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Sprout Social: Platform for your efficient social media management

Sprout Social is an online application that lets you manage all conversations with your company or your communications agency can. The tool is very similar to Hootsuite in that it ensures a good presence on social networks and helps improve the reputation of the company brand. By using all digital levers, the solution offers companies the opportunity to have a real Web marketing strategy to implement.

Everything you need to know about Sprout Social.

Sprout Social is software that various social media channels such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter account centralized. Sprout enables you to manage your communication campaigns through the web application or the mobile app. So it is for him Community manager easy to post messages (e.g. in the form of text, image, video) on social networks by targeting specific user profiles or a geographic area (country, city). It is possible to have one Chatbot to create and use in social networks, which strengthens customer loyalty.

Sprout Social is a very powerful social listening tool: From a community management perspective, Sprout Social offers the possibility of Real time respond to messages pertaining to your business, resulting in a Optimizing Relationships to their Customers and Communities leads. The tool provides access to Dashboardsthat allow monitoring of all of your social media accounts, making it easy to create and plan relevant and interesting content. The social media manager can then be one of the most important levers in the communication strategy Campaign programmingto use for his customer communication. The articles published in this way will spread at a certain point in time (with a high audience) and thus create virality. The various functions of this social media management tool offer companies an important advantage in improving their e-reputation.

Messages posted through Sprout Social may be subject to an approval workflow. Sprout is also interoperable with some internally used tools: Uservoice, Bitly, Google Analytics, Feedly and Zendesk.

What are the strengths of Social Sprout?

Sprout Social is with powerfulAnalysis tools with which you can analyze your conversations in detail:

  • Realize the number of messages posted around the brand.
  • Identify the number of impressions of your posts as well as the interactions of users with your content.
  • Rate internet user engagement depending on the social network and better visualize the audience.
  • Identify the best content published by your company through a tracking URL.
  • Measure what the best times are to post a post.
  • Etc.

You can also easily do this Reports over the period of your choice. Social Sprout is a practical solution for social network marketing, fan and follower communication and customer loyalty. Sprout Social is a Swiss Army Knife with features that improve a company's digital communication while developing natural referencing and visibility.

All-in-one inbox

The Smart inbox from Sprout Social is one of the special features of the platform.

It links messages from all social networks of a company in one clear feed.

This can also be broken down into different feeds based on each company's priorities. For example, some users may be busy processing incoming messages from Twitter while others focus on Instagram.

The function Collision Detection shows whether a teammate is responding to a specific message, so that there is no duplication of work. You can also view reports on message response times by user or social network to help businesses meet their customer service goals.

Smart Inbox can be integrated with Zendesk and HubSpot Service Hub (Professional and Advanced packages only).

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