Who is the sexiest woman in films

Johansson is the most beautiful woman in the world

Scarlett Johansson should slowly get used to awards for her beauty.

Voted the most natural beauty by film make-up artists, named the “Sexiest Woman 2006” by the men's magazine FHM and chosen the Hollywood actress with the most beautiful breasts by “In Touch Weekly”. There is probably no title that Scarlett Johansson has not already won. The 21-year-old has already surpassed some Hollywood beauties with her curvy figure.

Now she has also replaced Jessica Biel and has been voted the new “Sexiest Woman Alive” by the editors of “Esquire” magazine. The second time in a year. A few months ago Johansson was still happy about the awards and said that one of the best compliments a woman could get was the title “sexy”. Now it seems that the "Lost in Translation" beauty is slowly getting bored that she is constantly being judged by her appearance.

The world needs new values

“What about my brain and my heart?” Asks Johansson and jokingly adds: “And what about my kidneys and my gall bladder?” Maybe there will soon be prizes for inner beauty - but until then Johansson will have to live with it to be the most beautiful and seductive woman in the world. There are certainly worse things.