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Idiom: be a thorn in someone's side

The phrase "being a thorn in someone's side" does not mean anything good. If someone is angry and mad at another, he is a thorn in their side. Find out here where this sentence comes from

Jakob and his father are currently taking a nice Sunday walk. When they pass the sports field, they can hear loud screaming from afar. Three boys are fighting violently. "What's going on there?" Asks Jacob's father. You take a few steps closer to see what's going on. "Oh, these are the chaos from my parallel class," says Jakob, annoyed, to his father. "Aha. Tell me, isn't that one Leon who teased you once in the schoolyard?" "Yes, exactly, that's him.", Jakob replies in a low voice and lowers his head in shame. His father seems to be angry: "This Leon has always been a thorn in my side!" Jacob is confused: "Dad, what does that mean with the thorn in the side?"

This idiom refers to someone being a nuisance to another and pissing them off. The saying comes originally from the Bible. In the Old Testament of the Bible (Numbers, chapter 33, verse 55), God told Moses and his people that they should go out of Egypt and go to Canaan. He orders them to evict the residents there. If they do not do this, he threatens them: "If you do not drive out the inhabitants before your face, those you leave behind will become thorns in your eyes (...)". This roughly means that Moses and his people should not get involved with the inhabitants of Canaan. If you don't drive them all away, the rest will cause them trouble - like thorns in their eyes.

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