What is Marketing Management for you

Marketing Management: What is it actually?

Sales management is referred to as product marketing. This has the function of offering products for sale so that buyers perceive the offer positively.

Not only a product, but also a brand and a service can be advertised. Likewise, the sales economy stands for a concept of market-oriented and holistic corporate management in order to satisfy the expectations and needs of customers.

The understanding of product marketing develops from an actually operative technique, which drastically influences the purchase decision.

In addition, other functions such as procurement, manufacturing and administration on the one hand, and personnel on the other, are also included in this process.

In addition to high performance, product and advertising management also strives for excellent service and very good communication.

One way to learn the job of a marketing manager is to study business administration with a focus on marketing.

Numerous universities and colleges offer marketing courses that prepare you for a specialty. For example, you can specialize in multimedia marketing or advertising marketing.

Representatives of this professional group are also known as promotion managers, communication managers or marketing coordinators.

What do you do as a Marketing Manager?

Tasks and everyday work

The area of ​​responsibility is divided into the sub-areas of product communication and brand communication. The intended target group is taken into account in both sub-areas. For this purpose, a manager, junior or senior for product sales management designs innovative strategies so that services and products are ideally marketed. The aim is to manifest your own position on the market in the long term.

Typical tasks include planning on the one hand, and implementing communication and marketing strategies on the other. This goal is pursued by means of print media and online PR activities.

As a product manager, junior or senior, you will oversee media channels as well as campaigns. In addition to support, the creation and optimization of campaigns is one of the wide range of tasks.

Product managers observe the current trends in the digital market, they analyze online behavior and are responsible for e-mails and newsletters.

Reporting to the management is another focus.

As a product manager, you work for larger companies or you work in institutes that specialize in market research. Alternatively, you can work in advertising management in advertising agencies. You advertise products and increase performance.

If you decide for this job, as an employee, junior or senior, you will design various advertising measures from commercials to giveaways.

They ensure excellent service so that the company, the products, the brand and the service are positively remembered by customers.

Requirements: What skills do you need in marketing management?

The classic requirements include a completed marketing training that you have completed at the university, technical college, in a course or at an academy.

In-depth computer skills are important skills for this job. As a management employee, you should have excellent knowledge of social media.

You also need to be able to use website tools confidently so that you can perfectly stage the brand and services.

For this job, you should be familiar with social media analysis tools. Knowledge of graphics such as Photoshop or InDesign is an essential requirement for this professional field.

You should enjoy writing and you should already have experience working with external agencies.

In addition to excellent communication skills, presentation skills are also a basic requirement for this job as you are promoting your company's products.

Communication is of great importance because you maintain close contact not only with your colleagues, but also superiors and customers and take their wishes into account.

In addition to enjoying communication, you also need organizational talent.

If you want to do this job, you should be able to work independently. However, this job also calls for the ability to work in a team.

Another focus in this professional field is a responsible attitude to work.

In this job, you should be interested in advertising management, be creative and demonstrate a high level of stress resistance.

Salary: What is earned in Marketing Management?

If you are looking for a job with a top salary, this field is ideal.

Larger companies tend to pay higher salaries. In small businesses with a maximum of 50 employees, you can earn an average of EUR 3453 gross per month. The average gross salary in a large company is 4748 euros per month.

If you are completing specific training courses or are looking for a special internship, you can increase your salary.

After a few years, employees have gained sufficient professional experience, which the company appreciates in the form of higher wages.

Top earners in this job can look forward to an average of 4581 euros gross per month.

The salary depends on the size of the company and the location at which the company is located.

Other factors that influence the wages of this job are the state as well as the industry. If you work as a senior, the wage will be higher due to the longer work experience.

Look for jobs and vacancies in the pharmaceutical and medical technology sectors, as these are remunerated at an average of 4475 euros gross per month. In no other industry can you earn such a high salary as a sales manager.

If you are aiming for a career as a product manager in the automotive industry or in vehicle construction, you will receive an average of 4,338 euros.

At the lower end of the wage table, product managers in the transport and logistics sectors appear. For job vacancies in these two areas, you will receive an average of 3738 euros gross per month.

If you want to make a career, earn top earnings and choose from a wide range of job offers, you should continue your education.

Further education and training in the areas of social media, advertising management, communication, brand and performance will help you advance your career. You can also complete a degree and specialize in social media, advertising management, communication, brand and performance.

What career prospects do I have after studying Marketing Management?

The job as an online marketing manager is one of the youngest professions and is in demand on the current job market in various industries. Thanks to the rapid spread of the Internet, this coveted job profile has developed and you will encounter a large number of job advertisements.

Job search and vacancies in marketing management

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