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This text is from 09/01/2005 and its content could be out of date.

Trainees organize the best party with their own organizational team

“The celebration of the best”: Every year it takes place on the last day of school before the summer holidays at the IHK Trier. The award is given to graduates who have passed their vocational final exams with the grade “very good” or as the best in their profession. In the year of the 150th anniversary of the IHK Trier, the celebration under the motto “Tradition meets future” should be something special. “Preserving the tried and tested and at the same time cutting off obsolete plaits, breaking new ground and creating a celebration that hits the nerve of young people” were the considerations that the IHK associated with the chosen motto. So what could be more obvious than integrating the “future” and placing the “Project Celebration of the Best 2005” in the hands of young trainees from IHK-affiliated training companies and the IHK itself?
Sparkasse Trier and RWE Rhein-Ruhr AG Trier were immediately ready to start this experiment together with the IHK. The trainees were found just as quickly: With Petra Boesen, Simone Jost, Boris Kaprov (Sparkasse Trier), Jürgen Biermann, Stefanie Kemmer, Mona Loch (RWE Rhein-Ruhr AG), Kathryn Kugel (IHK Trier) and Sabine Schlömer (young talent, IHK Trier), eight young people have impressively demonstrated that, despite all prophecies of doom, there are still young people today who are ready to take on additional tasks and to stand up for the common good.
The task was not easy for them: the trainees had to dare the balancing act of cutting off old braids in the conception of the event, while at the same time giving the celebration a worthy setting that was appropriate for the occasion. From an economic point of view, the aim was to achieve the greatest possible output with the means available. At first, the collaboration turned out to be more difficult than originally assumed. "Bringing eight apprentices from three different companies with three different corporate cultures under one roof was not that easy," said Boris Kaprov, spokesman for the organization team. In the end, however, the task was mastered excellently. The result: the best celebration of the best ever at the IHK Trier.

The guests took their seats in the interior of the IHK conference center full of expectation. The jazz ensemble of the Friedrich-Wilhelm-Gymnasium played to the “final countdown” to the point at 5:30 p.m. At the same time, the hall door opened and the best graduates of the 2004/2005 vocational final exams marched in.
The test subjects were welcomed by IHK Vice President Horst Schreiber, who initially transported the guests back to a graduation ceremony in 1905 to illustrate the anniversary character of the event. So Malu Dreyer became "Your Excellency, the Royal Minister of State for Labor, Social Affairs, Family and Health", the founding of the "Chamber of Commerce of Trier" by the highest decree of King Friedrich Wilhelm IV. Was only 50 years ago, and the "commercial training courses “Was still a thorn in the side of many teachers. The IHK vice-president assured the young graduates that he had made a good choice with an apprenticeship in the dual system. Over a period of 100 years, dual training had to overcome many crises, but in the last two decades in particular it had proven that, unlike other systems, it was able to react to challenges in a short time and to come up with future-oriented solutions Find. He congratulated the 118 best on their outstanding results and encouraged them to use the knowledge they had acquired and to secure a responsible place for themselves in society, because, as the IHK vice-president literally said: "You are the future that we so urgently need" .
Malu Dreyer affirmed this line of thought: "In a working and economic world in which things are constantly changing at a rapid pace, we cannot afford to do without lifelong learning," said the minister and appealed to young people to continue to educate oneself.
As a personal gift to the graduates, the organization team had rehearsed a sketch with which - with the help of Stefan Bockelmann, known from the RTL early evening series "Unter uns" - the success of the good and the failure of the bad trainees in an amusing way took the shovel.
Then the time had come: the graduates could finally receive their “winner” certificates and presents. In addition to a book voucher, there was a bronze bell for everyone, which was made in the Eifeler bell foundry in Brockscheid, a company with a long tradition, and with which the young people should "ring in the future". Last but not least, they were allowed to immortalize themselves with their handprint on a "Wall of Fame", which was ceremoniously presented to the IHK Vice President and which has now found a place of honor in the foyer of the IHK building.

In addition to honoring the best graduates, a check for € 3,000 was presented to Andreas Stamm, Head of Addiction Counseling Trier e. V. “Die Tür”, another highlight of the 2005 Best Celebration. Awarding the best was not enough for the organization team. Rather, they wanted to use the celebration to draw attention to all those who have not yet succeeded in entering professional life due to their life situation, medical or psychological problems. In the run-up to the celebration, they had already called for a fundraising campaign in the Trierisches Volksfreund, which was supplemented by a raffle as part of the event. The prizes that could be won were donated by well-known companies from the region.
“We chose“ Die Tür ”because addiction and addiction counseling are still topics that meet with prejudice and lack of understanding in large parts of society,” explained the team. Another selection criterion was that the Trier e. V. not only find help for alcohol and drug addicts, but also for people who suffer from so-called everyday addictions such as eating disorders, mobile phone addiction, internet addiction and shopping addiction.
When asked by Arne Rössel, Managing Director of the IHK Trier, about their final evaluation of the training project "Best Celebration 2005", the trainees said that, in addition to organizing such a large event and realizing their own ideas, despite tight financial resources, they were prepared to compromise a lot and assertiveness, team building and communication. Together with the IHK managing director, they made the decision to put everything to the test again next year and to offer a completely different event. To put it in the words of Boris Kaprov; "Then the remaining braids are cut off"!
Alexandra Losiev

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