Why is Hyundai a car name

Audi e-tron and other stupid car names

Quite a few car manufacturers reach into the toilet when they come up with names for new models, sorry. The admittedly drastic expression seems appropriate here, because from time to time unfortunate model names are reminiscent of fecal swearwords. Audi is no exception. The Ingolstadt-based company is not deterred and is sticking to "e-tron", the name of their electric line. The problem: In France, "e-tron" is very similar to the word "étron", which translates as "pig". The latest example is the sporty, elegant Audi e-tron GT electric coupé, which caused a sensation as a concept car at the 2018 LA Auto Show.

A spicy detail on the Mercedes pick-up

Mercedes, too, had to put up with at least a little ridicule. With his family transporter Vaneo, which was called like a three-ply toilet paper from Bavaria and was produced until 2005. Much more embarrassing, however, Daimler is likely to have been the faux pas with the X 350d: At first glance, the name of the new Mercedes X-Class with the 258 hp six-cylinder diesel is nothing unusual. But Facebook user motorholic allowed himself the fun and turned the nameplate upside down (see video). The result is so spicy that it causes laughter on the internet and should secure a place for the Mercedes in the gallery of car names that have gone wrong.

Mitsubishi is pulling back several times

The haze has cleared: Mitsubishi's i-MiEV only became EV.

Mitsubishi, on the other hand, preferred to simply call its Stromer i-MiEV EV at some point. The Japanese once reacted in a similar way in the Spanish-speaking countries with the pajero, the translation of which is "wimp" or, more colloquially, "wich ***". There and in North America, the off-road vehicle has since been called the Montero. Incidentally, the Pajero license production Hyundai Galloper (until 2003) had a sonorous name, at least in Germany in the literal sense. But nothing more.

An SUV called "Fo ..."?

The new compact SUV from Hyundai was presented in the early summer of 2017. The Kona, named after a picturesque district on the Big Island of Hawaii, will compete across Europe against competitors such as Opel Mokka or Renault Capturant. Throughout Europe? No. In a comparatively small, sometimes quite indomitable country, the youngest Hyundai family member will be called Kauai: Portugal. There, namely, Kona suspect sounds like "Cona". And that, in turn, is a rather vulgar term for the female genitalia. Perhaps it would have made sense to name the compact SUV Kauai (one of the eight main islands of Hawaii) all over Europe? Somehow the word that begins with "Fo" and has five letters burns itself into the brain. Once you've heard of it, you probably won't think of white beaches, palm trees and garlands of flowers when you drive by Kona. Or? AUTO BILD shows these and other models with unfortunate names in the picture gallery!