What's your most disgusting kissing experience

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One the most disgusting People I've met.
He sells the best soup and is the most disgusting Man.
This man sells the greatest soup you've ever he is the meanest man in America.
You really are one the most disgusting People i have ever met.
The saliva that flew out of your sloppy mouth was there the most disgusting, most shameful filth that has ever come to my ears.
The spittle you let fly from your wretched mouth was the most disgusting, humiliating sewage my ears have ever heard.
He means well, but he is the most disgusting Man i ever met.
The most repulsive and most disgustingthat are there.
The Most disgustingwhat I've ever seen.
This is that most disgusting Kind of lie.
You are the one most disgusting Man i have ever seen.
You are probably the largest human being I've ever seen.
This is not that Most disgustingwhat's happening on this beach right now.
This is not the biggest thing that's happening at this beach right now.
Many people in my constituency have contacted us - and millions have been involved - to say that this was the most disgusting and the most gruesome murders of the loveliest animals.
Many people in my constituency contacted us - and millions have got involved in this - to say that this was the most disgusting and cruelly-deployed killing of lovely creatures.
Knowing how the book was made is that most disgusting Experience that can only be imagined.
Knowing how the book was made, the experience is as nauseating as you would imagine.
No, crime fiction is, even in theirs most disgusting and the flattest products and, where necessary, highly conveyed, a reflection of this dreadful century.
No, crime fiction, even in its nastiest other most banal forms, and, when necessary, highly mediated, is a reflection of this ghastly century.
It is already called that most disgusting and the sickest book ever written.
It is being called the most disgusting, foul and sickening book ever written, and it is also being called literary genius.
Read all the enthusiastic answers and understood that I don't ski. Had a rest in Evpatoria in August 2002. Sensations most disgusting.
Has read all enthusiastic responses and has understood that at me skis do not go. Had a rest in Evpatoria in August, 2002. Sensations the most disgusting.
For the first one and a half hours, the probably worldlymost disgusting Person opposite and danced during his 'half-awake-half-sleeping' performance in wave-like movements, sometimes from right to left and sometimes from front to back - the head always in front.
We sat in front of the world's most disgusting person for the complete first one and a half hours who 'danced' some sort of a 'half-awake-half-asleep' performance while snoring and burbling on full blast and in the utmost sickening way.
The scene in the Sabu das most disgusting that's' episode and we're talking about an episode that is a bloodbath.
The scene in which Sabu is the most disgusting of 'episode and we're talking about an episode that is a bloodbath.
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