Is NATO brain dead because of Trump

Where is Allianz's new strategy? : The greatest NATO risk comes from within - through Turkey

NATO is not a car crammed full of electronics that warns the driver when a visit to the workshop is due. It needs a political push. Donald Trump and Emmanuel Macron gave it. The US president found the alliance to be “obsolete”. His French colleague diagnosed her "brain death".

In order to stay in the picture, a team of experts has now checked the wear parts in the chassis, engine and transmission as well as the on-board computer and the navigation system as control systems. The result has now been presented at the meeting of foreign ministers: an oil change is not enough, a major inspection is due. NATO needs an all-round renewal.

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The strategic concept dates back to 2010 and works like a navigation system with outdated maps. At the time, Russia was a partner, not a military power, that has been waging war in Ukraine since 2014, near NATO's eastern border.

The new risks include China, cyber and climate change

China has not yet appeared in the early warning system. It was considered a military dwarf, far removed from NATO territory; today it is a superpower with the same economic output as the US and the EU; his claims to power extend beyond Asia. Climate change and cyber weapons also did not appear as security risks in 2010; Corona just as little, although a pandemic can paralyze an army.

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As important as it is to look at the potential dangers from outside, including the call to adapt NATO's control systems to the world situation, the risks from within are even more important for their future. Often decisions are blocked because individuals abuse the principle of unanimity as a means of exerting pressure to achieve their own goals. In general, there is a growing number of members who take it for granted that they can enjoy the advantages of the alliance, even if they pursue selfish goals that are directed against the common interest.

Germany also falls through the NATO TÜV

The biggest problem in this regard has been Turkey for years. In Syria, she waged war against the Kurds, even though they were NATO allies there. It does arms deals with Russia regardless of the result that sensitive data on equipment and communications falls into the hands of a potential adversary.

The experts also accuse Germany of contributing to the divisions. It breaks the promise to spend two percent of GDP on defense. The fulfillment is "a central basis for political cohesion". Translated into car language: Germany has failed the TÜV and needs to improve in order to receive the sticker for the world of tomorrow.

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