How can you fix computer corruption

Computer defective due to power failure?

Daniel Behrens

Has that happened to you? You are working on your PC and suddenly a power failure brings an abrupt end. What damage can one expect in the worst case in connection with such a blackout?

EnlargeYou have to expect this after a power failure.

Question: Does it harm a computer if it goes out of power due to a power outage?

Answer: In principle, the hardware is not damaged in any way in the event of a normal power failure. Only changes to files that have not yet been backed up are lost, for example if you have just typed a text in Word during a power failure. Windows also keeps some system files open during operation and continuously writes changes to them - for example in the registry. In the worst case, these files will be corrupted by the blackout and Windows will no longer boot. Then the system restore or "start-up help", which is offered to you after the first failed start, usually helps.

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Regardless, if Windows did not shut down correctly, a file system check is usually performed the next time Windows is started. If not, you can also initiate this manually by right-clicking on a drive in Windows Explorer and using the "Properties, Extras, Check Now" command. A power failure can have more dramatic excesses if it is accompanied by an overvoltage in the home network. Examples of this are a short circuit, if the fuse does not react quickly enough, or a lightning strike. The overvoltage can lead to permanent damage - not only to the PC power supply, but also to the rest of the interior. Socket strips with surge protection promise protection against this. The fuse box should also be equipped with such protection.