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Hélène Rollès: Has she got engaged?

Several celebrity sites reported on Saturday that Hélène Rollès (Hélène et les Garçons, ...), together with her partner, had been seen visiting a jeweler who specializes in engagement rings. The prospect of an imminent marriage of the 54-year-old singer then triggered the expected hysteria on Facebook and Twitter.

Addendum from 05/23/2021: It seems that the rumor is unfounded. (learn more)

The ring that sparked rumors ...

At dawn on May 21st, the couple is said to have inconspicuously gathered in a renowned jewelry store in the capital to look at various rings, including one with a huge diamond - a ring that is usually presented at engagements.

Engagement soon, according to a confidante

Meanwhile, other sources seem to confirm that an engagement is more than likely. “The relationship between the two has just embarked on a completely new course”, a friend of the French singer is said to have reported, “I've never seen her so in love”, thanks to a Hélène Rollès who beamed as she left the shop , could not exactly be described as denied.

The rumor spreads on social networks

There was no need for additional information about a possible upcoming wedding of Hélène Rollès, who is otherwise very cautious about details about her private life, in order to cause a real hysteria to break out on Facebook and Twitter. “I'm so jealous of her fiancé,” one comment reads, “Hélène Rollès + wedding = all the best,” tweeted another.

The singer's agent, who was apparently contacted Saturday night, reportedly preferred not to comment. Is there at least a hint of truth in this crazy rumor, or is it the futile speculation of some journalists who are running out of headlines?

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