to the HQ.

When she steps through the door again, she sees Nils standing at the PC. "Awesome setup. It's of higher quality than any other I've seen so far, ”he says, visibly impressed. "You can definitely play really well with it." "But that's not for gaming," says Nele. No sooner has she uttered this sentence than she regrets it again. Actually, she wanted to keep quiet about what she usually does until Nils finally tells what the dodgy bikers are all about. "Then what do you need such high-tech stuff for? Hardly for school work, ”Nils insists. "I'll only explain that to you when you tell me why you are being followed," replies Nele quickly. “All right,” says Nils. “I just walked around without a goal to get my head off the stress of school, and then at some point I came to this underpass. Then there was this biker gang. I have no idea what they did, but I noticed immediately that something was wrong. Then they discovered me and I ran away. You know the rest of that. ”“ So you really have no idea who these guys are and what they did? ”Asks Nele. “No,” replies Nils. "But I saw that there was a blue sports bag with money." Nele broods. A bag of money speaks for a business, but since this took place under a bridge, it was certainly not legal. But what was it about? Drugs? Weapons? Or something else?

At that moment, Nils ’cell phone rings. He takes the call: "Hello Papa." [...] "Yes." [...] "Yes, I'm already on my way." Then he hangs up. “I have to go home,” he says to Nele and gets up. "Can you tell me where this bridge is?" Asks Nele quickly. “Near Trapstrasse,” replies Nils. “But now I really have to go home. Otherwise my father is really stressful. ”Nele quickly takes a pen and a piece of paper and writes her number on it. "Write me. And think again if you noticed something after all. A license plate or a logo or something else. We'll meet tomorrow afternoon and then we'll take a closer look at the bridge, ”she says, and gives Nils the slip of paper. He nods and smiles friendly. "I'll still see if the air is clean," says Nele. She doubts the guys waited here that long, but better safe than sorry. So she goes downstairs and carefully looks around the street. Only when she has made sure that really nobody is there does Nils come out of the building and quickly make his way home.

The next day, Tayo, Levin and Nele talked about the incident with Nils and the biker gang after school ended. “That's really weird,” says Tayo after Nele has reported everything. “Has this Nils already contacted you?” “Yes, but only briefly. Nothing important, ”replies Nele. “Okay, then let me know when we have a lead,” says Tayo. "I have to go home now. Femi and I have an appointment with Kio later. So we can't be there later when you meet Nils. We're going to HQ tonight. ”“ Okay, see you later, ”says Nele. “See you later”, Tayo repeats, gets on his bike and drives from the schoolyard. Nele and Levin are also on their way home. However, while they are out, they continue to brood over the case. You've already solved a few cases, but you haven't had one like this before. Hopefully they'll find a clue at this underpass later. At that moment, the message tone from Nele's cell phone sounds. “From Nils,” she says. Levin immediately stops and looks over his sister's shoulder. “He thought of something,” says Nele. "What?" Asks Levin immediately. "He's writing," says Nele and looks intently at the display, where the message should appear. But suddenly she is grabbed from behind and after a few seconds she blacks out.

When Nele comes to, she doesn't know where she is. It is dark. Pitch black. She tries to move, but her hands are cuffed with something metallic behind her back. Handcuffs! She clearly feels a tight rope on her skin on her legs. Desperately she tries to scream, but only incomprehensible sounds come out. She is gagged. Only now does she notice that it is so dark because her eyes are blindfolded. Next to her, she hears someone starting to move and squirm in their shackles. Probably Levin. Nele tries to get up, but she can't. Where are they anyway? Nele listens. She hears driving noises. It can't be a car because the ground is flat. Maybe a transporter? But where are they going? And by whom? Questions about questions that Nele asks. But before she can think about it more closely, she feels something being held in front of her nose and she loses consciousness again.

