How do I get traffic from StumbleUpon

If I have a page that is getting a lot of StumbleUpon traffic, will that traffic drop when I move it?

Suppose I have a site that is getting a lot of traffic through StumbleUpon. It's an old page and I might want to move it to another site to reorganize my old site. I intend to keep the content identical except for a narrow header or footer.

If I add a redirect, will my page be penalized by StumbleUpon or other social bookmarking sites? Am I losing the existing traffic?


I don't know much about StumbleUpon, but I do know that Google only gives you a little thing for 301 redirects. So by taking this step, you shouldn't have a problem getting a 301 redirect for a page that has StumbleUpon associated with it. Google will keep crawling it and only see that it is now a 301.

The only worry I would have would be if StumbleUpon removed links that are 301 redirects. I couldn't find anything on StumbleUpon that would make me believe they do.

Based on this question on the StumbleUpon support website, it seems to me that an SU employee has a small disadvantage regarding one aspect of SU:

Unfortunately, we cannot redirect existing reviews to new URLs or change the listing details for existing reviews.

You may want to make sure that you have a redirect on each of your "old" pages that have been reviewed so that all visitors following that route can see your new content.

So if you change the url it will disconnect the existing reviews and trip data off the page. Now users can still get there (assuming the redirects are running properly on the server) but there is one downside.

But based on what I see from some websites that implement redirects, should there is no downside to changing the url. Even so, I think I plan on not playing with it for existing high traffic sites.

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