How is sugar stored in plants

Dextrose - an important product of photosynthesis

Hello! You know for sure that with the Photosynthesis Oxygen is created. But do you also know that this oxygen is actually only an unimportant by-product for the plant? The main product of photosynthesis is the plant's glucose. The plant can use it to produce many other substances. And what exactly they are, you can find out in this video!

Glucose is also called Glucose and can be converted by the plant into other sugars, for example. When a sheet is exposed, starch forms. Strength is a Polysaccharides, a Polysaccharide, and is made up of many glucose units strung together.

Strength is, so to speak, the storage form of glucose and is initially in the light when there is light Chloroplasts of the plant and deposited there. When it is dark, this starch is first turned back into glucose and then into another sugar, Sucrose, transformed. This is a Disaccharide from glucose and Fructose.

Sucrose is, so to speak, the form of transport for glucose. She will be in the Sieve tubes of Phloems transported and put back in in non-green parts of plants such as roots, tubers or fruits Strength transformed. You can think of a well-known example, right?

Take a look at potato tubers: they are not green themselves and so cannot photosynthesize, but they have plenty of starch. Glucose and starch are formed in the green leaves of a potato plant through photosynthesis. This is then converted into sucrose, transported by the phloem of the plant to the potato tubers and converted back into starch there. That is why potatoes contain a lot of starch, even though they are not green at all and do not carry out photosynthesis themselves.

It works the same way with cereal seeds such as wheat seeds: You can also find a lot of starch here. The Photosynthesis energy is transported to the seed via the phloem as sucrose and then stored there.

But photosynthesis energy cannot only be stored in the form of sugars. For example, think of a sunflower seed: it contains a lot of oil. Oils and fats are insoluble in water and they are made up of Glycerin and three Fatty acids. The production of these fatty acids takes place in the plant within the chloroplasts.

Non-green parts of plants such as sunflower seeds do not contain green chloroplasts, but instead contain a precursor, the Proplastids. This is where the fatty acids are made.

Fatty acids are long Carbon-hydrogen chains and they get into a complicated one Synthesis process made from glucose. There, glucose is first converted into smaller molecules, which then become long ones Fatty acid chains be put together. Fats are very rich in energy and a way for the plant to store the energy obtained during photosynthesis.

They are also important for human nutrition, and when you think about it, you can think of a lot of vegetable fats and oils. Not only the already mentioned sunflower oil, but also rapeseed oil, coconut fat and walnut oil are oils and fats that are stored in plants and used by humans.

But there are two other substances that are particularly important for the plant: namely cellulose and lignin. Both are important components of the plant cell wall and thus give the plant stability.

Cellulose is the main component of the vegetable Cell wall. Cellulose is a Polysaccharide, similar to strength. Only here the individual glucose building blocks are linked to one another a little differently. Namely Beta linked. As a result, cellulose has completely different properties than starch, or sucrose.

Namely, starch and sucrose are Alpha-linked and therefore digestible for us humans. However, the beta-linked sugars, as is the case with cellulose, do not.

The stable cellulose gives the cell wall the stability it needs to support the Cell structure is maintained.

In this video you saw that grape sugar is the most important product of photosynthesis. And you've seen what the plant can do with this glucose: it can produce starch and store it in fruits or tubers.

Fats are also made from glucose and stored in seeds. Cellulose is an important part of the plant cell wall and is also made from grape sugar. So you can see that glucose can be converted into many different substances and is therefore very important for the plant. Bye and see you next time!