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The 20 "Chuckwagon Magic is the flagship of the Cactus Jack BBQ-Smoker. The extremely ... more

The 20 "Chuckwagon Magic is the flagship of the Cactus Jack BBQ-Smoker. The extremely generous capacity and versatility in its application distinguish this BBQ-Smoker. With its long cooking chamber and the connected smoking pipe, various BBQ applications are very easy to implement The smoking pipe has 4 round, stacked grill grates with a diameter of 50cm. These offer plenty of space for warm smoking of slowly cooked food. With the appropriate hooks, e.g. fish can be smoked in it, while in the lower vertical cooking chamber e.g. large pieces of meat with higher ones Temperatures can be cooked at the same time. A temperature difference of up to 80 ° C can be achieved between the cooking chamber and the smoking chamber. An integrated, removable convection tube in the main cooking chamber enables larger quantities of food to be cooked evenly by distributing the incoming heat from the fire box more evenly Sliding door enables additional temperature regulation.


Other outstanding properties:

  • Cooking grate stainless steel 4-part
  • 4-part stainless steel grill grate for smokehouse
  • Stainless steel grill grate in the fire box, for direct grilling
  • Smoker is sandblasted and stove-enamelled with heat-resistant paint
  • Lid thermometer cooking chamber and smoking chamber for monitoring the smoker temperature
  • Hotplate integrated in the fire box cover for additional cooking applications
  • Device for swivel arm option on fire box
  • Passage for core temperature probe on the left in the cooking chamber
  • Fire box with embers and side door with adjustable air supply
  • Front storage grate, cooking chamber removable
  • Wooden shelf below the smoker for convenient temporary storage, for example. of wood
  • Fat outlet with large collecting container
  • Tool holder rail for efficient work
  • Chimney with rain flap protects against moisture in the pipe
  • Ash pusher with adapted stove curve and long handle
The Cactus Jack 20 "Chuckwagon is often used in stationary applications in the hospitality industry. The ... more

The Cactus Jack 20 "Chuckwagon is often used in stationary use in the hospitality industry. In my opinion, private use is quite possible if you take into account that its weight makes maneuvering rather difficult. If the smoker can stand in a fixed place Working with it is associated with a lot of enjoyment without having to be repositioned again and again. Because of its large fire box volume, the control of the temperature and the smoky aroma is very relaxed.

Manufacturer brand: Cactus Jack
Grill category: BBQ smoker
Colour: Black
Grill width in cm (including side tables): 245
Grill depth in cm (with the lid closed): 90
Grill height in cm (with the lid closed): 200
Weight in kg: 420
Cooking grate dimensions in cm: 150 x 50
Cooking grate material: stainless steel
Grill grate thickness in mm: 4.5 mm
Grill grate area in cm²: 7500
Cooking grate division: 4 parts
Including: fat drip tray, ash slide, operating and care instructions more

Including: fat drip tray, ash slide, operating and care instructions

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