An hour later:

Tayo and Femi take the S-Bahn into town. They have an appointment with Kio at least once a month, including this day. “We have to get out of here,” says Tayo to his little brother when the S-Bahn reaches the “Stadthausbrücke” stop. The two peppercorns get out and walk towards Michel, where Kio would have to wait for them. “Why did Kio want to meet here?” Asks Tayo. “We could have come to the cinema right away.” Femi shrugs her shoulders. He also doesn't know why Kio wanted to meet here so badly. "Let's just ask him," says Femi and continues along the street in the direction of Michel. In the distance, the two of them can already see the back of the famous church.

Kio paces up and down in front of Michel. Tayo and Femi are already five minutes overdue. "Man, where are they?" He mumbles to himself. He wonders whether the two of them might just have come to the cinema after all. Actually, he had clearly told them that they would meet at the Michel and then walk to the cinema together. But the two don't seem to show up. Kio is about to call his buddy when he discovers her. You are crossing the street at the traffic lights and you are walking towards him. Kio puts his cell phone away again and then taps his left wrist several times with his right index finger. Tayo and Femi slow down and only keep walking at a snail's pace. “Haha, very funny!” Kio calls out to them. Suddenly a black van with screeching tires stops next to the two peppercorns. The side door is thrown open and two men rush out. You are masked! Before Tayo and Femi can react well, something is held in front of their faces and they are pulled into the car. The door slams and the car continues as if none of this had happened. Kio immediately turns around and runs to his bike, which he has parked nearby.

Kio jumps up and steps hard on the pedals to catch up with the delivery van, because it can barely be seen. But the harder Kio kicks, the faster he gets and so he can actually take up the chase. When the car turns, Kio is almost back to the vehicle. However, he cannot read the license plate because it is taped off. Therefore, he continues to give everything to stay with the van. Suddenly he hears a siren from behind. "Thank God! The police! ”He thinks to himself. Apparently someone else saw the kidnapping. As the siren gets louder behind him, Kio drives onto the sidewalk to let the emergency vehicle pass. Already it shoots past him with a blue light and Kio is horrified to find that it wasn't a police car at all, but an ambulance. Kio drives on quickly and looks around for the van, but it's gone. “Damn it!” He curses and begins to drive down the side streets, hoping to come across the fleeting vehicle. Unfortunately, the van cannot be found. After ten minutes, Kio gives up the search, turns around and takes the fastest route to the HQ. He has to go to Levin and Nele!

"Who am I fighting against at the weekend?", Kira asks her kickboxing trainer excitedly. “Always calm,” Kim warns. "I don't know yet, but I'll write to you as soon as I have the information." "Okay," says Kira, a little disappointed. She had hoped to find out now who her opponent is. “Is that the only reason you came here?” Asks Kim. "No, I wanted to get something out of my locker," answers Kira and goes into the changing room. She turns the correct combination into the combination lock of her locker so that it opens. Then she takes out the necklace Levin gave her a few months ago and hangs it around her neck. "See you tomorrow," she calls out to her trainer as she leaves the locker room and heads home. Kira didn't walk 300 meters when a hooded man jumps out from behind a tree and covers her mouth and nose with a cloth. Kira wants to fight back and strike, but within seconds her strength dwindles and she passes out.

Kio has arrived in the Speicherstadt. He rides his bike across St. Annenplatz, then dashes across the street and past the Fleetschlösschen. In front of the HQ he brakes so hard that his rear tire lifts off. Kio jumps off and runs up the stairs to the HQ. But there is nobody there. So he takes the elevator to the Grevemeyer's apartment. “Hello, someone at home?” He calls into the apartment, but no one answers. He takes a few more steps into the kitchen, but then turns and takes the elevator back up. When he's back in HQ, he looks around. Nobody is there, the PC is off, the glass flipchart is blank. What's going on here? Tayo and Femi are apparently deliberately kidnapped and Nele and Levin are not at home. At that moment, Kio hears footsteps. As a reflex he stands next to the door and lurks. Kio sees the shadow on the floor that is getting closer and closer. Judging by the silhouette on the head, it's a boy or maybe even a man. Kio holds his breath. The person steps through the door. It is a strange boy. Kio pounces on him! The boy is so surprised by the sudden attack that he immediately goes down. Kio is now on top of him. The intruder defends himself and catches Kio with an arm movement in the face. Kio falls off the boy, but doesn't let go of him, pulls him with him and so the two of them roll through the HQ.

