What is MATLAB used for?

Big data with MATLAB

Why MATLAB for Big Data?

Roy Lurie, VP of Engineering for MATLAB Products, explains why MATLAB is more convenient and scalable today than ever before.

    Predictive Analytics with MATLAB

    Use machine learning with big data for engineering analysis.

    MATLAB® offers a central, high-performance environment for working with big data. MATLAB is:

    Easy - Use familiar MATLAB functions and syntax to work with large datasets even if they do not fit in memory.

    Comfortable - work with the big data storage systems you already use, like traditional file systems, SQL- and NoSQL databases and Hadoop / HDFS.

    Scalable - use the processing platform that suits your needs from your local Desktop pc up to Hadoop - without having to rewrite your algorithms.

    Advanced Crash Detection: The Path from Deployment to Production

    MATLAB makes working with big data easy and accessible to everyone

    Use MATLAB datastores to access data that would not normally fit in a single computer's memory. Datastores support a variety of different data types and storage systems.

    Learn how to access and work with the following data:

    Explore, process and analyze data

    Explore, clean, and process big data and learn from it what hundreds of MATLAB functions for data manipulation, math, and statistics are available for.

    Tall arrays enable you to apply statistical methods, machine learning and visualization tools to data that does not fit in memory. Distributed arrays allow you to perform math and matrix operations on data that can fit in the total memory of a compute cluster. With both tall arrays and distributed arrays, you can use the functions you are already familiar with.

    Use tall arrays for:

    Use distributed arrays for:

    Developing predictive models

    Use advanced math and machine learning algorithms in MATLAB to leverage unsupervised and supervised learning with big data.

    To see the above workflow in action, watch the MATLAB Tall Arrays in Action video (4:13).

    MATLAB increases the productivity of engineering teams and scientific teams

    With MATLAB, your teams can concentrate on their work instead of having to integrate a new system or learn to program big data.

    • Specially developed algorithms and tools allow your teams to focus on their work instead of big data programming.
    • MATLAB can be integrated into your existing systems and processes.
    • It offers a license fee-free rapid operationalization of your analytics.

    MATLAB fits into your IT infrastructure

    MATLAB fits into your IT infrastructure With MATLAB you can access and analyze big data with your existing IT systems and processes, such as:

    • Desktop PC with local hard drive and network drives
    • SQL and NoSQL databases
    • Hadoop, HDFS, and Spark

    You can also provide analysis functions (2:28) and use them in interactive, streaming and batch applications without a license fee.

    MATLAB and Simulink products are used in business-critical applications such as the automotive, aerospace, manufacturing, and medical technology industries. Comprehensive technical support is available for all products. 95% of our support calls are answered by a team of support engineers in under three minutes.

    Provision and integration of MATLAB analytics:

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