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Factions (Skyrim)

In The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim there are various Parliamentary groups, that you can join and / or from whom you get orders.

The Jarl & the Great King Edit source]

Skyrim is divided into 9 principalities, each with a capital ruled by a Jarl. The Jarl are subordinate to the Great King and can bestow the title "Thane" (a hero of the people). You have a steward, an advisor, and a personal protector called Huscarl. They also command their own troops of soldiers.

  1. Jarl of Whiterun
  2. Jarl of Markarth
  3. Jarl von Windhelm
  4. Jarl of loneliness
  5. Jarl from Rifton
  6. Jarl of Dawnstar
  7. Jarl of Winterhold
  8. Jarl von Falkenring
  9. Jarl of Morthal

The great king

Imperial & Stormcoats [edit | Edit source]

In Skyrim, 2 parties fight for rule. On the one hand the imperial ones and on the other hand the storm coats.

You have a choice of which party to join in the course of the war.

Imperial Army Leader: General Tullius - Headquarters in Solitude

Storm Coat Leader: Jarl Ulfric Storm Coat - Headquarters in Windhelm

Thieves Guild [edit | Edit source]

The Thieves' Guild is in the Rifton Sewers. To get there you have to pass the Rattenweg, a network of sewers. The invitation to visit the guild can be obtained from Brynjolf either in the market place of Rifton or in the tavern "The Bee Sting" after you have done a task for him.

The Rattenweg leads to the Shattered Bottle, the main base of the thieves' guild. Here you meet the thieves Vex and Delvin Mallory, the steward Tonilia, the landlord Vekel the manly and the bouncer Howler.

A secret passage behind a cupboard leads to the cistern, which serves as the base of operations and where, among other things, the treasury is located.

If you join the guild, you can simultaneously help it regain its old shine through various assignments and make it a reputation throughout Skyrim through influential contacts gained in this way.

The Companions Edit source]

The companions are a group of mercenaries who live in Whiterun and virtually replace the well-known warriors' guild from Cyrodiil or Morrowind. They can teach you various skills (including blocking, gunnery, two-handed, ...) and improve them. The headquarters are in the Jorrvaskr Mead Hall, where you can get orders and relax.

Another companion is the | Skyforge and Deepforge, around which Whiterun was built.

  • A deeper circle of companions is the circle. Only the best of the companions are accepted into this "circle". The members of the coven are infected with the werewolf curse.

The Bard Academy [edit | Edit source]

Bards can be found all over Skyrim. They play songs and write poetry. The Academy of Bards is in solitude. There the minstrels learn the art of making music.

The Academy of Winterhold [edit | Edit source]

The Academy of Winterhold is the only safe bastion for magicians in Skyrim. It is largely sealed off from non-members, as the inhabitants of Skyrim have a basic distrust of magic and do not trust those who are gifted with magic.

Since the Academy is not part of the Mages Guild, it was not affected by its dissolution at the beginning of the fourth era. The academy is headed by an archmage and has no other obligations towards the great king, the empire or the Thalmor.

The Dark Brotherhood Edit source]

The Dark Brotherhood is a secret society of assasins. They operate quietly and quietly and have their headquarters near Falkenring. They pay homage to the Dark Father Sithis and the Mother of the Night. Anyone who, as an outsider, is planning a murder and wants to use the capabilities of the Dark Brotherhood must perform the Black Sacrament, an ancient and forbidden ritual.

The Brotherhood has a so-called listenerswho communicates with the mother of the night and thus initiates the murders.

The Forsworn Edit source]

The Forsworn are a radical group of a race called the People of Reach. They worship the "old gods". They want Reach to be a province of their own and therefore lead a rebellion, but they are viewed by most as savages and terrorists.

The Thalmor [edit | Edit source]

The Thalmor are the guiding force behind the Aldmeri League. They claim the liberation of Tamriel from Mehrunes Dagon's armies at the end of the third era and strive to create a new Merethic Era. They imprison or liquidate all who oppose them and have the empire almost completely under control.

The dragons Edit source]

Once upon a time, dragons tried to enslave people. Under the leadership of Alduin, the eldest of them, Tamriel faces destruction again if it is not stopped. In addition to the destructive, vicious dragons there are also some like Paarthurnax, who teaches the gray beards the way of the voice that is peaceful.

The greybeards Edit source]

Greybeards are monks who explore, teach, and live by the way of the voice. They live on the neck of the world in the Hoch Hrothgar monastery. Their leader is the dragon Paarthurnax. Their voices are extremely powerful and can wreak havoc, which is why they hardly speak and only mumble and whisper. Only Arngeir has enough control over his voice to be able to speak.

Occasionally the greybeards hear echoes of dragon screams coming from the walls of words in the tombs, cave vaults and dragon hoards of Skyrim. They are able to determine their positions and Arngeir communicates them to the Dragonborn so that they can search for new words of power.

The blades [edit | Edit source]

The blades were a group of dragon slayers who then protected Tamriel from the dragons. They worshiped and protected the Dragonborn. They were very glorious until the dragons died out and the Thalmor nearly wiped them out. There are only a few left, including dolphins and esbers (and the companions that can be made into blades with them). They use a complete set of blades with a blade sword and shield.