What is the famous food of Moscow

Traditional cuisine in Moscow

Russia is a federation that unites more than 100 peoples and ethnic groups. Therefore, in Russia there is an extremely diverse cuisine.

Russian cuisine has existed in its present form for about a hundred years. She maintains her identity by relying on the traditions Old Russian cuisinewhich is simple and straightforward. The modern tradition, on the other hand, includes many elaborate and luxurious dishes.

Individual traditional dishes as well as ingredients of Russian cuisine are world-famous. Especially the one caviar, but also pickled cucumbers, borscht, pelmeni or pierogi are popular.

Serving and serving is also a tradition in Russia. In contrast to other European countries, the saucepan, soup bowl, frying pan or serving plate are placed on the table and only then are they distributed on serving plates. The Hospitality the Russian is reflected in the richness and character of the festive menu.

Well-known Russian specialties

  • Bliny: Blinys are a type of egg pie. They are eaten either with a filling or with fish. They are especially popular with caviar.
  • Borscht: Borscht is a soup that is traditionally made with beetroot and served with sour cream. Especially on cold days it is warming and generally very nutritious.
  • Caviar: Caviar is purified and salted roe from various types of sturgeon. It comes mainly from the Black Sea, Sea of ‚Äč‚ÄčAzov and the Caspian Sea. Caviar is very salty and is often served with blinis.
  • Pelmeni: Pelmeni are dumplings filled with water or broth. Most often they contain meat as a filling. Pelmeni come from the Siberian and Tartastan areas.
  • Pierogi: Pierogi are also filled dumplings made from yeast or puff pastry. They can be filled with minced meat, quark, potatoes, white cabbage, bacon or fruit.
  • Solyanka: Solyanka is the name of a famous Russian soup. It used to be made with fish, but today it is mostly cooked with meat.


"Cheap"by Janett on 07/23/2015
Above all, I can only say one thing: the food is really cheap. Of course, if you don't eat in the most exclusive restaurants in Moscow. But compared to Germany or Austria there is a big difference. Well, whether that's tasty or not. This is a matter of taste. So, Bon Appetit!

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