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Telephone systems for medical practices

A modern telephone system as a support in everyday practice

A doctor's practice often has high demands on a telephone system. The reasons for this are often a high volume of calls and a service concept. In addition, telephony functions such as automatic forwarding, answering machines for ordering prescriptions or customizable announcement texts are often required to relieve medical assistants. A good telephone system is not just a technical device, but above all helps with the organization of everyday practice.

Doctors should ask themselves the following questions when purchasing a telephone system:

  • Will be a Hardware or cloud telephone system desired?
  • Does the telephone system support devices from different manufacturers?
  • Can the doctor's practice expand their telecommunications system quickly and easily?
  • Can external software (e.g. patient management) be connected to the system if necessary?
  • What are the long-term costs for the telephone system?
  • Can the system guarantee optimal call handling?
  • Does the telephony solution also support special hardware (e.g. announcement systems, fax adapters)
  • Is there technical support if there are any questions about the system?
  • Can the existing telephone connection continue to be used or is a new connection offered on request?

VoIP telephony for your doctor's practice - hardware or cloud telephone system

As one of the few providers in Germany, we can provide you with a telephony solution that is individually tailored to your practice needs. We can do your practice with a hardware-based VoIP telephone system, a software-based solution as well as a Cloud telephone system equip. All system types have the same range of functions.

We would be happy to put you in touch with one of our more than 150 partners if you prefer on-site support. By the way: If you or your colleagues want to switch to the home office, this is possible via a VPN connection.

Do you still have an ISDN telephone connection and will soon be converted from ISDN to Voice over IP or would you like to replace your old telephone system with a future-proof and modern telephony solution? Then we can also help you here. We make sure that you can continue calling seamlessly and, above all, future-proof. On fair terms and with an experienced team, what we put by your side.

Telephone system function: time control

A good and modern VoIP telephone system allows you to easily define time units at which a certain function is carried out - or not carried out. For example, announcements can be defined outside of office hours to inform the caller that there are currently no employees in the practice to accept a call.

Telephone system function: answering machine

Medical practices benefit from the so-called prescription telephone with VoIP telephone systems. A prescription phone is a useful additional function of our telephone system from which both patients and practice staff benefit. Patients can use the prescription phone to order prescriptions and transfers easily and conveniently outside of the practice's office hours. When ordering a prescription, patients must provide their name, date of birth and the desired medication. The order itself is via a Answering system realized. The answering machine can then be accessed directly via a phone number (so-called. Prescription phone) or via an interactive voice menu (IVR). The orders - or, in the technical sense, the answering machine recordings, can then be called up individually via email.

Telephone system function: queues

Queues are an excellent way of optimizing patient service and internal organization, especially in larger medical practices and clinics. In a queue (or waiting loop), all incoming calls are collected one after the other and processed one after the other. If the patients are in waiting mode, they will hear music on hold or music on hold.

Such a solution is much more customer-oriented for patients, as they do not have to accept a busy signal and are connected to the respective employee in the doctor's office after a certain period of time.

IP phones and accessories

All ansitel telephone systems support the connection of numerous IP telephones from different manufacturers. For example, we support phones from Yealink, snom, Fanvil, Gigaset and Auerswald. A mixture of corded and cordless telephones is often chosen for practice.

You can also connect analog fax machines or special announcement systems. The connection of fax machines is realized by easy-to-integrate IP-to-analog converters.

Our telephony solution for your doctor's practice

Smaller doctor's offices With up to 10 employees, you can use the ansitel IPsmart to set up a professional telephony infrastructure at low investment costs. In addition to queues and voice menus, the VoIP telephone system naturally also has other functions such as answering machine, time control and individually selectable announcements and music on hold. With the supplied telephone system control, all functions and new extensions can be set up or changed quickly and in a user-friendly manner. This means that every doctor's practice can be optimally equipped for everyday practice.

The doctor's office Dr. med. Georg Fibich is a general medical care center. The practice required a reliable telephony solution which, in addition to the combination of corded and cordless telephones, should also contain an announcement system. ansit-com delivered and installed a hardware-based ansitel IP telephone system along with end devices and snom PA1 control system, which enables convenient announcements on a corded telephone.

In addition, we can also provide large medical facilities with optimal telephony systems. Whether group practice, private clinic, health center or medical care center (MVZ). Our ansitel telephone systems can be individually adapted to any company size. For example, we can implement individual or customized telephony systems with our ansitel flexVoIP and flexHybrid telephone systems. The systems are perfectly integrated into the respective IT infrastructure and can be expanded easily, flexibly and, above all, cost-effectively if required.