How does microeconomy depend on macroeconomy?

Course 40550

Macroeconomics I

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BA module 31051 Macroeconomics (BA course)

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Besides microeconomics, macroeconomics is the second branch of economics. In the two courses Macroeconomics I and Macroeconomics II, the modules and functionality of models are demonstrated, with the help of which macroeconomic problems can be analyzed. With this approach, the individual economic subjects are combined into sectors, whose economic dispositions are analyzed. Macroeconomics thus examines the determinants of macroeconomic variables, e.g. macroeconomic production of goods, the price level and unemployment. The Macroeconomics I course first introduces the basics of macroeconomic analysis. Macroeconomic markets such as the goods market, the labor market and the financial markets are then explained in more detail. Which variables determine the macroeconomic demand for labor, the supply of labor, the supply of goods and the demand for goods. What does the wealth distribution of private households or their consumption and saving decisions depend on? These are questions that are initially examined in the context of partial macroeconomic analyzes. After considering the individual macroeconomic markets in isolation, these markets are then combined to form a basic model for the national economy. Within this basic model, the above-mentioned determinants for macroeconomic variables can then be shown in more detail. In particular, the question of what influence economic policy measures have on prices, interest rates, employment and production.

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