Since Kio is stronger, he manages to push the boy under him again. “Let go of me!” He shouts, but Kio doesn't even think about it. “WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE ?!” he shouts in the boy's face instead. “I wanted to see Nele!” Replies the boy loudly. Kio thinks about it. Apparently he knows Nele, but where from? “Who are you?” He asks in a calmer tone. “Manuel,” replies the boy. Kio remembers weakly. He noticed that Nele has a new boyfriend and he says that his name is Manuel. “You're Kio, aren't you?” Manuel says now. Kio doesn't answer, but walks off the intruder. "And you are Nele's friend," he says then. Manuel nods. "Yes then sorry," says Kio and holds out his hand to Manuel. He takes it and pulls himself up on it. “Do you know where Nele is? We actually had an appointment. ”“ No, I just know that Tayo and Femi were kidnapped !!! ”says Kio excitedly. Manuel can't believe it at first, but then he has a good idea. "Call the others! I'm trying to locate Tayo and Femi! ”Kio immediately starts looking for the relevant contacts in the address book of his cell phone.Manuel, on the other hand, sits down at the PC and switches it on. “Nobody answers,” reports Kio while the computer starts up. “I feared that,” says Manuel. It is definitely not a coincidence. He is certain that the other peppercorns were also kidnapped.

“Can you locate her?” Asks Kio and sits down next to Manuel at the desk. Manuel navigates the mouse pointer to the location software that Levin once showed him and opens it. A satellite map of Hamburg appears. Five green dots flash on this, each with the name of a peppercorn. Unfortunately, the dots don't flash in one place, they jump wildly back and forth on the map. Kira is in the Speicherstadt, a second later in Eimsbüttel and again a second later in Altona. "Damn it! That was hacked! “, Manuel curses. He now opens the programming of the program on the other screen. As he skims the lines of code, something strikes him. “The location leads to a different device! That's why the kidnappers knew exactly where our friends were and were able to ambush them with ease. ”“ Can you trace that back? ”Asks Kio. "I try it. But that takes time, ”says Manuel. Kio is realistic: “It doesn't matter. We have no other clue. "

When Kira comes to, she finds herself in a room. Immediately she feels the metal that holds her arms behind her back and the thick rope that is tightly wrapped around her legs. "Kira! Thank God. You're finally awake! ”She hears a familiar voice say. Only now does she realize that she is not alone in this predicament. Levin, Nele, Tayo and Femi are also sitting about three meters apart on the stone floor. Kira tries to get up, but the handcuffs, which - like the others - are attached to the wall, hold her back. “Where are we?” She asks, a little afraid. “I have no idea,” replies Tayo honestly. Kira closes her eyes, leans her head against the concrete wall and takes a deep breath. Many questions flash through her head. Where are they? Why are you here? Who brought them here? And how do you get out of here? Suddenly Kira hears footsteps. She listens and tries to locate the sound. The steps get louder and louder and Kira notices that the noises are coming from above! So she looks up and sees two hooded men standing over her. Only now does she notice that the room in which she is chained does not have a proper ceiling. A steel grille extends over the room at a height of around three meters. A hinge suggests that part of the grille can be opened like a hatch. Since the room you are sitting in has no door at all, you must have come in from there. The men look down at their prisoners and then leave. “What do you want ?!” shouts Tayo afterwards. One of the two masked people stops. “The boss wants to tell you himself. And as long as you are our guests. ”Then he goes and leaves the five helpless peppercorns behind.

