What is the Telugu word for come

Talk Now! Telugu

If you have no prior knowledge of Telugu, you cannot avoid the basics. No matter whether you are 8 or 80 years old, need the new language for business trips abroad or just want to make yourself understood while on vacation. Talk Now! Telugu offers you a simple method for all types of learner and for all age groups.

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  • Start wherever you want. You can choose from nine subject areas.

  • Have fun with the vocabulary for the body parts. You're assembling a monster!

  • Hear key phrases and look at the spelling before playing a game.

  • It's your turn now. Hear the word or phrase, record your own voice and compare it to the original.

  • What was said Find the corresponding picture in the difficult game from “First Words”.

Is it right for me too?

Many people find it difficult to learn a new language. Why? Too often they have become frustrated, lacking the time, or believing they just can't make it in school.

Talk Now! Telugu solves these problems, among others:

  • The language comes to life. No more dry grammar drumming. Instead of boring exercises, you will experience motivating educational games. You can see your learning progress at any time from your number of points.
  • The program can be divided into easily digestible, ten-minute sections. But if you're ambitious, you can learn the basics in a single weekend. -If you think you just can't make it, just give it a try! Let Talk Now! Surprise Telugu. You will suddenly enjoy language learning because it is no longer a hassle!

What am i learning

Speaking and understanding in order to cope with the unfamiliar environment.

You're just getting started, so let's not throw you in the deep end. There are a few things you want to say and understand in any language: say hello, order a drink, ask for directions, and so on.

This beginner tutorial gets right to the point. It conveys, among other things, vocabulary for food and drink, colors, numbers, times and the most important terms and phrases that are used every day.

How does it work?

Learning a new language is such a big task that you cannot accomplish all at once. That's why we've broken them down into a series of motivational learning units. Talk Now! Telugu sets you goals that you can definitely achieve.

With Talk Now! play an interactive computer game. First, you'll hear the new terms and phrases. You will also see a picture for better memorization, so that you can finally test your new knowledge with fun and motivating tasks. As soon as you start playing, so will you learn.

You will receive points for the games and puzzles you have solved at short, regular intervals. High scorers can win bronze, silver or gold medals and print out certificates.

Very important: you hear Telugu all the time, and the recording functions allow you to record your own voice and compare it directly with a native speaker.

You can study on the go, even if you don't have your computer with you. Simply print out the colored dictionary or load the audio files onto your iPod or MP3 player.