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Guitar amplifier

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    I think a 12Ax would be sufficient as a phase rotator for the output stage. In my opinion, this output stage is for devices that have a very low output voltage that must be amplified by the first 12ax7. Please correct if it should be wrong.


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    the power amplifier is designed and optimized for a stereo music system. With this she contradicts the concept of the application as a guitar amplifier output stage. Sure you can do that, but power amp drag is difficult to get out of there; D

    If you want to build a preamp for this, you should also hang a real guitar power amplifier behind the preamp. Would you do after the first hearing results anyway: D


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    I can only agree with Grandpa. A power amplifier designed for HiFi is not for instrumental purposes. Better take one from Marshall, Mesa Boogie and Co ...
    At the PI stage since Rock Grandpa gave me the idea to plug in another tube, I know that it makes a huge difference to the sound. The ECC82 is often used in HiFi, personally I would still use the ECC83. I have a small power amplifier with EL84 and have tested all pre-tubes here ECC81,82,83 and the 83 simply sounded the most beautiful. : :)

    But to get back to the topic. With a HiFi power amplifier you will be rather disappointed, although the basic concept hardly differs, but the little subtleties also make a difference ...

    Kind regards
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    Thanks for the answers,
    I already thought something like that, of course I will now choose a different power amplifier.
    The idea was as follows: since I never distort the output stage anyway (much too loud) and the amp shown has a very linear characteristic curve (and I really don't want to use a transistor output stage as a matter of principle), the main focus should be on the preamp, in which the actual signal is generated. Now I don't know what kind of differences there are in the sound when you operate a 19 "preamp on a guitar power amplifier or on a hi-fi power amplifier.
    Doesn't Marshall use power amplifiers that are very similar to the ones in my link from ELV?

    roaring greetings