“Who is this boss?” Asks Femi anxiously. "I don't know, but I have a really bad feeling about it," replies Levin, although it's probably not so good to scare Femi any more. "We have to get rid of these shackles!" Says Kira determined. If they manage to loosen the handcuffs, they can climb up a robber's ladder. Fortunately, Nele already has an idea. "I have a clip in my hair!" Levin immediately senses his chance. With the bobby pin it would be easy to open the handcuffs. "Can you answer it?" He asks his sister. “Can you see that we're all tied up, you genius ?!” replies Nele. She can't even get up, so how is she supposed to grab her head? But Kira has an idea. "Get as close as possible to me," she says to Nele. "Maybe I can reach the clamp with my foot." Nele leans over to Kira as far as her bonds allow. Kira also stretches out and tries to touch Nele's head with the tip of her foot. She succeeds, but with her shoes she has no chance to loosen the clamp. So she breaks off the first attempt and takes off her shoes. However, it is not easy because of the rope that was tied tightly around her ankles. With fine, subtle movements, Kira pulls her left sneaker off her foot, millimeter by millimeter. After a full five minutes she made it and can now undress the right one. After another three minutes, Kira finally only has her socks on and can try again to get the clip in Nele's hair.

"A little closer!" Says Kira. Nele leans even further over to Kira, although the metal of the handcuffs is already cutting painfully into her skin. Kira manages to loosen the clamp with her left big toe. “Come on!” She encourages herself. The clip hangs only minimally in Nele's hairstyle. A quick movement should bring them down. "Are you ready?" Asks Kira. "Yes," replies Nele, keeping her head steady. Kira takes a swing and then snaps her left foot forward again. She meets Nele, but also the bracket! This flies out of the hair in a high arc and lands on the floor. Nele quickly leans back to relax her hands. There is already a bit of blood on her wrists. "Are you okay?" Asks Kira. "Yes. Everything is fine, ”replies Nele. Kira stretches to reach the bracket with her feet. But unfortunately it is a little too small for that. Even if Kira stretches her whole body so far that she almost dislocates her shoulders, she just can't reach the brace! "Can you answer it?" She asks the person sitting next to her. Nele also stretches as far as her bonds allow, but she too is too small. Tayo is clearly the tallest of them all, but he's in a hopeless position. "SHIT !!!!" Kira curses after trying again. She just can't get to that crappy clip!

Manuel is still sitting at the PC in the HQ and trying to find out who hacked the tracking system. "Got it!" He suddenly shouts. Kio comes to him immediately and looks over Manu's shoulder. Hundreds of lines of code can be seen on the monitor. “What do you have?” Asks Kio. He can't do anything with the text. “I was able to find out where the system was hacked from,” explains Manuel. “And from where?” Asks Kio. “From here!” Says Manu. Kio only understands train station. "How from here ?! That means, they were here ?! ”“ Yes, the system was hacked from this PC. But they have a backdoor installed and I was able to find out where the data is being targeted from. Let me just take a quick look where that is. ”Manu enters the coordinates on the online map, which luckily still works. Then he presses ENTER. “The signal comes from the old Dradenau sewage treatment plant.” “Well, let's get there!” Says Kio resolutely. The two of them leave the HQ, get on their bikes and drive off.
Half an hour later, the two arrive at the Neuhof ferry terminal. There they have to cross over to Waltershof. You cannot cross the famous Köhlbrand Bridge by bike. Fortunately, the ferry is just docking. The two buy a ticket and push their bikes on board. A few minutes later the ferry leaves and after five more minutes they arrive on the other side. Manuel and Kio push their bikes off the board again, but then immediately jump up and drive on. Now there is only a bike path ahead of them. The two really pedal and arrive 10 minutes later at the abandoned sewage treatment plant. “The signal came from here,” says Manuel as they carefully put their bicycles down in the bushes.

“Do you see the black Audi there?” Asks Manuel. Kio looks over at the area and sees the dark A3. "Do you think that belongs to the kidnappers?" Actually, nobody should be here, ”says Manuel. “And homeless people are guaranteed not to have a car, especially an Audi.” Kio nods in agreement. The car definitely doesn't belong here. But does it really belong to the kidnappers? "I'm going in!", Manuel decides. “I'll come with you!” Says Kio immediately. “No, we are not both allowed in. If you haven't heard from me in 10 minutes, you call the police, okay? ”Kio understands. Under no circumstances should they both be caught. “Be careful,” he says to Manuel. "I am", he promises and sneaks onto the site. Manuel carefully looks through the windows of the mysterious Audi. Nothing special can be found in the interior. A perfectly normal car. Manu sneaks past the car and towards the building. Not much can be seen through the glass blocks in the windows. But at least that's how he sees that the room behind the front door is empty. So he goes to the door, softly turns the handle and goes inside. The room looks desolate. You can tell at first glance that the sewage treatment plant has been abandoned. But Manuel hears noises. He carefully walks further into the building. He's following a long corridor. While there is only a wall on the right side, there are a few rooms on the left. Some have doors, some have broken doors and some no longer exist. The total demolished house. And the ideal hiding place for a gang of gangsters and their kidnapped victims. Nele and the others are here somewhere! Manuel feels that.

