Is city life worth living

Team City: 9 reasons why city life is best

Status: 07/21/2020 9:57 a.m. | Author: Mirco Seekamp

If you want, you can live anonymously and have endless opportunities to spend your free time on the weekend - public transport will take you everywhere! But there are more reasons why city life is just cool.

You are largely spared from mosquitoes and spiders and the bakery and supermarket can be reached in a few minutes on foot? Welcome to the city! No wonder that small and medium-sized towns in particular are trendy with Germans: There are numerous things that city dwellers appreciate because they make life more livable - for example these.

1. You can hide

Far too impersonal for country lovers, but ideal for many city dwellers: Those who live in the city are rarely under constant surveillance. Some don't even know their neighbors. This not only saves city dwellers unloved small talk, but also gossip about their own new hairstyle - after all, there are enough birds of paradise in the city that attract even more attention!

2. You have the perfect mix of action AND nature

Big city people have no plan for nature - and also no way of enjoying it? That's not true! With the Eilenriede, for example, Hanover offers the largest urban forest in Europe. At 640 acres, it is even larger than Central Park in New York City. The metropolis of Hamburg is also one of the greenest cities in the world - an average of 114 square meters of green space is available per inhabitant. Taking a detour to the park after a long day of shopping is no problem in most cities.

3. You can have endless social contacts

... and choose exactly who you want to give your time to. Whether work colleagues, people from the gym, the complete stranger from the club or the acquaintance from the dating app: city dwellers have a huge choice when it comes to hanging out. Incidentally, a study shows that city dwellers enjoy more social closeness and see their friends more often than rural people. It is not clear whether this is because there are simply more potential friends to choose from in the city.

4. You always come home somehow after a party

If you live in the country and don't want to walk seven kilometers home in the dark drunk, you either have to find a driver or pay an expensive taxi to get home in the middle of the night. Such problems are much less likely in the city: night bus, subway, shared taxi - the options are many and varied.

5. You don't know boredom

Well, what do you feel like doing today - sipping cocktails in a relaxed manner, trying out a new fancy burger shop or "corning" a round in front of the kiosk? The choice is yours.

6. Need a new job or further training? No problem!

When it comes to work and education, city dwellers are, of course, more spoiled than country folk. By the way, you don't necessarily have to live in a big city to study: There are 63 technical colleges and universities in Northern Germany, for example in cities like Clausthal-Zellerfeld, Vechta, Elmshorn and Stralsund.

7. You know a lot about different cultures - and you are constantly learning

Living in the city means coming into contact with many different cultures and ways of life. That not only educates, but is also a blessing for the palate: today, go out to eat Greek, Indian, Lebanese or would you prefer a Mexican?

8. You will become masters of planning!

The day in the big city is well structured in order to find your way through the jungle of events and navigate the urban transport networks with virtuosity. If something comes up - you forget milk or don't feel like cooking - the distance to the supermarket or the restaurant next door is not far.

9. (Almost) always reception and fast internet!

You only know dead spots from visiting the basement or from driving in the elevator? You only have Edge in the subway or in the tunnel? Welcome to the city! Free WiFi is waiting for you on every corner. And once 5G is launched ...!

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