Could Snape defeat Bellatrix in a duel

The duels in the great hall

Short story fantasy, friendship / P12 / Gen
Arthur WeasleyBellatrix LestrangeGinevra Molly "Ginny" WeasleyHermione GrangerLord Voldemort / Tom Vorlost RiddleMinerva McGonagall
The duels in the great hall

The battle began again.

The battle raged in the Great Hall, where the Hogwartsians fought the Death Eaters and their allies. Here the killing curse was sent not only by the Death Eaters, but also by those who had a pure soul and were actually unable to do so. They let their anger, their frustration, their anger and their sadness run free, so that the green lightning bolts, but with small peculiarities, just flew.

You could tell who had conjured which killing curse, every spell that was sent by someone with a good soul was interspersed with gold. On the opposite side, however, the curses were soaked in black, coal-black particles.

Professors McGonagall and Slughorn and the Auror Kingsley Shacklebolt dueled Lord Voldemort. The reason for this duel beginning was next to the normal situation that everyone wanted to defeat him, that the Dark Lord had murdered a little boy who was looking for his mother right in front of their eyes.

But his right hand did not go unnoticed either. Here Hermione and Luna, who both still had a score to settle, and Ginny, who helped them out of abysmal hatred, dueled with the murderer of Dobby, with Bellatrix Lestrange.

These two duels released such a level of magical power and energy that everyone who was still alive instantly turned and followed the duels as if spellbound. Most of the crowd turned their attention to the teacher duel. Here, not as expected, the dangerousness of Voldemort became apparent, but that of an angry Minerva McGonagall:

She took out her entire repertoire of curses, metamorphoses, and spells on Voldemort. She bewitched and transformed everything that got in her way and incited it on her enemy. Voldemort was completely surprised because, after a short, silent eye-contact conversation with her fellow duelers, so that they could distract him, she had brought to life the stone gargoyles of the destroyed roof, the benches in the hall and all the other pieces of furniture in her vicinity. turned them into creatures that pounced on their enemy, who could only repel this attack with great effort. However, one of the gargoyles caught him on the shin, so that he could not dodge as quickly as before.

But Minerva McGonagall also had a personal reason to kill Lord Voldemort. She wanted to avenge Albus Dumbledore, her best and oldest friend and the greatest wizard of all time, whose death he had ordered. That thought in her head gave her the strength to persevere.
And then something scarlet came flying down and circling over her, singing in its most wonderful way. For a moment everything seemed to stand still for her, the fight, the noise, everything. Because she recognized Fawkes, the phoenix Dumbledore. When Fawkes saw her look, he was singing louder and more beautiful than ever. And suddenly she began to cry because she remembered a promise from her best friend.

"Dearest Minerva, remember that everyone who asks for help at Hogwarts and deserves it is guaranteed to get it," he had told her over and over again.

In her belief that she was doing the right thing, supported by the song of the phoenix, she went on, doing everything possible to give Voldemort the decisive blow. Her otherwise friendly stern looking eyes were full of tears but at the same time, like her face, were contorted with pure hatred. She cursed, hexed and conjured whatever was there and was filled with grim pride but also filled with sadness because her Albus was no longer there.

During all this wizardry, Kingsley and Slughorn could hardly do anything except evade, cast wards and defensive curses, since even at that moment they were terrified of an angry and sad Minerva McGonagall.

Even Horace Slughorn, who had known McGonagall for a long time, was surprised by her abilities and the fact that mourning can move mountains. This is what he thought as he wriggled around Voldemort, cursing him and protecting himself and Minerva.
Kingsley would hardly have suspected anything like that behind this figure, and was just as surprised at what his fellow orderly was capable of.
At the same time, the battle raged over the four women who were dueling right next to them. Here, too, the young fighters were inspired by their feelings.

Hermione looks hateful at Bellatrix, who returns her gaze slightly mockingly. She had to endure exactly this look back then at Malfoy Manor and now she had to pull herself together so that she didn't vomit. She wanted to return the favor for the torture that still bears the scars on her neck. Oh how she hated them! And how happy she was to get back at this venomous snake.

For the very first time, Luna did not look dreamily around, but stared with an iron gaze at this woman who, like her friend Hermione, has tortured and beaten up. But above all, with this person, no, with this creature, she still had another account to deal with. Because Luna Lovegood had decided to avenge Dobby's death and to bring those responsible to account. She had liked this elf so much and now she finally had the opportunity to give him the opportunity to rest in peace.