At the end of the corridor, Manuel comes to a stone spiral staircase. He descends the stairs in slow motion. The stairs lead into a room. It is completely empty, only a makeshift table has been set up in the middle. In front of this is a man and next to him is an opened laptop, on whose screen Manu recognizes the tracking program. So it is definitely correct. Suddenly he hears footsteps. He quickly takes cover behind a concrete pillar. A man comes out of a hallway on the left side of the room. He is wearing a black balaclava in his hand. “These kids are annoying. It's time for the boss to finally come, ”he says. “Have you just been to see them?” Asks the man at the desk. “Yes, I checked that it was all right. The boss said that you shouldn't underestimate them under any circumstances, ”explains the other man and then asks where the others are. “They're taking the car away,” replies the guy at the desk. Manuel thinks. The Audi is still there, so it's probably a different one. The van Kio saw, maybe? Clear! The tracks are blurring! Manuel is sure of that. So he tries to text Kio to call the police, but he has no reception down here. The two men seem to have the same problem, because the man in the mask says that he goes up to call the other times. "I'll come with you," says the guy at the desk and grabs a packet of cigarettes. Then the two of them climb the stairs.

Manuel waits until the men have reached the top and then runs to the corridor from which the one man came. He was just with 'the children'. So Nele and the others have to be here somewhere. Manuel walks down the aisle. Due to the rounded ceiling, it is high, but rather narrow and tight. In addition, it is quite dark, because only a few lightbulbs give off light every few meters. But here, too, it can be seen that the sewage treatment plant has not been used for a long time, because there are only a few pears that actually work. Manuel continues to follow the corridor. After a while he comes to a door on the right. Next to this is a ladder leaning against the wall. That does mean something! The ladder is there for a reason! Manuel carefully opens the door.


As soon as Manuel has opened the door a few centimeters, he hears familiar voices through the crack. He quickly pulls the door open and runs into the room. After a few steps he is standing on a metal grille. "Manu !!!", Nele shouts full of joy and relief. Manuel looks down and sees the five peppercorns. You are sitting on the floor with your legs stretched forward and tied with a rope. "I'll get you out of there!" Assures Manuel and folds up the hatch in the grille. Then he runs outside and fetches the ladder. This cannot be set up, but it can be hung in the grid so that he can climb down. "Hey," he says and gives Nele a quick hug. Then he takes a look at her handcuffs and her injuries caused by the metal cutting. "There's a bobby pin up there," shouts Kira. Manuel picks them up and tries to use them to open his girlfriend's handcuffs. He can do it! "Thank you!", Says Nele and immediately starts to free her feet from the rope. Meanwhile, Manuel also opens the handcuffs of the others.

"Come on! Get out of here now, ”says Levin, as he is the last peppercorn to get rid of his bonds. They quickly climb up the ladder. Nele wants to run down the passage to the left, but Manuel holds her back. “We'll run right into them!” He says. In the other direction Levin discovers a green sign that indicates an emergency exit. “It has to go out there too!” So ​​they continue down the corridor to the right. At the end you come up to a stone staircase, which again leads into a corridor. At the end of this corridor they discover a door. When you have almost reached it, it is pushed open. A boy stands in front of them. “Nils!” Calls Nele. "How did you find us? Where does it go? ”The boy doesn't answer, but reaches behind his back and pulls out a radio. “The prisoners are fleeing!” He calls into it. Nele is shocked. Levin, Tayo and Kira try to push Nils aside, but before they can get past him, they are already surrounded on two sides. "Come on! Back! ”Shouts a man with a gun. Without resistance, the six friends let themselves be brought back into the room with the bars. They have to go down the ladder and sit back in their places. The hands are again handcuffed to the wall. This time the men save the ropes around their outstretched legs. Manuel has to sit down next to Nele. He, too, is handcuffed behind his back, which is connected to the bracket on which Neles is also hanging. The men climb up the ladder again, take it away and close the gate again.

