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During many of the credits, the title song can be heard again (almost as a musical framework for the film; English often: main and end title). The actual one, however, is more interesting Closing music, in which the musical ideas developed in the course of the film are worked out in a more concert version, so that at least musically at the end of such films a kind of complex review of the previous film is given. End credits are more recent and form something like a mutated new edition of the classic overtures of many Hollywood films from the studio phase - tied to the end titles, which extend the film beyond the end of the story. On many soundtrack albums of instrumental film music, the title in question is referred to as End credits or suite and is usually placed at the end of the album; but sometimes it is deliberately placed at the beginning of the record, which only emphasizes the suggested equivalence of form to the overture.

However, the form, which has been widespread since the 1970s, of abandoning the actual film music in the end credits and switching to completely different, neutral and often independent music from the film, is also widespread. One might justify this custom by stating that the viewer should be led out of the musical density of the previous film; More obvious, however, is the assumption that this type of music can be replaced by other sound in the television evaluation or even completely eliminated.


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Closing music

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