Ginny couldn't be stopped either. Not only did she hate Bellatrix Lestrange like the plague, no, she wanted to destroy this woman. Because she had Tonks on her conscience. She had just wanted to stand by her friend after Remus had been killed and wanted to help catch his killer. But no sooner did she turn around than she saw a green flash of light, which was almost completely streaked with black, that hit Tonks in the back and as Bellatrix Lestrange ran cheerfully towards the castle and her lifeless friend sank into her arms and her one last Tear ran down my cheek. Barely controlling herself and trembling with grief, Ginny picked her up and placed her next to Remus and put both hands together so that they would be reunited. From that moment on, Ginny swore vengeance, vengeance on Voldemort's closest followers.
All of her anger, thirst for revenge, and rage spoiled their otherwise beautiful faces.

The three girls fought by all possible means and snaked around their opponent, but she was their equal.
They tried to take down all of Bellatrix, each in their own way.

Hermione tried to bring her down with ancient, unknown and self-developed curses from the time of her escape and the combination of old dueling spells. Luna, on the other hand, cursed her with ancient spells from Egypt and France, which Bill and Fleur Weasley taught her during their stay at Shell Cottage and showed Ginny what you can learn from being the only girl in the family and growing up with boys .

One saw a great many curses buzzing through the air, many shimmering gold, but unfortunately also many that contained a lot of black. And shortly after Ginny shot a strategically perfectly placed batwight curse, a black curse came in response and missed Ginny by just a few inches, Bellatrix Lestrange had caught a big problem.

When Molly Weasley saw that her only daughter nearly died, she blew up.

She stormed ahead, took care of everyone who got in her way, threw her cloak aside as she ran, pushed the three girls aside and yelled in a voice that was dripping with hatred: “Not my daughter, you bitch! You will regret that !! ". With an angry red face she turned to Bellatrix and pushed Ginny further and further in the direction of her husband who was slowly approaching her. After Ginny was safe, Hermione and Luna came back to help Molly, but she yelled, "No, no! Back! This bitch is mine! ".

As Bellatrix her new opponent, she laughed and how she laughed. But that ended very quickly, because a gold-soaked curse hissed past her just as close as it did with Ginny. The laughter turned vicious teeth and she promptly responded with a few death curses, which Molly cleverly avoided.

Arthur Weasley, Molly's husband, saw this and was excited and certain of her victory, because his wife had been the best of her year in Defense Against the Dark Arts and Charms and would have got a great graduation if Bill hadn't already been away.

And on the basis of this basis, the otherwise caring, friendly Molly clearly showed what magic is in her and that she can also use it. The ground around the two witches got hot and cracked and even cracked in some places. It was a life and death struggle.
"What will become of your children when I kill you?" Said Bellatrix with glee. Now Molly broke the collar for good and she spat out every word and underlined each one with one of the most damaging curses that came to mind:


and at the last word a poison-green ray of magic, surrounded by a beautiful slender gold cage, emerged from her wand. This ray of magic was so powerful that it knocked over everyone within ten feet and knocked them out of action, Molly had built up so much anger. Her opponent was not aware of the meaning of this curse and laughed at Molly, haughty as a Black she was. She was about to strike back, but then the unforgivable killing curse Avada Kedavra hit her with the force of a wrecking ball right over her heart.

She and her wand flew through the air. Ginny caught the wand and she realized that it was Tonk's wand, as it was shaped like an arrow at the end. After realizing this, she yelled at the Bellatrix such an insult that even her mother agreed. Bellatrix Lestrange, on the other hand, hit the floor with a thump.
Meanwhile, on the other side of the hall, Slughorn, Kingsley and Minerva were about to strike together, had the formulas, Sectumsempra (Minerva had received this spell from Snape as an aid to this fight as a note in the staff room), Crucio (Slughorn did not want to kill, Voldemort but bleed for his actions) and a self-made curse that Kingsley had brought from Ireland, already raised on his lips and wand and pointed at Voldemort, but then suddenly they were tossed across the hall as Voldemort's anger at the fall of his best faithful exploded with the force of a 4t bomb. As the three of them flew through the air, Professor McGonagall was glad that her former student Molly had always paid such close attention.

Lord Voldemort trembled with anger and pointed the elder wand at Molly Weasley. But then, all of a sudden, a voice shouted “Protego!” And a shimmering golden protective shield spread out between the two of them. While Voldemort was still looking confused, Molly Weasley fled to the shelter of the crowd. After she was safe and out of sight, Harry appeared out of nowhere.

The "Harry! He's alive! ”- The calls faded away quickly and there was immediate silence and the two mortal enemies began like predators attacking in a circle and never let their eyes go.
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