Only then does one of the men pick up his radio. “The outliers are secured. The boss can come, ”he says. "Okay, I understand", comes back through the radio. Only a few moments later, a man in a suit enters the room and stands on the grating, so that the peppercorns and Manuel have to look up at him. "What do you want ?!", Kira shouts, because one of the men said yes that the boss would tell them. And this man in the suit is undoubtedly the boss. “Yes, of course you are wondering why you are here”, the boss now says and immediately answers the question himself: “Because you interfered in matters that are none of your business! And not just once! ”“ Who are you? ”Asks Levin. He wants to know who he's dealing with. "My name is Reschke and my main job is a lawyer," replies the boss.

Levin's head begins to rattle. Reschke? Lawyer? The only lawyer he knows is this criminal. But his name was Löffler ?! "You made life difficult for some of my clients," says Reschke. “There are some people who want revenge on you. And since you recently put my business partner behind bars as well, I thought to myself, I'll take revenge on behalf of all of my clients who've ripped off your shit! With this in mind: Greetings from Mr. Gerber, Ms. Ohlsheimer, Tina Jung and Mr. Capu. And of course, best regards from my esteemed colleague, Doctor Löffler. "
"Please let us go!" Pleads Nele. “It's good for you if you have more clients.” “BUT NOT IF THE EVIDENCE IS SO UNIQUE FOR YOU !!!”, Reschke snaps. Nele immediately falls silent. Reschke continues talking at a normal volume. “And that's exactly why I decided to drown the problem. Your brother has already had experience there, hasn't he? ”Nele looks over at Levin. What does Reschke mean by experience? It suddenly becomes clear to her. The White shark!! The drug deal in which Levin was thrown into the harbor basin! She looks up at him in horror. Reschke reaches for his radio and sends the decisive radio message: "Water march!"

Suddenly you can hear pumps starting up and water flowing.Nele discovers a pipe on the wall with a part missing. From there the water shoots into the room in which there is no drain. “HELP!” Shouts Femi hysterically. Old traumas break out with him. "MAKE US GO!" Shouts Kira, but Reschke and his people are long gone. The water continues to penetrate the room through the pipe on the wall and the level rises and rises. Femi, who is almost under the pipe, has to lift his feet so that they don't get wet. But the water rises tirelessly and soon the peppercorns are no longer on dry land. “Don't worry,” says Manuel. “Kio is outside. If I don't answer, he'll call the police. Maybe she's already on the way. ”“ Then they should hurry up, ”says Levin, because the water has already swallowed his legs. After just three minutes, the water level is 50 centimeters and the water is still splashing out of the pipe. "If Kio is really out there, where are the police ?!" Kira grumbles. The water has passed her navel and is now slowly but surely climbing up her chest. In five minutes she will be safely up to her shoulders in the water! “If only we'd still have that stupid hair clip!” Tayo complains. Then they could loosen their handcuffs and at least stand up. If they were standing, the water would only be at knee level, but Femi is literally up to her neck.

Kio sits outside in the bushes and sees several men come out of the building and get into three Audis. Damn it! Where's the police ?! He made the emergency call five minutes ago. The engine of the first Audi starts. Kio looks around. Still no police in sight, but there is no way the guys are allowed to escape. He has to buy time! But how? Kio has a brainstorm. He runs over to the gatehouse at the entrance. There is a dusty control panel with several buttons. One of them has to control the barrier! Kio blows hard once so that the dust swirls around in the air. He can now read the word "Open" on one of the buttons and underneath there is another button with the inscription "Close". Kio quickly presses it and looks hopefully outside through the cracked window. The barrier actually closes. In the distance he can now hear police sirens. Well finally!!!

