What is the most powerful wolf


Carcharoth was the largest and most powerful wolf that ever lived in Arda. Even his progenitor Draugluin pale against him.

Carcharoth was bred by Melkor in the Angband pits, specifically for the purpose of destroying Huan, as the Big Dog had caused much trouble for Melkor in defeating Draugluin.

Anticipating that Huan would come to Angband at some point, Melkor made the wolf the guardian of the main gate of the fortress. But Morgoth hadn't expected LĂșthien to accompany Huan and Beren. This put Carcharoth into a deep sleep with a spell. She raised her hand and ordered him to sleep and said: "O you wretched spirit, now sink into the darkness of sleep and forget for a time the terrible punishment of life." And Carcharoth sank down as if struck by lightning. Now the group could enter Angband unhindered.

When they escaped from Angband, however, the wolf had awakened and attacked them. Carcharoth swallowed Beren's hand together with the Silmaril, but the heat that emanated from the stone was too great even for a beast like him, but the power was not enough to destroy it. Immediately his bowels were filled with fiery pain and the Silmaril seared his cursed flesh. Rabid he fled Angband and sped through Doriath and Dorthonion. He even broke Melian's belt. His cries of pain echoed off the walls of the valley. And his anger was so terrible that all the creatures of Morgoth who lived in the valley or were on the way there ran away, for he killed all living things that met him; and from the north it broke down upon the world with devastation. Of all the horrors that ever came to Beleriand before Angband fell, the mad Carcharoth was the worst, because the strength of the Silmaril burned within him. His Sindarin name also came from that time Red throat.

Soon afterwards it was decided that this land-devastating beast had to be defeated, and so Beren, Huan and many Eldar set out and the so-called Wolf hunt started. Huan, who was more than a match for the wolf, was finally able to defeat it (466 E.Z.J.S.). During the fight, however, Carcharoth killed Beren and bit the dog, which soon afterwards perished from the injury. This fulfilled the prophecy that Huan could only fall with a bite from the largest wolf that ever lived on Arda.

The Silmaril was recovered from the wolf's belly.


Carcharoth is Sindarin and means Red throat. Other names: Anfauglir For Mouth of thirst and Wolf of Angband