What are the best NASA photos

NASA shows the 20 most beautiful photos of the earth from space

From TRAVELBOOK | January 07, 2021, 5:17 p.m.

See the earth live from space - this privilege is only granted to a few people in the world. All the better that the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) is now sharing the 20 most beautiful photos with the world that astronauts took from space of our planet last year.

The International Space Station ISS has been continuously manned for 20 years. As NASA announced on the occasion of this special anniversary, a total of 242 people have been on board the ISS since November 2000. Of course, the astronauts up there are mainly occupied with scientific and technical work, but they still have some free time despite a strict daily routine. And many crew members apparently love to spend that time photographing the earth in all its facets.

“The men and women who live and work on the International Space Station take thousands of photos of their home planet each year, and we have the people from the Earth Sciences and Remote Sensing Department at NASA's Johnson Space Center for their 2020 favorites asked ", writes NASA under a YouTube video that shows the winning photos in a compilation:

Photos of the earth are for a VR production

The photos are by no means amateur photos. As NASA explained, many of the images come from the production of the elaborate virtual reality documentary series "The ISS Experience". The ISS crew recorded the footage for the four-part series themselves using special 360-degree cameras.

The photos show, among other things, the turquoise blue water around Cuba and the Bahamas (see large photo above), the brightly lit Paris at night or the rising moon over the earth.

Here is a selection of the most beautiful photos from space:

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