Two black vans, two civilian vehicles and three patrol cars stop in front of the barrier. The sliding doors of the vans open and several SEK officers in full gear jump out. Immediately they run towards the Audis. Kio comes running out of the porter's house. A plainclothes policeman picks him up. “Did you call?” He asks. “YES!” Replies Kio angrily. "FAST! MY FRIENDS ARE IN THERE! ”Then he runs to the entrance of the building. The civilian policeman, who is presumably from the Kripo, and his colleagues come after. As soon as Kio enters the building, he can already hear the voices of his friends. He follows the calls for help and runs down the aisle. Then down the spiral staircase, past the makeshift table and into the next corridor. He hears the voices of his friends more and more clearly, but also the rushing water. Suddenly a door is open on the right. Immediately Kio runs into the room and sees the peppercorns and Manu, who are up to their necks in water. "Get us out of here!" Kira shouts when she spots Kio and the police officers. “I'm trying to turn off the water,” reports one, another folds the grille up and then another jumps down. He swims first to Femi, whose tip of the nose is barely looking out of the water. The policeman grabs him under the arms and tries to pick him up, but the handcuffs hold against it. So the officer grabs the key for his service handcuffs and uses it to open Femis, whose head is now completely under water. Only when he can thread his hands out of the metal can he appear and gasp for air. In the meantime, two more police officers have jumped into the water and have started to free the others. Manuel and Nele are the last to have their handcuffs removed, and at that very moment the water stops. Everyone breathes a sigh of relief. Kio, who was told by the police not to jump into the water, hangs up the ladder so that everyone can climb out.

"Thank you," gasps Nele as she climbs up the ladder, which, due to the water, almost reminds one of a pool exit in an outdoor pool, and drops to the floor, exhausted. She breathes quickly and hastily. "Come on, you have to get some fresh air," says Manuel and helps her up. Nele puts an arm around him and then they go outside. There are now three ambulances waiting there. Manuel, Tayo and Levin are wrapped in aluminum blankets while Femi and the girls are treated. “If we hadn't had you,” says Levin. “Thanks!” “Oh no,” Kio replies. "You can rely on the B-Team," adds Manuel with a laugh. “We are really lucky to have such good friends!” Says Tayo and he is absolutely right about that. Nele, Kira and Femi join them. The wrists of the two girls are connected. “From the handcuffs?” Asks Manu. Nele nods. "It's your turn," says Kira, whereupon Tayo, Manu and Levin go to the paramedics to have them checked out.

3 hours later, the Pfefferkörner and their B-Team are sitting in the police headquarters. You tell the two police officers exactly what happened. “And how did the kidnappers know where you are? Did you notice that you were being followed? ”Asks Commissioner Riets. Before a peppercorn can answer, Manuel takes the floor and tells about the hacked tracking system. "That means you were broken into overnight and the location hacked?" Asks Inspector Ritter. At that moment, Nele realizes something. It was no accident that Nils knocked her to the ground. That's how he got into HQ! And when she got him a glass of water, he hacked the tracking program! Damn it! She shouldn't have trusted him! “It wasn't broken into,” she says. "I let the perpetrator in myself." Then she tells the inspectors about Nils. The peppercorns then also learn from the officials that Nils' real name is Konstantin and that he is Reschke's son. After half an hour of questioning, everything is clear and the Pfefferkörner and their B-Team can leave. Commissioner Riets accompanies them out. On the way they meet Mr. Reschke, who is being handcuffed for questioning. The peppercorns see the hatred in his eyes. “Don't worry,” says Ms. Riets. “He won't hurt you anymore. He is sentenced to several years in prison in six cases for kidnapping and attempted murder. You will definitely not see him again for the next few decades. ”“ I can't hope so, ”replies Kira. “And just in case, we have our B-Team,” adds Levin. The Pfefferkörner and the aforementioned B-Team say goodbye to Ms. Riets and make their way home. Today the peppercorns have once again become aware that they have great friends that they can always rely on. Even if they are just the B-Team ...